By Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa


According to the local historian, a certain Shariff Ali Zayn al-Abedin of Malaysia married to Potri Diosol Asikin, daughter of Sultan of Escandar Jul-Karnayn of Malacca had four sons Shariff Alioden, Shariff Bong, Shariff Kabongsuan, Shariff Alawi and one daughter Potri Magenando and adopted Potri Tomanina. One time the two were missing where the four brothers asked the father to look for the sisters by using their old awing [boat] but each of them equipped themselves with their own cawa [big basin made of metal] in case of emergency. In short, a big storm typhoon came along their way where their boat was broken into pieces and they wildly separated from each other going to different directions using each cawa for uncontrollable situation.  So they had gone through the waves until Shariff Kabongsuan had gone unintentionally to Maguindanao, Shariff Alioden had accidentally gone to Johor, Shariff Bong had gone to Jolo Sulo and Shariff Alawi had unexpectedly gone to Tagoloan, Misamis where all of them permanently settled down to places where they were brought by their own faith.


After everybody learned each other places, one time they had occasionally conducted a grand reunion in Zamboanga where Shariff Kabongsuan asked the two brothers to exercise the sultanate law of succession and rights to their territorial jurisdiction adopting the same what he had previously done in Maguindanao where he had been enthroned as first Sultan of Maguindanao at the same time named Shariff Bong as Sultan of Jolo and Shariff Alawi as Sultan of Pantar a Kapatagan.


Shariff Alawi had never been heard after that reunion because he denied to the brothers that he got Christian girl which was against their traditional practice as Muslim and practically inclined to Christianity then communication had been cut off until nobody verified and identified other generation from Shariff Alawi especially using Christian name not even Datu Palawan [Saber sa Radapan] and Datu Pagbuayan a recognized community leaders and guerilla fighters along the coastal area of Iligan Bay and Zambonga Bay.


Accordingly, Pantar a Kapatagan was named after the discovery of a plain and wide portion [pantar or patag in vernacular] or upland along Tagoloan to Zamboanga which after the American liberation came all datus, sultans, chieftains community leaders and guerilla fighters were recognized by giving military positions as part of the peace and order campaign nationwide like Datu Umpa Ampaso who was personally recognized by General Morgan and appointed him as President of said Pipentaran a Kapatagan or Kapatagan Valley as interpreted by the American General. From that this was traditionally called as KAPATAGAN VALLEY instead a vernacular name with the same area as identified territorial jurisdiction by the Shariff brothers sokot [end] a Tagoloan go sokot [end] a Zambonga [end to end of Tagoloan Misamis and Zambonga then to Maguindanao Cotabato for Shariff Kabongsuan]. That was how they identified and claimed the territorial jurisdiction in respect and recognition to the occupation of the Shariff brothers in Mindanao Sulo and Palawan.


Some historical events during the Japanese occupation had never been mentioned by some local historian where meranao recognized guerilla fighters who died for their own homeland or ancestral domain like late Datu Amai Mindalano who fought the Japanese troops killing the machinegun operator of the Japanese artillery tank fighter [tanke de guira] then Datu Amai Pakpak in Dansalan, Datu Palawan [saber sa radapan] in Linamon, Lanao del Norte who died for their homeland.


During the American occupation, massive education and socio economic campaign movement had been introduced and even distribution of relief goods all over the country. This was the remarkable events among us meranao because the first congressman of undivided lanao late Congressman Manalao Amer Ampaso Mindalano and cousin Ret. Col. Late Sultan Malamit Ampaso Umpa were sent to school together by American missionaries by forced because parents were thinking for the Christianity conversion then followed by another cousin Ret. Col. Late Datu a Dalomangkob Macaponggis [Luba] Ampaso Sarangani then late Aleem Edres Ampaso Mindalano an eyewitness in killing the father by a Japanese troops, the first Arabic educator from the clan, late Atty. Mangorsi Ampaso Mindalano, late Lt. Macabero Ampaso Umpa then first educated and professional ladies Ditma Ameril Macarambon and Mrs Ameril Magayoong until everybody followed their footsteps and that was the time also that the two cousins organized this AMSUDA CLAN an acronym of Ampaso, Saumay, Umping, Diwat and Ameril who said to be the 7th generation from Shariff Kabongsuan and another 5th generation form AMSUDA to the grand parents of Sultan Ali Ampaso Ump asps Sambuat/Dekolan in the mother side and asps Galacal/Biringo in the father side.


After adoption of the American form of government all present guerilla fighters, chieftains datus, sultans and other community leaders were recognized, giving military rank or position to have qualified one anothers were utility workers or supporting farming just to give works to everybody as part of the peace and order campaign throughout the country like chieftain Datu Umpa Ampaso being venerable and community leader guerilla fighter, he was first appointed by General Morgan as President of this so called Kapatagan Valley then followed by appointing government positions nationwide down to municipal level until political election had been applied to select the best leaders then Datu Umpa Ampaso was the first appointed and elected mayor in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte after congressional district or provinces subdivision down to municipal with identified territorial jurisdiction or area of responsibilities for every provinces and municipalities.


That was the time that Sultanate had been restored to some other places dominantly occupied by Muslim tribes in Mindanao, Sulo and Palawan and Sultanate of Kapatagan Valley or Royal House of Kapatagan Valley was formally organized and patterned the same composition and objectives of the Sultanate of Maguindanao and Sultanate of Jolo thinking to have been recognized as the third Royal Houses in Mindanao Sulo and  Palawan as an aborted plan of the Shariff brothers to affiliate said Three Royal Houses of Mindanao and to have been recognized by the Royal House of Brunei Malaysia but it was not materialized because of the war.


Sultanate of Kapatagan Valley or Royal House of Kapatagan Valley was organized through the so called PAT [4] A LUMBA, and NUM [6] A PANOROGANAN was named in respect and in recognition to areas dominantly occupied by native tribes, community leaders and guerilla fighters like Sultan Gaos Tawantawan, Datu Sominsang, Sultan Guinar Ampaso Mindalano and Datu Ayaon Ampaso Alando recognized as the most wanted criminals in undivided Lanao who formally returned to the fold of the law through the negotiation of the First Congressman of undivided Lanao late Congressman Manalao Amer Ampaso Mindalano and Military Governor of undivided Lanao Ret. Col. and Sultan Malamit Ampaso Umpa during President Ramon Magsaysay regime.


PAT A LUMBA are the areas identified as hideout [kota] of said four radical community leaders like; a) Pagayawan, b) Buntong, c) Karekum, and d) Sapad, then NUM A PANOROGANAN whose leadership had never been questioned and recognized as community and traditional leaders and guerilla fighters are 1) Bandara sa Rarab, 2) Adoman sa Pagayawan, 3) Adonkay sa Lala, 4) Tomanggong sa Karekum, 5) Ansabo sa Sapad, and 6) Maynad sa Uyaan then Datu Umpa Ampaso stand as the Chairman of the group representing the Sultanate of Kapatagan Valley as an umbrella of the Pata Lumba and Num a Panoroganan Clan on a life time term of office except disability or incapacity within the Num [6] a Panoroganan family tree like Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa where his successional right to this Sultanate of Kapatagan Valley formally received from Bandara sa Rarab in the person of Sultan Macasamat Omar on November 27, 2005 at the Mindanao Convention Center in Tubod, Lanao del Norte attended by the three Provincial Vice Governors like Vice Governor Irma Umpa-Ali of Lanao del Norte, Vice Governor Arsad Marohombsar of Lanao del Sur and Vice Governor Atty. Francis Hamoy Olvis of Zamboanga del Norte, relatives and friends from the said three provinces. Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa was enthroned in the sultanate of Kapatagan Valley through successional rights representing Maynad sa Uyaan where he can even either represent or entitled to represent Adongkay sa Lala or Ansabo sa Sapad. In other words, Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa has three successional rights out of the six or Num [6] a Panoroganan.


 Anyway, everybody believed that because of political dynasty, sultanate had been actively restored through political affiliation or popularity and even used as a milestone to some politician for their political career and even offered to non Muslim who was in the government position in order to maintain their political career although the so called Royal Blood Line was no longer even observed, no more. Like Iligan City acknowledged every Barangay with Muslim residents to have their own sultan for peace and order campaign but the question what authority does the City Mayor that made him a traditional authoritarian recognizing this barangay sultan.


Now, my purpose and objectives receiving this successional rights is to bring the people closer to the government and stand as Public Assistance Unit in the area of responsibilities and exercise the law of succession and rights of all recognized sultan in the country and assist the government to maintain peace and order and Sultanate Council of the Royal Houses from every province be organized to work closely together in reviving said traditional and successional rights from their family tree to identify whose term is the next and on top of it discouraging political intervention or political application like the Sultanate Council of the Royal House of Kapatagan Valley which Sultan of Kapatagan Valley stands as the Chairman and the Num a Panoroganan as members or authorized representatives who can maybe implement and apply this so called law of succession as part of the peace and order campaign through Muslim law.





The Sultanate of Ranao or Lanao del Sur where they have PAT [4] A PUNGAMPONG and 16 Royal Houses and every Pungampong has Municipalities under it and I am mentioning all municipalities dominantly occupied by our clan as record like:


PUNGAMPONG SA MASIU – because of political struggle and motivation, there are right now four crowned Sultan of Masiu at the same time including, Sultan sa Masiu, the late Congressman Mohammad Ali Dimaporo, the recognized traditional political leader in two Lanaos, practicing this political dynasty during the time of Marcos regime up to present succeeded by son Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo but it never works in Lanao del Sur because there are more smart than their group. Their political dynasty networking have been successful in Lanao del Norte because of financial capability established during the time of Marcos Regime who was considered also as the closest Muslim leader ever to President Marcos then Congressman Abdullah Dimpaoro during President Gloria Arroyo.


a)      Under this are Madalum Lanao del Sur after politics had been restored from Marshall Law of Marcos Regime a nephew of mine DAR-ARMM Secretary Usman Sarangani, Sultan of Uyaan was elected undefeated Municipal Mayor of Madalum after his term of office, a wife who is also my niece former Municipal Mayor Zoraida [Pinamili] Mindalano Sarangani replaced him as elected Municipal Mayor of Madalum succeeded by elder son Usman "Palao" Sarangani Jr. as elected Municipal Mayor up to the present.


b)      Madamba, Lanao del Sur – Uyaan Madamba, Lanao del Sur is my birth place with another undefeated Municipal Mayor uncle and brother in law late Sultan Guinar Mindalano during Marcos Regime and First Sultan of Uyaan and succeeded by another undefeated son Dagoruan Amol Mindalano elected as the Municipal Mayor of Madamba and current Sultan of Tabaran and after him is the wife who is also a niece Liela Umpa Mindalano. Then another undefeated Vice Mayor nephew Abdul Hamid Amerbitor. Madamba is a small town but we are proud to say that the most productive educated and professional both Arabic and English ever in two Lanaos. This is where the first congressman of undivided Lanao late Manalao Amer Ampaso Mindalano whose name is engraved in the flagpole in Luneta, Ermita, Manila, another uncle late Ret. Col. Malamit Ampaso Umpa, the first Sultan of Tabaran who had been a Military Governor of undivided Lanao, the appointed as Provincial Commander in Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte until he was persuaded to politics where he was elected as Vice Governor of Governor Arsenio Quibranza during Marcos regime.


This is the town of the first congressman of undivided Lanao late Manalao Amer Ampaso Mindalano whose name was engraved at the flagpole in Luneta Park, the first Military Governor undivided Lanao late Col. and Sultan Malamit Ampaso Umpa, Ret. Col. Macaponggis [luba] Ampaso Sarangani, the first educated and professional ladies late Ditma Ameril Macarambon, late Ameril Magayoong whose footsteps followed by everybody, daughters and sons like Atty. Camar Mindalano and Atty. Dimatimpos Mindalano, Former Ambassador to Nigeria Masaranga Rengia Umpa, the close political opponent to Dimaporo and Atty. Dimnatang Umpa and undefeated and present Vice Governor Irma Umpa-Ali of Lanao del Norte, former MSU System President Dr. Camar Ampaso Umpa, MSU Executive Vice President Dr. Datumanong Sarangani, MSU Director Cosain Ampaso Umpa, DENR ARMM Secretary Sultan Usman Sarangani, former PNP Regional Director General Paisal Umpa, PMA Major Acmad Omar, Jr., Regional State Prosecutor Atty. Jaime Umpa, Atty. Superman Ampaso Usop, Judge Aldonie Umpa, Atty. Alghandi Umpa, Atty. Laarni Umpa, Atty. Gamal Umpa


PUNGAMPONG SA BAYABAO – under these are Ramain or Marawi City some local historian is saying that our clan is entitled to become as Sultan of Ramain.


PUNGAMPONG SA UNAYAN – under this are:


a)      Barangay Mabul, Malabang, Lanao del Sur where uncle late Manalao Amer Mindalano settled until he become the first congressman of undivided Lanao, on record even engraved his name in the Flag Pool in Luneta Park, Malate, Manila, up to the present. Sultan sa Pikong Balindong is also undefeated mayor in Malabang whose son Atty Pangalian Balindong is was elected Congressman of Lanao del Sur 2nd District for several years whose son Assemblyman Yasser Balindong married to the daughter of my nephew and neice Secretary Usman Sarangani.


b)      Nunungan, Lanao del Norte – first Municipal Mayor is a nephew late Mayor Ayaon Alando- then succeeded by son late mayor Samo Alando and now Mayor Abdul Manamparan also a nephew.


c)      Sapad – first Sultan of Sapad is an uncle late Ret. Col. Malamit Ampaso Umpa, and succeeded by a grandson Sultan Tingagun Ampaso Umpa Sultan of Sapad up to the present. It was late Col. Malamit Ampaso Umpa together with a nephew late Macalatas Ampaso Umpa, a former Municipal Vice Mayor of Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte who applied for the creation of Sapad Municipality and total separation from Kapatagan but late Macalatas Umpa never enjoy the approval because the war dramatically motivated in Mindanao between Barakuda [private military] and Ilaga [organized group of a certain Totpik a displaced military personnel from Iloilo] war between Muslim against Christian these but these are all dramatically political motivation in order to qualify the enforcement of Marshall Law and Military takeover in the whole country and that was the biggest contribution of Congressman Dimaporo to Marcos Regime and that is why he was the only Meranao closest to Marcos regime ever and it was Late Macalatas Umpa who was first murdered Muslim official on duty that time with unknown assailant then followed by the burning out all houses and even mosques along the coast taking everything and personal properties belonging to Muslim evacuees. Then peace and order had been eventually restored in the country, through a military takeover of all provinces and municipalities like late Ret. Col. Datu Dalomangcob Macaponggis Luba Sarangani was appointed as Military Mayor to Sapad, Ret. Col. Late Sultan Malamit Ampaso Umpa as Military Mayor to Salvador, Lanao del Norte then Col Paisal Umpa as Military Mayor in Karomatan, Lanao del Norte and now with rank of General but a frozen general because he was assigned in Cotabato during the Maguindanao massacre aside no political affiliation because he doesn't believe in the political saying that to whom you know to have better position in the government but not what you know.


After Martial Law had been recalled, political election followed and a nephew and undefeated Municipal Mayor Riga Langi Azis then succeeded by another undefeated son Farouk Langi Azis up to the present.


PUNGAMPONG SA BALOI – is immediately next to Iligan City maybe [5 kilometers away] then next to Marawi City after Pantar and maybe [nine kilometers away]. It is very close to two cities while Kapatagan is a neutral area of Lanao del Norte, geographically.




a)      Magsaysay, 2nd Municipal Mayor was uncle Sultan Macasamat Omar a former Sultan of Kapatagan Valley, father of Brigadier General Acmad Omar who is now Ambassador to Oman and married to my cousin Jaharah Galawan Umpa-Omar with educated and professional children like son PMA Major Acmad Umpa Omar, Jr. after Macasamat Omar succeeded by son Haron "Dondon" Omar who was then elected as Party List Congressman of Lanao del Norte then succeeded by younger brother Hayroni "Ronron" Omar who was also a son in law of a nephew Sultan Usman Sarangani and niece former Municipal Mayor Zoraida Mindalanao Sarangani.


b)      Munai, Lanao del Norte – is also dominated by relatives from Uyaan- headed by uncle Mama sa Munai then the father of Secretary Usman Sarangani then late former Mayor Danny Ampaso and many many more.


c)      Lala, Lanao del Norte – first Sultan of Lala and appointed mayor is uncle Sultan Boleg Ampaso Umpa the brother of Datu Umpa Ampaso, and after he died the son Ret. PNP-SPO Cabsaran Umpa succeeded the position as Sultan sa Lala up to the present.


d)     Salvador, Lanao del Norte – former Municipal Mayor is a cousin late Mayor Pangantapan Tawantawan and succeeded by Ret. Col. Malamit Ampaso Umpa then succeeded by nephew Johnny Tawantawan up to present.


e)      Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte – where Sultan Ali Ampaso Umpa took up his secondary course at St. Francis Xavier Academy and the uncle was appointed by General Morgan as President of Kapatagan Valley [undivided lanao] in recognition for being venerable and community leader, guerilla fighter along the coast and then appointed as Municipal Mayor then elected Municipal Mayor


f)       Kolambogan, Lanao del Norte – the first appointed and elected Mayor was also in clan Sultan Binasing Macarambon and wife Ditma Ameril Macarambon from Tabaran, Madamba, Lanao del Sur with educated and professional daughter and sons like former Congressman Binasing Macarambon, Jr. Atty. Sindao Macarambon, Engr. Pasayod Macarambon, Engr. Tominaman Macarambon Engr. George Macarambon.


Sad to say that the political career of the clan in Lanao del Norte end after former Ambassador Masaranga Umpa lost his political connection in the present administration. It is the clan who are the first Meranao tribes in Kapatagan Valley with the so called Num a Panoroganan. A substantial portion of the so called Lanao del Norte.


Some Meranao residents in Lanao del Norte have not returned home but the number tremendously increased when Congressman Mohammad Ali Dimaporo married to the one and only daughter of former Mayor Pantaran Macarimbang of Karomatan, Lanao del Norte through Datu Umpa Ampaso who happened to be the brother in law of the Mayor wayback 1968 that was the time Congressman Ali Dimaporo permanently settled in Lanao del Norte with his followers, until when the election came he asked the Father in law Mayor Pantaran not to run anymore because he want his brother Naga Dimaporo to run as the Municipal Mayor of Karomatan. From that relatives and followers from Lanao del Sur transferred and settled in some barangays, like Maganding, Bawiyan, Payong and Poblacion of Karomatan occupying more than three hundred hectares with cassava plantation up to the present and it was a new look municipality because natives tribes and residents in the Municipality who stand as opponent or opposition during the election got scared driving them out by forced until everybody scattered to different places. Late Naga Dimaporo ruled the whole town at his own policies and laws putting laws into his hand until recognized undefeated mayor of Karomatan. Until unfortunately nobody knows that native people who were driven out from their home town have personal grats and uncontrollable anger to the Municipal Mayor so one day on his way to religious mission in Pakistan he was murdered right at the corner of the Golden mosque in Quiapo Manila by his political opponent in Karomatan who was identified as Col. Ingka who was also murdered as a revenge few days after and even killing other relatives seen in Manila and that stand as unsolved case but remained as Rido [traditional mortal enemy] and now succeeded by another undefeated mayor the elders son Mayor Motalib Dimaporo and succeeded by son up to the present. Now Karomatan was renamed after Sultan sa Binidayan Naga Dimaporo or Sultan Naga Dimaporo [SND] Municipality. You cannot blame all traditional politician to build up their own political dynasty because everybody want to stay in the position life time as livelihood program otherwise a come and go of different family all the time is the problem. Like late Ali Dimaporo during his time as congressman the strong political opponent in Lanao del Norte was Provincial Governor Arsenio Quibranza so the only way he can get Governor Quibranza is to ask the son Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo to marry the daughter of Governor Quibranza Imelda Quibranza who had been recognized as Miss Caltex, Philippines so now no more strong opposition although former Ambassador Masaranga Umpa was negotiated by Congressman Ali Dimaporo before to go with their group but the Ambassador has his own stand until both Masaranga Umpa and Abdullah Dimaporo ran at the same time with different political affiliation but Masaranga Umpa didn't make it until he was offered as Ambassador to Nigeria where he accepted as an executive clemency. Ambassador Umpa controlled the whole clan but the problem is financial capability and now just to hold some from the clan, Congressman Dimaporo retained the sister of the Ambassador Vice Governor Irma Umpa-Ali as the undefeated Vice Governor of Lanao del Norte up to this time


And now Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo as the Congressman of the 2nd District, Wife Imelda Quibranza Dimaporo as Congresswoman in the 1st District, daughter Aliya as Party List Congresswoman, son Kalid Dimaporo is the Provincial Governor.


Submitted Article from Amsuda Clan

With the request of my cousin

Datu Jal-haq Umpa Maruhom Cali grandson of late Ret. Col. Sultan Malamit Ampaso Umpa.

and Sultan Marc ask me to include in my post to let known that Kapatagan remain as part of

Meranao Kingdoms

NOTE: mga bangsa mi a pakabatiya sa giyaya a article o adun a dikanoron kasasanangan na pitowaan ami rukano a kunaba aya hadap saya na ipagataki ko lagid tano a Mranao, sa politaca odi na sultanate odi na kandiagaburola maawid sa katakabor ka aya kinigorisunon a kini postun amiron na panagontaman sa kapuka tokawi ko andang a butad o mga inged o mranao ago so kiapagingud o manga lokes tano na mananggaolo sa lanao del norte a kialoboan o soranga sa agama na antano mikasoy so mapia a butad. WASSALAM


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Comment posted by buda , 02/14/2021 at 5:48pm (UTC):
oh Monatao
di kap tarua a so mga Dimaporo bo e ana rogo yan a tito tito
di kap tarua a so mga enca na naba pure
ago di kap protektahi so apiledo oh mga dimaporo ah mga takaw sa lugar ah giyamit so politica para bo di makuwa oh mga native so kapmayor sa kormatan
tito ba a so dimaporo na adn a bulawan yan a rugo
pero so utok e ran na takaw
na saya sa islam na di kapakay so takaw
makatipo ka a taw

Comment posted by Marc Pingris, 12/30/2015 at 4:45pm (UTC):
Kinatatakotan dati so Sultan Gaos Tawantawan lolo ko

Comment posted by Lito Medina, 12/16/2015 at 7:04am (UTC):
I remember former Ambassador Acmad Omar's parents are from Magasyasya? But I forgot his wife , Jackie's last name? I believe dshe is a relative of Mas Umpa. Mas used to live in MSU compound. After Acmad retired from foreign service we lost contact. My last contact w/ him was whe he was still in Qatar. Where is he now? If you stil have contact with him say "Hello"for me, please. He use to call me "Med" because my last name is Medina. Acmad's frieds in MSU then were the Alonto's, Umpa's, Macarombon, and others. This was in 1977 or 1978. Please extend my regards to Amb. Omar from me (Lito Medina from Los Angeles.
Politics aside your article is very educational, or even with politics. I hope and pray time will heal the pain of the past. I hope all of us will learn how to forgive. We may never learn to forget the past but, I hope we will learn from OUR mistake in the past. from a distance now, I still love the Maranao people. I remember one midnight with my friends, we drove the MSU high school principal and his pregnant wife from Marawi City to Iligan high school. Just in time delivering a baby in a hospital (Iligan) (1976). I was a part of the raiding team in many Christian houses storing alcohol drinks for sale and consumption. Some of them dangerously resisted. Changing chasing drunk military soldiers firing their guns in the city. Frequently having firefight with them. There was great danger. The Maranao are close to my heart. God bless them. Thank you for your space.
Lito Medina
Woodland Hills
California USA.
P.S. Please email me on how to reach Acmad or Mas Umpa.

Comment posted by cairoding, 09/24/2015 at 10:41am (UTC):
mapiya ini ka imformative.. pabor ako ki abul ka kataya mismo saksi ago wata e col imposilby o ba nian di katawi so ridoay e ama iyan. katatan ka knaba kun. dapat na giya post na about lang sa mga info a mga datu knaba oba taman sa personal life na pitaroon ka makapumbubuno so madakul a tao.. na inform ako tanto bus mala pamilya umpa ini..

Comment posted by Pata Lumba, 06/16/2015 at 8:44am (UTC):
so Pata lumba ago numa a Panoroganan sa Kapatagan a limainan ko noron na mulagidon so mga puda Sulotan ko Ranao-Ragat, si Dimaporo na Apo o Maupaat sa Sigayan ko wata iyan a Lumba a karoma o Maruhom sa Binidayan a paganay a sulotan.

Comment posted by monatao, 06/15/2015 at 1:21pm (UTC):
dingka anan maptaro a so manga dimaporo na matag miyangowa sa lupa anong pinagmamayabang nyo na descendant kayo ni shariff kabungsuan? anong gusto mo ilagay ko ang buong salsila ng dimaporo baka matunganga ka tito siran a benaning a tao sa ranao ago maguindanao dingka anan maptaro dahil nagbalae sila ni pantaran kaya nirequest ni ali na ang kapatid niya ipamayor hahahahaha ano hindi original sa RANAO ang mga dimaporo baka matatarobutang? kung meron man na pure blood dito sila yun yan ngang apilidong enca unidentified ruput ka i modol wag kang magsalita ng ikamatay mo bakit nyo hindi subukang bumalik sa karomatan takot nga mga native kay talaw sila kay da ipanininug iyo

Comment posted by monatao, 06/15/2015 at 12:57pm (UTC):
The first mayor of the municipality of magsaysay, lanao del norte was my great grandfather
THE LATE MAYOR ABDUL RASHID M. DIMAPORO and not sultan macasamat he's just the second mayor

Comment posted by Alex, 12/29/2013 at 12:18pm (UTC):
Sir Abdul Enca, Good AM/PM, could you please note the writer of this article, we just posted here due to public request from near relatives, we are sorry to disappoint you in this article and we are not fabricating history. the source of this article is prominent person from Kapatagan. thank you

Comment posted by:12/29/2013 at 11:56am (UTC)

That Article is adopted sources and second posted here,if you are not guilty and your father why you bother your self to this article. second we are not promoting Dimapro clan they are already promoted even during the time of Marcos to the present time. Abdul, may Allah guide you into a right direction. Maraming salamat

Comment posted by Abul Enca, 12/19/2013 at 3:29pm (UTC):
salam, Gusto ko lang ipa alam sa inyo na hindi si Col Enca ang totoo na may ulo sa kamatayan ni naga. If i can Remmember it correctly nasa pagadian si col. Enca at si naga ay nasa quipo paano nya ma papatay si naga?. pls if you make some words make sure that this is correct ka madakil ah paka batya on na tigiran oba tidto., oway rido ka byono iran so taw ah da sala iyan.., Col Enca or Sulta Mitumadum Baraakal Enca of Baoyan was murdered by people na gahaman sa pwesto na kahit wala na ginagawa itong isa ay gusto parin nila ipapatay dahil sa takot nila. All of this sultans are your relatives and must be respected but sad to say that only the people alive are given that respect and the death are just address as murderer. Im the living witness in all the hardship of my father na walang kasalanan dinidikit nyo parin yang murder na yan and my father is not nagas political opponent oh maka dimaporo ka sabap sa pwesto ah dimaporo imanto na kena ka ki pagilay sa tedto ah pagari... by blood. aya man pagaring ka na si col Enca or sultan sa bauyan ah isa sa 7th generation oh Shariff Kabongsuan. You keep on saying dimaporo ba aya original sa lanao ah dimaporo ah matag anan myangowa sa lupa oh mga native. sorry Sultan but some of your data is not correct and from my heart with my family I can't respect that.

Comment posted by arturo a claveria, 03/29/2012 at 9:32am (UTC):
i love our ancestral sultanates for all pilipinos orignaly coming from muslim

Comment posted by Prince Ruben Alberto of Gevaudan, 06/05/2011 at 6:38pm (UTC):
From Buenos Aires instead of my exile send cordial greetings and the desire to start a friendship and diplomatic relationship.

Le Prince Comte Souverain de Gevaudan

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KULINTANG A KAPRNDAGAN, Played by Datu Ontay during the event of Lumbatan International Association, March 1. 2019, KAP'RNDAGAN TUNE, giya e kakolintang a kaprundagan, kapangoba sabap ko sakit sa ginawa ago rata a ginawa. Maranao Kulingtang is music of Happiness, it describes the music of Iranaon soul.

Our purpose of doing this task is to strengthening the bangsa moro nation. To fulfill our forefather dreams of having a meaningful bangsa moro identity in our mother land, to make our fellow Muslim understand the importance of having solidarity and closeness among us, to avoid discrimination and minimize feudal clan among us, so that we are nation with a purpose

Manga bangsa mi ko pat a adel a gaus ko Ranao, ago sa pragatan a tunday a pagilidan. Aya kiataonga mi sa darpa aya na ogop ago panagontaman sa kapakamoayan o andang a di kanggiginawai o manga lokes tano, na obaon misabap a mapakarayag iyan so miakalogao a di kanggiginawai, na mapakarani nian so miakawatan a katotonganaya,

Aya kiapamagosaya mi saya ko manga gogodan na ipagogop ko thatanggisa sa kakunala nian ko madaseg iyan a miapakawatan o politika, na aya mala na makaogop sa kapakaito o rido ko orian o katokawi ko kaiisa isa o manga apoapoan tano na mikasoy so munang a inagao o manga sarowang a tao,

Giyangkai a kapamagosaya saya ko kaiisa isa o bangsa na aya hadap saya na ipagogop ko kakunala sa so manga muslim sa Pilimpinas na isa a paka poonian, banian magakot so kaiisa isa o bangsa sa kipamayandegen ko kabnar o bangsa tano, na aya mala na mapamola rektano so babaya tano ko ped tano, ka pitharo o Nabi Mohammad S.A.W. a diden maka paratiyaya so pithanggisa rekano taman sa dinian ikababaya ko pagarinian so lagid o ipukababaya iyan sa ginawa nian.

PATOT A KAMBANTAI SAYA isaini a pamagogopaan o manga datu tanu sa Marawi sa ditanto kitabolog o manga simukut sa City a Marawi

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The Sarimanok is a legendary bird of the Maranao people who originate from Mindanao, a major island in the Philippines. It comes from the words "sari" and "manok." "Sari" means cloth or garment, which is generally of assorted colors.  Manòk is a Philippine word for chicken.

It is the legendary bird that has become a ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art. It is depicted as a fowl with colorful wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is profusely decorated with scroll, leaf, and spiral motifs. It is said to be a symbol of good fortune

The Sarimanok is derived from a totem bird of the Maranao people, called Itotoro. According to the Maranao people, the Itotoro is a medium to the spirit world via its unseen twin spirit bird called Inikadowa.

The Sarimanok is also believed to have originated from an Islamic legend. According to the legend, Muhammad found a rooster in the first of the seven heavens. The bird was so large its crest touched the second heaven. Its crow roused every living creature except man. Judgement day would come once this celestial rooster ceased to crow

A Maranao legend also says of a Sultan's daughter being swept by a colorful rooster that became a handsome young man and they were never seen ever again. The Sultan then created replicas of the bird to remember his daughter by




Madait a kapumbantoe tano ko manga ONOR sa Ranao na ipangorao ami rukano si Potre Monalindao a bangsatano sa Ranao kaisa sukaniyan a mitiardi na mimbilingatao ko kapusumpada ko dadabitan o Iranaon na mananagontaman ko gii kisariat'n ko dikakulas o paparangayan o Mranao (We recommend Potre Monalindao for any traditional occasions in Ranao and for royal gathering)   



Iranaon’s Pride

Iranaons/Maranao are well-known for the aspects of Culture and arts, they gained more prominence in the field of martial arts when the MSU Karate Club successfully garnered three gold Medals and one silver in the 1994 first Philippine National Games – the first time Iranaon/Maranao gained these elusive awards in sports, and up to the present time the club still gaining good records.

In the name of Sport and Martial Arts, Iranaons/Maranao exceed on it and became more and more prominences when the young prince of Marawi in the good name of Datu Revie Saber Sani (son of Sultan Duma S. Sani and grandson of late Mamitua Saber, Radiamuda sa Marawi) won Champion in the international karate competitions like the 2003 8th karate games of the Adriatic in Italy, 2003 8th Czech open karate championship in Czech Republic, 2005 Asian Karate championship in Hong-Kong, China and the 23rd South East Asian Games (SEAGAMES). Datu Revie S. Sani is the first Iranaon/Maranao became member of Republic of the Philippine Team (RP-TEAM) for International Competition in the field of Karatedo, and present President of FIMAA Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The Iranaons/Maranao. would someday proven champion in the prestigious of the Olympics as my father’s longstanding dream, Datu Revie said in his Interview.

Pamakot Ka Sa Masa Emanto

A Song of a Moro Artist

The King of Moro Song Datu Komeni Bansuan lunched his new album with the new song “Pamakot Ka”. It could really encourage and inspire each individual who would listen and internalize its deep meaning. Some of its line go this way “ My friend, pamakot ka, know yourself. Pamakot ka while you are young. Know what is happening in this world and think of what you can do. Pamakot ka while still you are healthy and strong. Face your future, don't ever think you cannot make for God has given you all. Isn’t he right in saying this so?

At this point of time, in this era of globalization wherein we can’t describe the kind of life we have. Life expansion decreases due to many illnesses and diseases. It becomes unpredictable when we can’t do anything but to face life as it is. Competitiveness among nations, tribes and even religion brings deep impact to our lives. Thousand of people lost their lives because of such conflict. Survival for poverty really a prime problem of human being. Million of people died because of have nothing to eat.

Now, is Komeni right of giving us a signal to move ahead and to strive hard inorder to survive from this vulnerable world? This is not advertising Komeni but it somehow gives us the lesson to be vigilant of our life.

Connect this message to our own distinctions and undertakings as individuals. As teachers for example, pamakotinka, value your responsibility of molding and teaching the young generation because perhaps time maybe too late for you to do it and you might regret after all. Do this while you are still in the position, while you are strong and while you have all the opportunities of doing it all.

The last line of Komeni’s song says “ Now is the time to reflect on. Ponder on and move fast”. This is just a mere song of an ordinary moro artist but let us not forget great move and action start from an ordinary and simple plan.


Just recently, the global sultanates summit was successfully done. Alhamdulillah, we thanks Allah for the success of the event, everything went smoothly with global summit in Mindanao on 10th and 11th December, 2010, HRH princess Aizian Utto Camsa said in Facebook.

The said summit was attended by the prominent royal Sultans and royal families around the globe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and other well-known countries. The theme of the summit “THE CULTURAL PARACTICES EMBODIED IN THE UNIVERSAL DECLAIRATION OF HUMAN RIGHT, TREATIES AND CONVIENTION”

The convener of the that summit was the royal sultanate of Raja Buayaan Darussalam and the united sultanates of Baguinged Tawlan Darussalam, the event was hold in royal palace hotel in General Santos city, Philippine


In the name of ARTS and LITERATURE, Meranaos exceed on these. They have the Bayok and Darangen that until now are never been break their record in the entire country. The beautiful dances like Singkil, Fan Dance and Kapamalong malong are still have big contribution in Philippine culture. Every single matter of Meranao’s life has its meaning and properly guided with Taritib and Igma.

Putri Erlynda is a symbol of undying Mranao songs, she poses and Talented in traditional folk song, support her and the other Mranao Talents

........WEEKLY SONG LYRICS........

By AKIE Band
Ipoon ko
kiapakang-ginawae ta
sukabo e sii sa pikir akun
sabap ko olaolangka a mapia
dikodun kalipatan
Di akun kagaga
Obaka rakun mada
Di akundun kaparo
Di akun Ska mailay
Ko gagawi-i dao-ndao
Ska e mapipikir
Dadun a lawanuka
Dadun a rimbangka
Na obangka kalipati
So kiapakang-garing ta
Di akundun kagaga
Obakongka ribona
Apia andaka mariribon
Pulolobaan akun ska
Apia andaka pagagao
Na magagao akoron
Repeat II & Chorus
Repeat Chorus


bY: maDSki


Miaroro miaroro
So lo’ sa manga mata ko
Sa kalipudus kalipudus
A rata a ginawako


Mipirogo mipirogo
So puso akun sabap ruka
Sa ladang ko riniwada
Ko ranon ago so gagao


What can I do what can I do
My life is nothing without you
Forgive me darling if I’m wrong
Come back it’s me where you belong

My love my love
Ranon angka
Sa ladang ko m’balingan ka
Lalayon ka sa dar akun
Ikararanon ko suka


What can I do what can I do
Sa ginawako o maribon ka
Sabarang ka o ribat ako
Mbalingan ka rakun
o garing akun


Ikararanon ko suka
Ikararanon ko suka

Nasasabik By Fred Panopio
Translated to Maranao
By Datu Ontay

(By unknown band)

Kataya so Tutholan
Ki masolampay a busao
Lomalangkap sa Ranao
Kala iyan e kakan
Maka pito makakan
Ko mababasa alongan
Aya kakana iyan
Mala ko palang-gada
Aya inoma iyan
Maito ko baldi
Madalum e kasawao
Pito ka porgada

Salakao ron aya
Minisolda akun
Tharoon ta e babunar
Mialunganian so kadato
Sulotan di kapuno
Kabugatan dasukan
Datu a lomanggowap
Sangcopan sa kathaka

Salakaoron aya
Dipuman kaolitan
Badun papagutiya
Pukun o pukunian

Reapat II & III

RaNoN AgO sO GaGao
By variety Band

Piygayonan ta
sa badun ribona
So dita kang-ginawai
Ka dabo a lalao
A di kang-gaing
ka sa dar akun

Oh…. Lilang ko
Sayana a marugun
Masakit sa ginawa
Kapukha piker akun
So ranon
Go so gagaw’ng ka rakun
Lalayondun sa piker
Go sa ginawa
Na inao lilang
Na babo kikasoy
So kiyang-garing ta

Pukha taduman ko
So manga gawii
So gawii a kasosonor
Sa imanto aya
Romunda di torogun
Na mindag di roparopun
Sabap ruka

Reapeat II 3x

TiGkA ObA DuDol
By Maher

Adun a katawang ko
A kalalagan a wata
A kilala niyan a babay
Aya niyambo thotol
A ranon gagaw niyanon
Pakisisipatiyan a thito
Niyan a ipapatay

Ipulalong iyangkon
Ramig iyan mipamono
Tomokon oba matay
Odi siran makatharosa
Inao wata kulay
Tigo manga lokes iyan
Malongka pakalanata
Ka dapun a sokatanuka

Miyondog so katawangko
Tiyomaniyan a milalong
Gagawii ndaondaw
Na mbaram-barang a sowanian
Aya miakambono
so mbala a lokes iyan
katamba amairan
so tig akun a kasowa

Gowiranon dolonun
ko wata iran a mama
na miapangaroma niyan
ipapatay niyan a raga
Miyababaya siran
Ka miyaka sigorado
Salodo ako ruka
Grabi ka a mama
Miyaka sorga ka
Ka pakatataya angka

Kay maka pito Olan
Miyada so kapag enjoy
Minisambi na ilat-ilat
O manga panoganganiyan
Anta mambo e mabaya
Sa mama tarabosaw
Daa miyasowa iyan
Na dipun matao zozokat
Somasayan sa matao
Si toropa a boklo
Na ramig mimbabawata
Na dadun makasowa zozokat
oWoOoOoOoOh !!!

Giyanan e marugun
Ko tao a mala e lalag
Tigiyan oba dodol
So mabibitin ko koda
So kapangaroma aki
Na kunaba kazandagan
K’naba anan khakan
Masmo kawn na awaingka
OwOoOoOoOoh !!!


MaLa E MaTa

Tonia problema?
Inoka ini pukharaangiti
Dingka di pamikira
E baka di sundit
Imanto a miadata

Bangka dun di khatadumi
So kiabogawangka rakun
Sii dun pun sa danga
O mga ginawaingka
A manga ala e mata
Manga ala e mata

If you only knew
Pukataduman ko
So kiya bulag angka rakun
Pira ka olan ini tigur akun
Kalipatan ko bo so ngaran ka
Bangkadun kiatadumi roo
Sa children’s park sa iligan
Dikadi magpa’cute ko
Pukabayaan ka a mala e mata
Mala pun e tiyan

Dingka dun di pamikira
E Bangka kikasoy
So manga gawii manga oras
A pud akongka
P’ki oman ka badun
Sakit ka sa ulo
Balingkadun ki pagidaan ka
A mala e mata, a mala e mata

Katawan ka a pakatatayaan ako
E love akun imanto
Di ako niyan puzasanbiin
Apya pun sidun si Khomeini
Repeat II
NeYhoOoOoOo wOoOo wOoOoH

Dikadun di sundit ka dingka bo
Kikasoy so miyanga una gawii
Diba pitharo akun ruka
Pakatatayaan ako e love akun imanto
P’wes balingkadun ka metext
Na n’dodo roo sa crossing
Dikadun punggoraok ka naba ako guwapo
Lagid e Piolo, pihing akung ulo
NeYhOooOoOo wOoOoo woOOoh

Repeat chorus 2x

Mori a Kapranon
Meranao Translation by Sen. Domocao Alonto

Rambayong modas ako, Ko inged a pilombayan
A bemberano alongan a montiya migagadong
Ko karodano sebangan a indawag ko a sanang
A saliyo a darakn a ginawa ko a rasay
Ka ompen olbi sa ropa sa antawa a daradat
Na taman ko kakawasa natarima ka kakasi
indawag a katrang a pagalad o marandang
igira sa temoan a lekepan so mawaraw
na miyada so balamban a kabutowan sa
Klong na mars-res malanat malngga masopiit
na tanandn paninindg ko ingd a pilombayan
Ka so irigi sa bansa na turoga ipanganganting
a daa ikaugyan ayakakelabakn
Na anday kabinentay o pamorawag ko langit
Apgangano liwanag a kaug o maliboteng
O bapno damargn o karanti o alongan a kariga o darako
na pasionotnka a karagiraynian
Ka anian mipmanis a diinian kaganao
Ko senang a pembokakas a maika kabengkasan
A kalibotung o kobor matawantawan roo
so miyaling ding sa baya
Dingkadn pelingiya e kiyarandanganian
O wana kanegka a sengkoa pekabanding
Na giyoto so pangni a ipamangni o tao
Sa kapakasorga aka na oponay so mera
Ko linsa o kobor akn daa rowar ko salam
Na paki aminkaon so sii ko koba ko na
Misangi ko otanon a obarobara lombay
Napakisamberen ka ko sagado napas
Ka obarakn bayogn ko sold o kobor akn
A mapagadimat akn amay ko kalipatan
So tampat o kobor akn ka apay so linsa miyan
Na miyada sa ginawa napakinaksenekandado
Ko taribasok anon makaselano
So ombiyo tolan akn a sabap a iramiram
A pamomolan a tumbak a dadna oba akn
A kipi ko rinibon ka sii ko langit
ka a raks o palaonka goso balintad
ka a dii kazolay
An o sindaw go so lalis na miyakazanaoray
So ombi o tolan akn
Pilimpinas daabay a inged a pakarimbar
A simoketa ladan ko na pamamakineganka
So mori sa pagirowin ka sii ko tangan ka na
Rokaknon ganati so langowa garingka
Mbalinga ko inged a daon so karingasa go so
Kaoripn kandatadataron so tao
Ka dapamarintaon a rowar ko dikasangkay
Na modas ako rekano ka so kalab na kadka.
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Please Support the new song of JASABS06, DI PASIN OTO, this is the Meranao version of Despacito a viral Spanish song with many versions, In behalf of this website and Datu Ontay, we salute and two Thumbs ups to the JASABS06 GROUP for making quality songs. Congrats.
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