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Abu Hurairah narrated (RA) that the Messenger of Allah SAW said: "Learn enough about your lineage to facilitate keeping your ties of kinship. For indeed keeping the ties of kinship encourages affection among the relatives, increases the wealth, and increases the lifespan."

Jami` at-Tirmidhi

English reference: Vol. 4, Book 1, Hadith 1979 (Chapters on Righteousness And Maintaining Good Relations With Relatives)

Arabic reference: Book 27, Hadith 210





Minipantag ko gawii Jummaat March 1, 2019, na miatimo so manga Mranao ka mimbatalo sa kambasketball so tlo a manga ala a team a Mranao sa Western region a Saudi Arabia, aya kadakul a miatimo na labi sanggibo a tao sa giyoto isa a zaman sa Saudi o manga Mranao a madakul a miatimo a tao pantag sa kambatalo, pago-olowanan e Datu Ontay, Datu Khalid Marmay, ago si Sulotan Ansary Magongcar ago so manga pudiran a organizers, sa katay so kabar ago panalamat iran ko mga bangsa iran a da makandarainon

In Behalf of MBA-Jeddah we would like to thanks the Following:

  • #All participating teams
  • #All community leaders who attended the event
  • #All volunteers who assisted the MBA management during the event
  • #All Guests and visitors who watched the event estimated of 700 to 1K viewers in the court
  • #ABS-CBN TFC Correspondent Anthony Francis JR

We sincerely thanks our minors sponsors,

  • • Sky Freight (Basta Cargo e sky Freight mo) and they handle it best
  • • AMA on board, Amiloden "Amiel" Macagaan Abdulmadid for Board Members 2nd district Lanao Del Sur
  • • Binidayanians (BIA) under the chairmanship of Nasroden Sarip
  • • Lumbatan International Association (LIA) & Miss Amirah Miraato
  • • Shakba Makkah, under the chairmanship of Datu Samsoden Tawagun
  • • Balo-I Lanao Del Norte Muslim expatriates Ass. Under the Chairmanship of Mahadi Ali
  • • HDD, Save Lanao movement, Hatta Dimakuta Dimaporo for Governor lds
  • • OSN, Orbit Showtime Network, kung saan napapanuod ang mga Pinoy Channels at PBA
  • • Marogong Global Incorporated, under the chairmanship of Datu Ontay our co. Organizers


In behalf of the MBA management we are happy to congrats all the winners and awardees

A) 1st Match Winter Cup All Star Weak Division Lanao Del Norte VS Lanao Del Sur Exhibition Game,

Lanao Del Norte Team defeated Lanao Del Sur Team 83-72 led by Ayman Moctar and Ashary Pauto with both tallied 25 points each. The Most Valuable Player was awarded to Ayman Moctar for his rebound and prolific defense that edged Ashary Pauto.

Awards and Prizes are FF:

  • •#CHAMPION_IS_LANAO_DEL_NORTE_TEAM, they receives gold medals with logo marked as Champion, Trophy, Cash Voucher courtesy of Amiloden Macagaan Abdulmadid Number #2 in the Ballot for board member in the second district of Lanao del sur.
  • •#FIRST_RUNNER_UP_IS_LANAO_DEL_SUR_TEAM, They received Silver Medals with logo mark as first runner-up, Trophy
  • • MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IS AYMAN MOCTAR, He received PBA Jersey courtesy of OSN, Medal and Trophy
  • • BEST COACH IS ALINADER DAKSLA, he received Trophy and gold Medal


B, 2nd Match Winter Cup All Star Strong Division MBA Jeddah VS MPBL-Makkah & Taif Exhibition Game

MBA Jeddah All Star bagged the crown after routing MPBL-Makkah & Taif 108-88. The former Balbin Jets out of UE Warriors the Veteran Forward Aya Guro powered the Jeddah Stars with 24 points followed by Ryan Aguam with 23 points. The Most Valuable Player awarded to Aya.

Awards and Prizes are FF:

  • #CHAMPION_IS_MBA_JEDDAH_TEAM, they receives gold medals blue ribbon with logo marked as Champion, Trophy, Cash Voucher courtesy of Amiloden Macagaan Abdulmadid Number #2 in the Ballot for board member in the second district of Lanao del sur.
  • #FIRST_RUNNER_UP_IS_MPBL_MAKKA-TAIF, They received gold Medals green ribbon with logo mark as first runner-up and Trophy
  • #MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IS AYA GURO, He received PBA Jersey courtesy of OSN, Medal and Trophy
  • #BEST COACH IS ALINADER DAKSLA, he received Trophy and gold medal


C) 3rd Match Winter Cup Season Finals Saguiaran VS Balo-I Knights the championship game Weak Division,

Balo-I Knights stole the crown for the defending champion after sweeping Saguiaran 86-75 in the final game 2 of a twice to beat advantage of Saguiaran. The knights led by the husky point guard Rahil Amanoden with 25 points big time performance for a sticky and suffocating defense assigned by the defending champion.

Awards and Prizes are FF:

  • #CHAMPION_IS_BALOI_KNIGHTS_TEAM, they receives gold medals with logo marked as Champion and Giant Gold Trophy,
  • #FIRST_RUNNER_UP_IS_SAGUIARAN_TEAM, They received Silver Medals with logo mark as first runner-up and Giant Silver Trophy
  • #MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IS RAHIL AMANODEN, He received Black Jersey courtesy of OSN, Medal, Trophy and Certificate
  • #BEST CAOCH IS FAISAL MASNAR who received Medal and Certificate
  • #SECOND_RUNNER-UP IS KALAWI TEAM, They received Trophy
  • #THIRD_RUNNER-UP IS ALPHANS TEAM, they received Trophy





In Behalf of Western Region Community Organizations, MGI, LIA, SHAKBA, BIA, EWATON, DIWAN, BALOI, we would like to Congrats and two thumbs-ups to MBA management headed by Commissioner Khalid Marmay, Co Commissioner Sultan Ansary Magongcar, Nassef Tamano, Nassef Abdullah Engineer JB Abbas, Engineerr Arnel, Amen Datumanong, Ubaidulla Daoday, Macmilan big Mac, Hussien Macadatu, Ustadj Abdulasiz and to all Marshal during the event, Frienship Grande Amerrel lastly and very important is Hon. Al Alem Omar Amatonding of Philippine consulate who always with us since first season until now, incomparable basketball event in history, most watched Maranao sport event for basketball.

Thanks Also to, Amer Arimao, Sharif Bato Mamao the coach of LDS, Aman Bedar Solaiman, Faisal Olama, Moamar Sultan, Bryan Olama and his Boss for the machine, Alinader Daksla, Moy Ditucalan, apology if I miss names and I add later. I AM DATU ONTAY I’M JUST A CO ORGANZER AND MAJOR SPONSOR DURING THE EVENT TO MAKE MARANAO OFW HAPPY, I heartily support MBA because it was runs by a good friends..Thanks



So manga pipia paza na isorat ka an mabaloy a pangoyat ko gopun pukisalono.

Here the list of Maranao global adventurous who travelled more than 3 continents, 30 and 50 countries and hundreds of cities around the globe for leisure, fun and to earn more knowledge, nominination for top 15, Maranao global travelers is accepted to keep this record in Ontay & Marogong.Net 

  • #1 Arata Wata USA
  • #2 Yiyi Bee USA
  • #3 Suharto Oman
  • #4 Datu Ontay KSA
  • #5 Calili KSA
  • #6 Shiek Khair PH

Source: friend nomination, FB post, Photo

We still accepting nomination, Send name and number of continents, countries and cities you visited, prof is required like photos, passport stamp and videos.. 

  • ->Arata wata presently in Iceland
  • ->Datu Ontay just visited Armenia
  • ->Calili last visit London and Turkey
  • ->Shiek Khair just Visited Egypt
  • ->Suharto last Visit India and Palestine
  • ->Yiyi Bee with Arata A Wata  

Their next travel is in the bucket list still counting. The purpose of this post is to inspires others Mranao's travelers.  (More travel more knowledge, vow)



Shaik a labi of Maguindanao is the Shaik a Labi o Masiu, his descendants spread in some parts of Ranao, particular in Wato, Masiu, Gannasi, Taraka and Tugaya.

Shaik a Labi is a Grar, a royal title given to a certain person in honor for his dignity, power and wealth. The Grar Shaik a Labi is composed of Arabic and Iranun words, which means wealthy commander or commander of all commanders referring Ranao and Maguindanao.

He is connected in the sultanates of Maguindanao, Masiu, Gannasi, Tugaya, Wato and Taraka, all Shaik a labi in those mentioned areas is one.

His real name is Gogo, other tarlsila called him Gogoa, Tarsila mentioned that Sultan Alamansa Zolkarnain of Maguindanao visited Ranao and was honor to marry Mala a Bae, then they divorced and faithfully remarried to Maruhom Adel of Gannasi, begot Asirong also called Sirongan because he has two fathers or Untonga because he was lucky for having wealthy parents or Tuntona (miatuntonian so loks iyan a pior), he visited Maguindanao and they honor him as Dipatuan

this Asirong married to Patri of Masiu and begot Bae a Mala and Sharif Maupaat Amerol Umra sa Maguindanao (Amerolian clan)

While Bae a Mala sister of Sharif Maupaat married to Maulana Muhammad, his Grar is Datu Olama sa Masiu, he was the son of Maruhom Aliola of Taraka to Rambayong a Bae sa Taraka, daughter of Maruhom Palal of Ramain and Potri Maginalong a Bae sa Tanggasana a daughter of Maruhom Qahar of Raya-Wato Balindong.

Bae a Mala and Datu Olama begot Aminun and Gogo known in his royal title SHAIK A LABI, his Grar is in Masiu at the same time in Maguindanao, majority expected it SHAIK A LABI SA WATO or in GANNASI, all valid and possible.

Shaik a Labi married to Raga, daughter of Okom bzar sa Macadar to Paramata Amanding daughter of Sharif Arorao sa Taraka (moritao Arorao), begot 8 children including Mindang bae a Romapunut sa Maguindanao go Masiu,

Mindang married to Sangkad Sultan Maamor of Raya and begot Datu Dangcal Maruhom Salam, the couple was divorced and no one is able to marry Mindang due to the promised “Samaya” of Sultan Sangkad to kill anyone attempting to marry her.

Sultan Daromoyod of Wato, son of Datu sa Masiu to Potre Bae a Labi sa Baloi, attempted to marry Mindang, Sultan Sangkad refused it, Sultan Daromoyod said I will marry her wether you like it or not, her Bangsa a royal line is need to be prospers in Wato, don’t be selfish KAILANG SO BANGSA E MINDANAG ODI AKUN MAPANGAROMA, Daromoyod said.

Mindang remarried to Sultan Daromoyod of Wato and begot many children, now spread in Wato Balindong LDS, this post is to reminded the descendants of Shaik a Labi of Wato. I realized when my mom told me to research about my line of Shaik a Labi and Alhamdulillah I found it from 3 source of Tarsilas, my parents both connected to this thick blue-blood line from Wato, Maguindanao, Gannasi, Taraka and Masiu.

All Comments, suggestion are highly welcome, Datu Ontay.

Hashtags Players and Management of AMA-Marogong Basketball team, the picture is the new talents of Ontay & Marogong.Net... please watch our team in the near opening.  Click each name of the player to view his short video.


(Written by Datu Ontay)

Ayalad o Kadatu na odingka kaganati na ayaruka magodas
Pamayobay ka ranon sa mookit sa kalangas na zadoratan ka gagao sa lomalan sa marinao, ka osaimanto aya na n’didaongko a ranon so langowa kampong akun a zasangkad sa bolowan a labi mombao e bantog ka kagiya m’babatara ko dasalongo marandang ko inarkat a kota.
Kagiya miatangkud a magaandun so masa a tialaday a pasad a diangka ko parinta a oman t’lo ka mosim na maalin so sangkadan ka ana miabinandar na pudo mataragandang. Inao runang akun a panaman o ladangko na darani ka sa obay na pamunagangka datu so daptar e mamao a sumpad e Datu Ontay na pandangingka sa ilay na koropangka pandapat ka anka katontayi so romba o mindadato ko datanong a marandang.
Aya lad o kadatu na magoyod e kilangan a matag manis o ngaran a paramanis ko ingud sa kapundaorogaon o langon o kampongiyan ka dintarun a ditatap ka magaan bo kom’las na magaan komoyakas ka odingka kaganati na ayaruka magodas ka togalin sa puda tao a madait a ndatoon.
Na amaydun ka matangkud a pikulasangka kamot ka miapu’phad so sangkad, na ayatigo madaman na ilaman si mindato ka sako muna alongan a saloloy o ladiyan so sangkado salamatun na daa itoporian na daa bubuganiyan sa karamagandao sa tao na iposan ka imanto a miapuphad so sangkad ka mogalin sa ndaitan, ditadun pamuzagan ka matag maya so datu a daniyandun koropa so olaola kandatu a ropa kapagolowan ka aya tangkudiyanon na lalayonon so sonor na tatapon so rinao.
Na alongan dun imanto na mirampi ka ko sebod a komakalilid a tao na tadman a adimada o langowa runangka so (ITUTULOY)

Gowani na langon o solot sa grar na pakinug kiran aya o onor odi na so pandita ko ingud, imanto madiyang so somiolot sa grar na apia so kiabatiya-a niyan saya na dadun, labao so pumakataban sa politika, here read below

#Kandatu By Datu Ontay

Aya lalag gakenon na pamnag gangka morog ka pezana angko reka so insarat sa kandatu.

Na kagiya pen datu ka ko sominendig a inged na aya ki a kandatu na taritibang ka so tao na kompasang ka so inged: Ka ayang kaman lalaga a amay den ka makompasi a gi-i ka pagingedi ko nadalaon a inged na oba ana phakagid a magawa ko marandang a ginanatan no sarog na mada bo sa tigo tao ko mawatan a salinding na iposan ka so inged a randangan a mikhaneg na dita mi-iza-iza i inged o tongkayatao ka pendinatar o datu a kiya paginged diron na o maporeg so inged na aya pen dimaporeg so pendatu ko marandang.

Na dita miiza-iza i phoonan no tabiat a ola-ola ka randang na angka oto ayonan na pephagoman so tothol a isandiara bantog a kadarian ko inged, na peprarawataan a kiya paginged dingka ko marao-rao a tangkal na amay peman ka toman a da makompas so inged na marandang so tao ron na aya tig o madaman a so pangsi o ingud na pangsi o datuoon, naso pawing o datu na paawingo pagingud

Na o aya peman na tothol a marandang so tao ron na da madatar so inged ka sabapan ko mindatu a mikhonenta sa lalag ka da niyan den phikira a karao-rao o tangkal na ba aya khadaway so langowa kampong ka na seka i khadawayan a totoo a pendatu, ka dangka kompasa pikir e kadadatar o inged nago isapen Ayonan na aya romba o inged na o mataritib so tao na matao m’bilangatao, na o makompas So inged na sonor a kabusaran.

Na owana kanayonan o langowa tanan ka ko mimbala-bala ko ig na mada bo sa tigo tao a iposan ka so bilang a diden kadadawayan ka langowa tanda iyan na kiompas a mabitak ka babes a tongkayatao a ondas so tao, ka saden sa tanda o tao na aya tanda o bansa. click-->>READ MORE

Mranao ladies Erotic names,
By Datu Ontay Marogong

Here the most exotic and erotic names of Iranaon/Mranao in ancient time and its modern, I wonder why our G-great-grandparents name their children related to a sexual activities,

This post is collection of old exotic names of Iranaon, for open minded only and restricted to the young one, please input your comment and contribution before we post in Ontay & Marogong.Net website

In addition in the image are;


#Panodoon. Pads. Manodo
#Mangontod. Mandey Ontodan
#Mangoriod. Orie. Oriodan


Paganay ko m’bkasan so riaot akn a kunal ko sumpad sa Ranao na sumbagun akun daan so taman a katawi ko kigugupaan akn sa Dutsaan, a lalayon rakun puki iza antonai Shakba?

Aya maana Shakba na Pantag, mulagid sa kadarandang na sagit sa karaorao, (equal in quality and power) na mabibiday ko darpa nasi-I kamataani sa Ingud a Ranao,

Si-i sa Pata Pangampong a Ranao na adun a Ingud a inilanoan tano sa Shakba sabap ko totholanon a dasiran maka pulabita ago dasiran makapulawana na giyanan so dowa Ingud a pishakban e B’ngkag ago si Lakongan a sadorog a lawasaig, maana so Ramain ko sabala a lawasaig na Dutsaan ko sabala a lawasaig.

Makamput a Thotol;

So Batara sa Ramain na pagariniyan so Maayod, ago ana puda manga pagariran, oriyanian na miapangaroma o Batara so Dinganun Sirig sa Butig na mimbawata siran na Dowa (kambal) langon mama. Sa giyoto a masa na sabap ko dapun maka ilay sa moriatao niyan so Maayod na kinowaniyan so isaon na bialoy niyan a wata iyan na bitowaniyan sa B’ngkag, so mambo so Isaon na miambabawata o Batara na bitowaniyan mambo sa Lakongan,

Kaydun ko pumamangoda siran na miapamikir o Batara a Pakapundatooniyan a Panoroganan ko ingudiyan so Lakongan na mipapakaradiyaan siran na siangkadanian a Panoroganan sa Ramain so wata iyan a Lakongan. So kianugaon o Maayod na mikarata a ginawa niyan ago kiamaratabatan, kay tigiyan a ampon akun so B’ngkag na bako mambo di mapaka panoroganan ko gapa akun, na piakandatu iyan mambo so B’ngkag a panoroganan sa Dutsaan,

Giyoto e sabap so Maayod na damibilang ko pata ingud a Mala ago Panoroganan sa Mala a Bayabao ka si-iniyan inikomabali ko wata iyan a B’ngkad so kabunarian na oriyaniyan nasii mialing sa tampar sa Marawi na bitowaniyan sa Dowa Dangi Purampiay so darpa iyan sabap sa daa tigiyan a purampian akun ko B’ngkag ago so Lakongan ka samanan tigiyan na mulagid siran sa kadatu a langon Panoroganan.

Siiko kia akas o masa na bithowan a giyoto a dowa darpa sa Shakba maana piakishakban ki B'ngkag ago si Lakongan.

sopuman so kia akas o masa na aya puman mipanoroganan so manga apo Iran na Akari sa Ramain na Ulok mambo sa Dutsaan, ogaid na m’bati siran bo ka babae o Ulok so Agay a karoma o Akari.

Oriyan o kia akas puman o masa na miakatapid so bangsa a giyanan a dowa ingud ka mimbabalaya sirandun na so Sulotan sa Dutsaan a Maupaat na miapangaroma niyan so Bae a Piti-ilan sa Ramain naso kiababadan kiran na aya pusolot sa grar a pakaindagun ko Shakba. O adun a daon katarotopi na maaf bo ITATAROS.. Datu Ontay


So Ulok na miapangaroma niyan so Danding sa Maguindanao a wata o Sultan Gugu Sarikula, mimbawata siran na Sharif Bangkaya na Babae niyan so Doron a karoma o Loks a Datu sa Masiu a pagari o Balindong Bsar.

So Sharif Bangkaya na miapangaroma niyan so Amayong a wata o Akampong na mimbawata siran naso Sharif Batua ago so Maruhom Sidic sa Dutsaan. So Sharif Batua na miapangroma niyan so Tungudian Minsan a Panobaon a wata o Loks a Datu ago so Doron na mimbawata siran naso Maupaat a Sulotan sa Dutsaan, manga pagariniyan so Ampok a bae a labi sa Dutsaan, so Indowa a bae a labi sa Masiu, So Apoting a Bae a labi sa Diromoyod Lumbayanague, so Kapitan Laot Boisan, so Ampatua sa Maguindanao, ago so Adampok a Bae sa Buntong. adun puman a Salsila aso Panobaon na babae o Sulotan sa Maguindanao asi Jafar Sidic Manamer.

So Sulotan Maupaat na aya miapangaroma niyan naso Bae a Piti-ilan sa Ramain a babae o Awalozaman ago so Akhirozaman a manga datu sa Ramain, oriayaniyan naso kiababadanon na aya pupaka solot sa grar ko Shakba ko lawaig sabap sa siran e kiasombakaan o bangsa Dutsaan ago Ramain.

Here the another academic excellent from Maranao Tribe to Inspired you


Dahr Tur M. Silao who hails from Sarangani Province is half Meranao and half Ilocano. He is this year's University Class Valedictorian of Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology holding a degree of Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering.

Dahr Tur was born on May 25, 1996 at Sarangani. He was raised there with his siblings by Mr. Isabelo V. Silao Jr., a public school teacher and Halima M. Silao.

Dahr Tur is an alumnus of Kiamba National High School, Poblacion Kiamba, Sarangari. During his elementary and high school days, he was very active in both Academic and Extra Curricular Activities. In fact, he was the 2009 Class Valedictorian of Kiamba Central Elementary School receiving the Academic Excellence Award in all areas such as in Mathematics, Science, Filipino, English and Makabayan. At the same time a 2013 Class Valedictorian of Kiamba National High School. Click-->> READ MORE


Trivia (Borok)
Mranao a ikhakamotan

Borok is a Mranao traditional perfume, made from the roots of a special plant, found in the forest and some are cultivated as a source of this fragrance pleasant smell.

Borok is long lasting perfume, there are two kinds of this good smelling perfume, #BorokaDatu" for male and #Borokabae" for female, its smell last atleast one week or more. Borok usually used by a royal prince "Datu" and royal Princess "Bae" in Ranao areas those old old days.

As of this present time, borok is no longer available, due to frequents modernizations of many things including cosmitics and perfumes.

Below is my mranao poem about the bad Borok, part of my ILAT ILAT TO A PLASTIC FRIEND.


Borok a pakas'ra!
(Bad perfumes)
By Datu Ontay

Daa kasunditanon a salio sa ladangko ka bakodun minimborok e pakadadag sa iman nagoko mikakamotan e pakalangot sa mobay, ka aya sawangon sadar na dapun misarimborak e kanayo kamotiyan ka siibo sa paganay a kapukabumbarian ka kagiya ko malanggay na gokobo masarino a pakasura isagad ka dikasonsang e kado.

Borok a makadadag ka daa onotakoron e taman a kamotiyan ka omandun kasubangan na mamagoman dun e baw, na bangka kakamotanun ka kadoratan kaniyan, ka mambasa ruka a tao si maroromisung e baw a masunggi phagobayin,

Manayo sa mawatan na maolika obayin ka dingka mipagandisan sa miarumbis sa dalum ka mapia pagilayin na dingkabo mipumanis ka mialutik e sold ka borok a palilimpang.





(kapurantang a Iman) by Datu Ontay

Malo akun didaon so rinabor a mimbisa a tarambisa kunugun ka masisino taodun a ana rampana sadar a romba a ladaniyan, kagai ko malolum a somiambi so dulum ka misambi so liwanag ago so kagagawi na masasambida ilin na mabobongabong a lo’ a ginawako rinundan ka kagiya si rinabor a tarambisa kunugun na misanggoling a kamot ka miabaray a mata na dataon dun masino e taman a pagondasan o kanayo pimamotan ka somayan sa dikopor a daa itangkapiyan.

Sak’n p’man rinundan na tawantawan si ladan ka daman a tindug akun a misambiko sa lalag ka giyanatan a dayo na inawat a bolayok a inilaod a garing na rindan a ginawai a ginawako a rasay ka balagido paganay a romaranti so sunang a mapayong ako a tao na badatar o gowani a makaripus so oran na panaritipan ako, ka osa imanto aya na daman a tanan akun a mipangalang sa rundung a dikaon sarisidun ka batari kasanai a makalimogao sadar a limokun sa kamboko.

Diko irido sadar a kiarawa i ladan a didait a ranonun a dipatot rangkono-on ka somalimbago ako na mapanganon rayoon na zalin ako sa tanda na mambabanogakobo o tao a malambataon ka mapangiroy tadman, ka ayaman a tandako na bunara rawa ako na manayo pimanisan ka taluntaki ginawa so kapakilolotun ka monako mipalangka obaka pakarondan na mapurunding akongka obaka sarisidi ka tomo a malab ako obaka kawasai.

Raparap a imangko na dalundug a darumko ka manako a tiongkop sa pumbogabong a apoy ka sinokorondun ayi a dadun a kanugta a makalimogao sadar na daduna kasinota a m’ranon sa karasay ka apia so panaman a r’sa-a ngaranakun na ditakaolalungan ka mapay so niyawako na diko kaontalingan ka tiongkop a imanko na dadun a sinariyan a kaondasan a boko a ginawako a rantang.

Adadao na dalaon na inidalao ka sadar a ginawako Marogong ka riogong a kamboko a ginawako inundao na akol’n rayoongko sa ginawangka runangko a darani ka sa obay na gowakongka didawa sa kadidaw sa mimboko ka odi mugay so tohan a kadnan a dapayag na imbalingko sa baya a kararampana akun, ka bakodun kazaodi sa dalaan a maminar a mapupuromba akun ka daduna salamaton, na kanonanonawang ko a kap'ka anodakun ko lawasaig sa tangkal a daa ndodan e ladan.

Sagadita ka bunar a daa tao a marasay a badibo ka m’balasi na daa isabo a tao a mokit sa kararantang a badi mogalin sonor ka da-a mithagompia a daokit sa marasay ka aya butad o mosim na ana kagagawii na pusambi so n’daondao ka rasay ka sa paganay na sonor sa kaoriyan.. -Datu Ontay-

My Father is my best Friend;

(in the photo is my brother Major Salman, Sultan Amiel and Me with our father)

We called him “KAKA” short of kakamama, except our young brother who called him ABI, Kaka as he was like a brother to us and a good friend, siya pa ang takut sa mga anak niya at hindi rin masalita always quite. He was the eldest son of Mayor Sultan Abdulmadid Panondiongan Maruhom.  Click -->>READ MORE 


Nago was a son of Amatonding a Noni to his wife Maupaat Gayang of Maguindanao, he was one of the five Noni a noble patriarchs of Ranao-Ragat,

Nago sa Picong was the ruler of lower part of Unayang Pangampong, it is popularly known in our Tarsila as biwang-kawanan ko Batalo Pagilidan, in modern tern the coastal area of Lanao del sur. composed of the municipality of Malabang its Center and capital, its Biwang (Left portion) the municipalities of Balabagan and Kapatagan, including Matanog, Boldong, Parang, Barira in Maguindanao province. In Kawanan (Right portion) the municipalities of Picong, Sultan Naga Dimaporo and Kapatagan Lanao Del Norte. Marogong and Calanogas are dual in the system “Taritib” of Ranao and the system “Taritib” of Pagilidan. The six 6 municipalities in the coastal of Lanao del sur is the modern Pagilidan. CLICK-->> READ MORE


Datu Umbun is one of the five Noni children of Amatonding a Noni and Bae Maupaat Gayang of Maguindanao, according to some oral story the three male children of Noni supposed to be the inheritors of Sultanate of Maguindanao, they gave a way to the descendants of Sultan Kudarat instead they bed for their own Sukut the coastal area of Unayan Pangampong, Balabagan for Umbun, Tubok Malabang to Anta and Picong for Nago, their two sisters were married to two prominent Datu of Ranao, CLICK-->> READ MORE


When you heard about Masiu, there are two things comes to mind, Municipality of Masiu or the Pangampong a Masiu,

Pangampong a Masiu according to oral tradition is one of the four principalities of Ranao, it has 3 three territorials divisions under one Paramount Sultan, Poona Masiu, Lumba a Masiu and Sudupan a Masiu (west Masiu),

West Masiu is the five Ingud (Wato-Balindong, Tugaya, Kalawi, Bacolod, Madalum). Lumba a Masiu is the Municipality of Tamparan which central of Masiu Pangampong. Local historian narrated that Lumba Bayabao, Maguing and its territories are originally part of Masiu principality, it happened that the descendants of Ambobai (AMBO) bed for their own district and they included it to Pangampong a Bayabao in honor to their paternal lineage and they called it Lumba a Bayabao a ikatlo a pangampongan o Dagodob,

Taraka and Mulondo and its territories are originally parts of Mala Bayabao district, belong to the Kingdom of Rajah Dibago who was married to Bae Bathola of Mimbisa, this kingdom furthered divided to the eight children of Rajah Dibago, Namely; Ramain-Dutsaan for Batara, Dowa Dangipurampian for Maayod, Taraka for Domocao, Marawi for Gomisa, Marantao for Gomising, Suba a Buntong for Macadiar, Antanga Didagun-Montiyaan for Mayaman and Mulondo for Bae Pilimbasing,

Pilimbasing married to Sharif Manuzang of Masiu, their descendants included Mulondo to Pangampong a Masiu in honor to their paternal lineage. Domocao begot Ayowa married to Sharif Angkaya of Masiu begot Unggor father of Sarikran Balindong, it was Balindong who included Taraka to Pangampong a Masiu and made it Capital of this Pangampong.


Poona Masiu is the present municipality of Masiu, Oral history narrated that this town called Poona Masiu (starting point of Masiu) because of Mimbalay and the sacred white soil. Mimbalay is the location where Rajah Indaraptra met his Princess Raina Laut, and their house believed was formerly built in the area prior to call the area as MIMBALAY (ron Mimbalay so Rajah Indarapatra) CLICK-->> READ MORE

 Bismillah Irrahman Nirrahim
Ilmo ko bilangan o manga Nabi o Allah, SWA
Note: not Islamic lecture part of Iranaon Salsila,

 aya kadakul a Nabi na magatos ago dowapolo ago patnggibo (124,000) 
 aya mia Rasol kiran na tlogatos ago sapolo ago tlo (313) 
 aya mia aloiron sa Qur-an na dowapolo ago lima (25) 
 aya Rasol a Ulul Azm na lima siran (5) 
 aya muna Nabi ko dapun so kialud a donya na (4)
 aya Nabi a babangsa sa Arab na (4) 
 aya Nabi a pud ko m’bawataan o Ishaq “Israel” (600)
 aya Nabi a makalulubi sa pangkatan na (5)
 aya kadakul a minitoron a pangitaban na (104)
 aya Nabi a tioronan sa pangitaban na (7)
 aya Nabi a mialoi sa Isra wa Miraj a matatago ko pitolapis a langit na (8)
 aya Nabi a Paganay naso Nabi Adam AS
 aya Nabi a moripori a kathamon Nabiyeen naso nabi Mohammad SAW
(P’D SA S’MPAD E DATU ONTAY) Ontay & Marogong.Net

• Adam (AS)
• Shet (AS)
• Idris (AS)
• Nuh (AS)

• Habibullah = Nabi Mohammad (SAW)
• Khalilullah = Nabi Ibrahim (AS)
• Kalimollah = Nabi Mosa (AS)
• Ruhullah = Nabi Isa (AS)
• Najiullah = Nabi Nuh (AS)

• Ibrahim (AS) ikapito pangkat ko Langit
• Moses (AS) ikanum pangkat ko Langit
• Haroun (AS) ikalima pangkat ko Langit
• Idris (AS) ikapat pangkat ko Langit
• Yousof (AS) ikatlo pangkat ko Langit
• Isa (AS) & Yahya (AS) ikadowa pangkat ko Langit
• Adam (AS) ikaisa pangkat ko Langit

• Nabi Shet (AS) “Limapolo a Kitab” 
• Nabi Idris (AS) “Tlopolo a Kitab”
• Nabi Ibrahim (AS) “Dowapolo a Kitab”
• Nabi Mosa (AS) “Taorat”
• Nabi Dawod (AS) “Zabor”
• Nabi Isa AS (AS) “Injeel”
• Nabi Mohammad (SAW) “Qur-an Al Kareem”

• NABI HUD (AS) Ejaz & Yemen
• NABI SALEH (AS) Al Ulah in Madina
• NABI SHUAIB (AS) Midian Tabuk

• So Nabi Adam na wata iyan so Nabi Sheet, 
• So Nabi Ibarahim na wata Iyan so Nabi Ismael ago so Nabi Ishaq
• So Nabi Ishaq na wata iyan so Nabi Yacob
• So Nabi Yacob na wata iyan so Nabi Yusuf
• So Nabi Ayyub na wata iyan so Nabi Zolkifli
• So Nabi Daud na wata iyan so Nabi Solaiman
• So Nabi Zacaria na wata iyan so Nabi Yahya
• So Nabi Ismael na pagariniyan so Nabi Ishaq sa ama
• So Nabi Musa na pagariniyan so Nabi Haroun
• So Nabi Ilyas na tungudian minsan so Nabi Alyassa, magari so ama iran
• So Nabi Isa na tungudian minsan so Nabi Yahya, magari so ina iran
• So Nabi Musa na panoganganiyan so Nabi Shuaib



here the sample of Bayok a salsila, written by Datu Ontay as part of Mranao arts, attached photo is my full connection to Anta of T'bok, one of five noni, from my Paternal side,

Pagimalao ka niyat sa dika kadarondongan na samporna ka iman sa dika-kaparampangan ka osa imanto aya na zamborakan sa gagao a ranon sa kaplolot so mitatalba zaman ko datanong a marandang ka kagiya pagudarun o komarapar a oray ka bidaya mangolamba so bagabata binaning a ditanongun ko ingud sa kiambatara iyan ko sumpada maraorao, puda miabansayan so tanda o bilangatao a puda mitiyardi ko asalan o bangsa a koropan ko gogodan ka ino miabinadar ka puko mataragandang. Click ---> READ MORE



Artawan Gonawan, he is Rajah Indar Putra, popularly known Radia Indarapatra, he was the son of Sultan Nabi Bacaraman of Mantapoli from the Omayyad Dynasty of bano Abdel Sam, a branch of Quraish. Local historian narrated that he, Sultan Nabi Bacaraman / Bahraman among the rulers of India of Ottoman Sultanate, Mantapoli is somewhere in India not in Malay Peninsula, our local Panditas believed that Mantapoli is now Malaysia,

Bae sa Piyagma was the mother of Radia Indarapatra, she was the princess of Pigma a Ragat (lake) a native of Ranao who migrated to Mantapoli during the crisis that Ranao under monsters attacks, MAKAOGIS, OBANDER, OLAD TANGILA, OMAKAAN and GARODA, that produces fear or physical harm by their appearances or actions.

Local historian narrated that Sultan nabi Bacaraman learned that Bae sa Piagma was there in his kingdom and he intent to marry her in exchanged to save her people. Sultan Nabi Bacaraman and Bae sa Piagma bore Radia Indarapatra, the Sultan had other lady whom he had son Radia Solaiman,

Most Mranao are familiar about oral story, the returned of Rajah Indarapatra in Piagma a Ragat (Lake) to regain the kingdom of his mother from the hands of Demons and Monsters, the evidences of this story found in some areas in Ranao, ROCK IN KALOOCAN MARAWI split by Rajah Indarapatra, BALT ISLANDS, BATO SA UATO, MOUNT GURAYN and the cave in MIMBALAY in Masiu where he found his lady Potri Rayna Laot.

The royal title Rajah was first introduced in Mindanao thru Indarapatra, a title of princes and chieftains in India and areas of Southeast Asia once subject to Indian influenced. Followed by the royal title Datu of the datuship system during the era of Bumbaran empire, adopted from the “Datuk” of Malay Peninsula. Followed by royal title Sultan the last introduced to Mindanao thru the Ashraf of Arabia particular on the arrival of 7 Sharif in mainland Mindanao somewhere in 15th to 16th CE.

Mranao connection to Pata Datu is very essential, this is the core of our genealogy and basis of having the right to rule and govern in Iranaon areas, and unlike of other sultanates they only concentrated on the foreign connection rather than their native blood. –Datu Ontay-

Traditional Onors

Kakai Magidala,
Kakai Sinayanan
Sumpada Maradika
Salsila sa Unayan 
Ontay & Marogong.Net

My Tita Tayan is princess.

(This article is to describe shinning princess from dimness princesses in our society, response to the request of my good friends in Malaysia and Indonesia)

There are plenty of princesses in our society, majorities are dimness princesses, hundreds of them are shinning, and very few are popular due to social status in life.

How to classify princesses in Ranao?

All daughters of sultans, chieftains and traditional leaders in our society are princesses, from a noble line, respected and known in terms of wealth, power and knowledge with political connections.

The princess in the photo, middle of BIA boys is among the most popular and respected bae in our family, particular in Binidayan, Marogong, Tubaran, SND, Picong, Malabang and Bayabao also

She is Asarabae, Ashar for short, known Hadja Omaimah after she performed hadj pillar of Islam years ago, from Macabato family her maternal side, Dimaporo family paternal side and Balindong is her family name since she was formerly married to the mayor of Picong lanao Del sur. ASAR “OMAIMAH” MACABATO DIMAPORO BALINDONG her complete name.

I called her Tita Tayan, she was the great fan of Khumenei a Moro singer. Eldest daughter of late Sultan Naga B. Dimaporo, Sultan a Gaus ko Ranao-Ragat, the most feared datu and politician during his time of his first wife. The municipality of SND named after him in honor of his being a good leader.

This princess has 58 siblings, next to her eldest brother Hon. Motalib M. Dimaporo, graduated mayor of SND and incumbent v-mayor, some of her sisters are former mayors, mayor’s wife and professionals. With v-mayors nephews, mayors’ cousins, congressmen cousins, board members cousins, the Governor of lanao Del Norte is her best of friend and sister in-law.

She married to Hon. Alinader "Daghar" Balindong, the incumbent mayor of Picong Lanao der sur, whom she has number of children, one of them was the former mayor of Picong Datu Amen Dimaporo Balindong, the incumbent vice mayor of Picong is his younger son. One of her daughters is wife of hon. Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong of the first district of Lanao Del sur, young and energetic politician, son of Bae Soraya Alonto Adiong the incumbent governor of Lanao de sur and brother of the incumbent Vice Governor of Lanao del sur Bombit A. Adiong and congressman Adiong of the first district of LDS.

The wedding culmination of her daughter that is married to Omar Family, it was attended by many prominent politicians, including the vice president of the Philippine those time (Binay) and numbers of senators, to mentions some, Senator Migs Zubiri. These political connections are not to raise her chair, for me to classify brighter princess from dimness princesses in our society.

She is the incoming Bae a labi a Gaus ko Ranao-Ragat, (Insha Allah) her late father was the first sultan a Gaus ko Ranao Ragat, her brother is the next sultan a Gaus of Ranao-Ragat, Gaus meaning power and wealth.

The princess loves travel and tour, she reached Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai and KSA, the use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be. For me travel is passion not profession but great profile.

Datu ontay connection to princess Asar:

Her late father SND is first cousin of my grandfather, the late Sultan of Marogong Panondiongan Abdulmadid Maruhom, (ama Pangcoga brother of ina Borngao). My grandmother Patalan Dimaporo is first cousin of her Father SND (ama Dangcogan Sultan sa Wato brother of Ama Dimaporo sultan of Binidayan). Her Son Datu Amen married to Bael first cousin of my mother in Repor and Guiling clan in Masiu. The wife of his brother Hon. Motalib in the good name of aunt Emelda “Mimie” Lanto Macagaan Dimaporo is the first cousin of my mother (ama Musa brother of Ama Gamon Macagaan) many connections to mention. Tita Tayan Lady Pidy in FB is one of my favorite aunts; she is down to earth and makilolotn and friendly too. -Datu Ontay-


Osaimanto aya na mikadakul ko ranao so boklog a montiya na mindakul ko Iranun so dayamon di m'ranti, na ditaon bobokl'n nadita rorombikit'n ka ana sigay malano a pakasirang siriin ko kanayo sinarian.


Mohammed Salic is Mranao pride
First Filipino Vilecdictorian in


Mohammed Salic Ameril is Maranao, born in Saudi Arabia but raised in Marawi City, Philippines, he was granted for schollarship to King Saud University in Riyadh, he made it to the top in Arabic linguistic institute, the University has many brilliant students from different countries, it never happined in the university's history where a filipino student nailed the top spot.  


 My blue blood from Angnie of Madalum to his grandson Sultan Danggao of Riray, connecting to Datumulok of Tugaya,


Riray is remote area, located at the highland with a low temperature, upper of barangay Gadongan in Madalum Lanao Del Sur, near to the peak of mount Gorayn to the boundary of Munai in Lanao Del Norte,

This area is of one of the regular barangays of Madalum LDS. Accordingly; it became minor sultanate during the time of Datu Danggao of Madalum who bed his own agama sultanate,

Datu Danggao was the founding Sultan of Riray, followed by his son and grandson Kabago and the descendants of Kabago are the reigning Datus and Baes of this area,

Am I connected to the Sultan of Riray?

Due to my strong interests in researching the genealogy of Ranao, I received 2 versions of “Gogod” a portion of Salsila, stating the moriatao Angnie of Madalum particular about Datu Guinal of Gadongan, and then I quoted the moriatao Sultan Danggao. I was surprised; the people of Riray are close relatives of my family in Binidayan LDS.

I open my Kirim to double check the gogod and here come into my mind that my longtime research about my Bangsa in Tugaya is connected to Madalum. Here my version, please read maybe we are relative too.


I start from Sandab of Johore, first married to Labiolan of Dolangan, aunt of Datu Pundoma of Butig, bore Princess Lapuan, married to his first cousin Datu Okho of Butig who was a son of Pundoma to Umpas the sister of Sandab, begot Dima-Alip of Maguindanao and Sittie Adir of Masiu. Their half-brother was Dianaton Naim of Butig. -->> READ MORE


Ampaso, he was the son of Baodi a woman chieftain of Binidayan daughter of Daisalong of Masiu and Ameladen Macapundag, a chieftain and propagator of West Unayan Pangampong. His father was Maupaat Barao, brother of Sultan Iskandar Dolkarnain of Sulu - Maguindanao were sons of Pazaolan unrecognized sultan of Sulu who contested the father in-law of Sultan Kudarat, Andasaolan in the book of Dr. Majul.

Ampaso was a great Ulama, he is known Auliya due to his devotion to Islamic faith, and his parents married him first to Laboyoan of Wato daughter of Datumaas and Daki the sister of Balindong Bsar of Masiu,

Ampaso married also to Amot of Madalum, daughter of of Datu Alomai to princess Angni sister of Balindong Bsar of Masiu,

Ampaso went to Uyaan their guest to the Islamic event in the area then he was honor to marry princess Mainad the only daughter of Pipis a Datu and bae Motiya of Kapatagan, Pipis a Datu is a son of Arun sa Poktan son of Dianton Naim of Butig and that Motiya was a daughter of Salaginto of Butig to Labiya of Monai and Mala a Bayabao sister of Angoyao.

Ampaso is the younger brother of Pondag of Binidayan and elder brother of Sayawa of Binidayan, during his married life he stayed much of his time in Gadongan Madalum and Uyaan to manage his Madrasa and small mosque, at this time Ampaso clan has many Ulamas and Alems and Alemas. maybe due the blood connection to Apo Ampaso, most of the ruling political clans in Lanao del Norte and second district of Lanao del Sur are connected to Ampaso clan by blood relation, -Datu Ontay-


(Igma and Taritib do not allow you to marry your Mahram, the basis is Qur-an and Hadith)

A woman’s mahram is a person whom she is never permitted to marry because of their close blood relationship (such as her father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc., and her son, grandson, great-grandson, etc., her paternal and maternal uncles, her brother, brother’s son and sister’s son), or because because of radaa’ah or breastfeeding (such as the brother and husband of the woman who breastfed her), or because they are related by marriage (such as the mother’s husband, the husband’s father, grandfather, etc., and the husband’s son, grandson, etc.).

Male mahram: wife, mother, paternal grandmother, maternal grandmother, paternal great-grandmothers, maternal great-grandmother, paternal aunt, maternal aunt, half or full sister, sister’s daughter, brother’s daughter, sister’s granddaughter, brother’s granddaughter, mother in-law, wife’s mother, wife’s grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, wife’s daughter, wife’s granddaughter, wife’s great granddaughter, adopted daughter, wife of your father, wife of your son, wife of your grandfather, wife of your grandson, wife of your great grandson, wife of your great grandfather. These mentions connections is not permissible for a man to marry, all of this are close blood connection and they are the immediate members of your Family.  For more details read Soorat al-Noor,” [al-Noor 24:31].

the woman’s male mahrams by ties of blood, as stated clearly in this aayah or inferred by it are as follows:

1- the woman’s forefathers, no matter how far back the line of ascent goes through her father and her mother, such as her father’s forefathers and her mother’s forefathers. As for her husband’s forefathers, they are her mahrams by marriage, as we shall see below.

2- her sons, which includes her children’s children, no matter how the line of descent goes and whether they are descended from males or females, such as her sons’ sons and her daughters’ sons. As for her “husband’s sons” mentioned in the aayah, these are the husband’s sons from other wives, and these are her mahrams by marriage, not by blood, as we shall see below.

3- her brothers, whether they are her brothers through both the mother and father, or through the father only or the mother only.

4- the children of her siblings, whether they are descended through the males or females, such as the sons of her sister’s daughters.

5- paternal uncles and maternal uncles. They are mahrams by blood even though they are not mentioned in the aayah, because they are like parents and are regarded by people as having the same status as parents, and a paternal uncle may be called a father. -Datu Ontay-



Some people of Ranao have blood connections either to Sultan Barahaman of Maguindanao or to Sultan Kaharuden Kuda of Maguindanao, both sons of Sultan Dundang son of Sultan Kudarat,

in this chart is the core line of Kudarat to Sultan Kuda, his name written in Ranao Salsila “Ukodai” to the present generations of Ranao, as per the short story of our Panditas in Masiu, Sultan Ukodai sometime visited Ranao particular about Bansayan and Masiu to secure ties between the datus there so that he had a feud with the sultan of Sulu (Sahabuden) who was supported by his nephews Barahaman sons,

Sultan Ukodai let his grandson married to a royal bae in Ranao, from that time he became close to the people of Bansayan and Masiu, but sadly he was slain by the soldier of Sulu Sultan,


He was a younger brother of Barahaman and was sometimes known as Jamal ul-‘Azam. He also assumed the title of Amir ul-‘Umara as well as that of Maulana. His reign was contested by two of his nephews, the sons of Barahaman. To make more secure his authority, he asked the aid of the Sulu Sultan Shahab ud-Din who came over to Simuay where Kuda held court. A misunderstanding as well as bitterness due to a long standing feud brought about a pitched battle between the Sulus and Maguindanaos. In the struggle, the Sulu Sultan personally slew Kuda. This event took place on August 10, 1702.


In this Chart, Putri Daki, Dakiran in longer name was married to her first cousin Datumaas son of his Aunt Kayowa to Sandor of Baloi and begot, Labioan, Rakimala, Karilola of Wato, Laboyoan sa Malaig, Apero, Labioan married to Ampaso of Binidayan begot Asamat, Asigid, Aginto and Anol. Karilola married to his first cousin Bansao begot Rlaola the first sultan of Wato.

While Putri Tarangni also known Amiyak married to Umbarangay Alanak of Madalum begot, Bansao, Apindok, Doron and Lawango. Bansao married to Karilola of Wato and begot Sultan Rilaola, Bae sa Paigoay Simpay, Punginarun and Bondayo. Sultan Rilaola married to Bae sa Marigay daughter of Nanak of Bayang begot, Maruhom Jaman Mitukur, Maruhom Sarip Mipukur, Maruhom Raja Buyaan Mithonong, their sister was Maruhom Bae sa Osonan who was married to Sultan Diamla Alam of Ramain begot the 6 children. Sultan Rilaola married also to his first cousin Patao daughter of His uncle Lawango begot Bae sa Wato was married to Maruhom Sidic of Bayang Diwan son.

While Gaongki married to Raja Obangkil of Linuk son of Danam of Bacolod and Digoa Zaman, begot, Lading Habibala and Datu sa Linuk, Lading Habibala married to Paramata Saimbo daughter of Sarikran Balindong begot, Aminula Amanula, Maufaat and Bae Ayo who was mas married to Amtak a Loks a Datu sa Tugaya,

While Umaga Loks a Dato married to Doron sister of Sultan of Dutsaan both Children of Datu Ulok of Dutsaan to Putri Danding daughter of Sultan Gugu Sarikula of Maguindanao to the Princess of Sulu. Umaga and Doron Begot Amini, Bayo and Kundaolan who was married to Maruhom Dialaloden Datu a Cabugatan of Masiu begot, Balindong Aman, Maruhom Aliola, Balindong Salam, Balindong Hidayatula and 4 princesses –Datu Ontay-

If they try to put you down, don’t let someone to dim your light, so simply it’s shining their eyes, keep smiles and go on with your happy life. –Datu Ontay-




There were people in the Philippines who are not familiar with Samira Gutoc. My College of Law Batchmate, her father-career Ambassador, my former Boss at DFA Manila, My extended family. A repost from Atty. Maisara Dandamun-Latiph:

I have known Samira since College (more than two decades). I also know her parents: the soft spoken, humble and kind the late former Ambassador Candidato Gutoc ( I miss Uncle already) and her business tiger mom Dra. Tomanina Ali Gutoc. They raised Sam to be a humble, caring and excellent human being whom loves learning and helping.

She is the eldest of their family who are all professionals, lawyer, doctor, businesswoman and banker. She could have easily been a lawyer but opted to be a journalist where her heart lies. They were raised in a family where excellence and service to the people were the core values.

I remember Sam telling me that her mother is a strict disciplinarian who taught her to study hard (she graduated Valedictorian) and her father a diplomat who was self-made man who has earned so much respect amongst the Muslim community for his services. Despite their relatively high status in life Sam attended to the needs of our Muslim community in Quiapo, Culiat, Taguig and lately Marawi where she settled 15 years ago to fully serve and help build a better society for us and all in her capacity as volunteer.

Sam, as we fondly call her grew up abroad. Her English was impeccable, and her leadership was unsurpassable. Since our youth she never gets tired of advocating for our rights as minority, several organizations and publications (Arellano Law Gazette, Suara Kabataan) owe their existence and creation because of her. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, she gave everything leaving nothing for her own. She is perhaps one of the most selfless human being I have ever known.

For her outstanding public service, she was awarded a TOYM which is a rarity for us. She was awarded a Chevening Fellowship Award in Oxford for her Journalism by the British Embassy. ARMM Sectoral Assemblywoman for her work on women. She worked untiringly as full time volunteer in Marawi for Kazalimbago Movement a multi-sectoral organisation dedicated to improving the peace and order in Lanao. For her work, she was nominated and appointed lately to the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) for her peace advocacies. I can go on about all her achievements but this space is not enough.

If there is anything that stands out the most its her ability to make leaders of us all. Almost all our young leaders who are now excelling in their fields where somehow influenced or inspired by Sam. For me, this is the hallmark of leadership, when you inspire others to be a leader themselves.

It really pains me when Sam gets hurt by unfounded words, yes we may have had our differences but we remain the best of friends’ nay sisters even. So, please for those who do not know Sam, I hope you spend some time with her by then you will truly know how it feels like to have your spirit uplifted by a person, and hopefully one day you too may be inspired to become a person who works hard for the betterment of others.




Aidao sarog a ganding na itogalinta so tig ka inidalao ki ladan ka miathey dun a ndao na mialanggay a mosim a daakun kadidawa ko montiya ko subangan a bolawan pilombayan, ndao rasay ranonan na ino-ino mangaday na ino mangaday ladan a masasawang so tangkal a kampong a disulugun a damasangka paganay ka andang a kabusaran a pangandag o iranon a pandi o Piparasan,

Banda aya bunar a inoka masansara ka sabapan ko pangingud a lomionto sa dosa, naso langowan a taoron na misasakoya siran ko panginam ko dunya ka-an masalimbatog, naso puman so datuon na tialaday a nunga ka asara mipapantao na daa iraramagandao,

Sukapuman matantao a koray a makabungkas a tolos a damarundan na naino rasay ka a mithapi ko sansara ka baari di matangkud a adun a samporna a ron tanoron pagingud na godun o malab ka agoka dalong ko gabun ka anka ditanto rasay,

Sipuman si Biongao a salindagao a datu ko bumbaran o alongan na sanaan di sanaan ka makadorat e lalag a ka siibo sa ilano na miangasi ko ngaran a domioti ko ranao a DUTE o pangampongan, ka badun mamis e lalag na daa rarantukiyan, ka ilayangka so ranao a dansalan o muranao e miapuromba iyan ko masa o makadoti ka riyatiyonaniyan so kadandana o Iranon. –Datu Ontay-


Alhamdulillah and Congratulations to

He is Mranao pride and one of our young models to inspires our youth to struggle and study harder and harder to reach the higher rank in the school and be a professional someday. As per our history, he is the 3rd Mranao Summa Cum Laude after Mr Aiman Cairoden BS Bilology Summa Cum Laude of MSU-MAIN 2013, Mr Arman Ali Ghodsinia BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Summa Cum Laude of UP-Deliman 2017, Then Mr Mubarak Macabanding Paingco BS Biology Summa Cum Laude of MSU-IIT 2017. We are still hoping for more Mranaos Summa cum Laude soon Insha Allah, Congratulations   


A person who has extra-ordinary mind, good heart, religiously devoted and has unique principles in life, he is known for his intelligence yet down to Earth. This is how I describe my arikulay whom I always believe since the very beginning that he has actually the potential to become the Institute Class Valedictorian. He is indeed an epitome of person having an extra-ordinary intellectual mind.

He is a native of Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte but grew up in Iligan City wherein he spent his Elementary education. He was born on July 11, 1996 at Iligan City. Mubarak was still in tender age when his mother died, but he has been throughout the way of getting so far despite lacking of supervision from a mother. He was raised with kindness, diligent and faithful by his father and grew up with his siblings. CLICK-->>READMORE




Arman Ali Ghodsinia will graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology summa cum laude. His weighted average is 1.176. The university announced that Ghodsinia was chosen to deliver the speech on behalf of the graduating class. 25th June 2017

Born and raised in Manila, Ghodsinia admits that he has very little recollection of the one time he went to Marawi when he was still a child.

It was his mother who was originally from Marawi, but she later came to Manila and met her future husband, an Iranian national who later became a naturalized Filipino.

“I really want to go back there,” Ghodsinia said when asked if he wants to visit his relatives after the conflict is over. “Half of who I am came from Marawi.”

“He was clear of course that he was proud of being a Maranao, “UP Diliman is very proud of him – an iskolar ng ummah (the Muslim community), an iskolar ng bayan,” he added.

Even before receiving top awards at the UP graduation, Ghodsinia has already reaped numerous recognitions for his research on genetic mutations tied with cancer. 

Ayadun a mala ini tiyoba sa Ranao na giya kindagangun sa Shabu:
Ayadun a mala a minimorka ko mga tao sa Ranao na sabap ko onga o Shabu:


• Paganay na so pud ko manga bae a Meranao na inindagangiran a lawasiran “Prostitution” ka ansiran makapirak sa ipamasa iran sa Shabu “#Drug addict”
• Ikadowa na mit’kawa sa Ranao sabap sa so daa mipamasa niyan sa Shabu na mianolis ago miamanukao sa tamok ago kapanganiyaya, ‘”#Thieves
• Ikatlo na so tao a piaka pag-pusher odi na piakandagang o tao sa Shabu na amay ka diniyan kasukatan ka daa kibayadiyan na biono iyan badun, “#Killings
• Ikapat naso Padagang sa Shabu na aya mala adi ndagang sa 5’6 odi na 5’7 katobo na giyanan so pimorkaan o Allah. “#Riba
• Ikalima naso mga pud a Datu sa Ranao na aya kiamayoriyan odi na kia datu iyan na sabap sa poon sa arga a Shabu a pinggastoniyan, “#NarcoPoliticians
• Ikanum na Pimorkaan o Allah so panoborno, so kominowa sa soborno, so kia okitan o soborno ago so darpa ron siran misobornoa, m’lagid saya so kandagang sa shabu sobornowan so datu ago police ago military ka protection ko Shabu busness, lagid o kapasa sa boto igira a election. “#Bribery
• Ikapito na kiarawan bono o miadrag so loksiyan, pagariniyan, tungudiyan, ginawainiyan ago lolotiyan sabap ko miabinasa a otukiyan a Shabu. “#mentaldisorder
• Ikawalo na Madakul a miaka piya e paras so walayniyan, ago mapia e trak sabap sa arga a shabu na pisisigiyaan na diniyan mambo tatagoon sa ginawaniyan so tonganay niyan kaykon a mala e tamok “#HighProfile
• Ikasiyao na madakul a mikambayadan adi susukata sa tamok na aya poonaniyan na mikokowa siran sa arga a Shabu. Pushers and Users, “#indebted to”
• Ikasapolo na so arga shabu na inioman ko inimbalay sa Masgit, Madrasa, Toril, ago inipunaykadi o siran a manga padagang sa Drug. “#Hypocrisy

Adunpun a madakul a marata inionga o Shabu sa Ranao, na giyaya na odi masiyap o mga datu sa LDN, LDS naso rarangit o Allah a Morka na lalayon a kitoparakiyan ko madakul a tao na puka rambit so paka pipiyaaniya a ginawaniyan.

Ya Allah na pakadaagangka so mimbabayorantang ruka ago siyapangka so magiinontolan, ruka, ya Allah a ponasangka sa giya liyawow o Lupa so siran a mitaridadag ago miangarasi ko liawao o lupa sa dadun a lamba angka kiran a isabo. Ameen 


We are knocking the door of your golden heart to please support and save the children of Marawi for any amount of money from the bottom of your heart or any goods, kindly contact the e-mail below and look for my younger brother Amiloden M. Abdulmadid in iligan city,  for Saudi kindly drop it to any sky Freight Branch and look for Acmad M. Madid, Thanks you for your help.

E-mail 1tabangsamarawi@gmail.com, Tel.# 063-492-1407 look for Amiloden M. Abdulmadid Philippine, for Saudi base donors kindly contact acmad.madid@gmail.com contact 00966-12-665-9635 and look for Acmad M. Madid.

To all the Guests and followers of this humble website, Ontay & Marogong.Net

Please be aware to one of the new created sultanate league here in Ranao, my source informed me that they are manipulating the existing AMANAT Igma and Taritib of pangampong a ranao by making wrong Mbabaya sa Taritib, wrong Panoroganan and they created many sultanates which are no basis from the Salsila of Ranao for them to secure immediate positions in the Duterte administration,

Guys, before the creation of that league and before they became synthetic sultans, our website Ontay & Marogong.Net already created more than ten years to enlightening the new generation of Mranao about the Amanat “IGMA AND TARITIB” we double our efforts to posts the correct information’s about Amanat, Salsila and history for us to maintain the significance of story, culture and the accurate Taritib of our sultanates.

Their name is 100% wrong; they used the word LANAO which is no basis of the Salsila even in the History of our sultanates, we Mranao and Iranaon our name are derived from the word RANAO, and Ranao is our official Identity, it is very clear that they are hoax in a sense that they are blind to the correct history of our society,

Lanao is a misnomer and inaccurate use of term, Maguindanao people always pronounced letter R of L, which is the reason Ranao became Lanao and Iranon became Ilanon,

I will share with you short story early in Facebook 2008. The son of late mayor of Siasi in Sulu sent me an e-mailed and private messages requesting to delete my website and call our sultanate copy-cat of no basis and “PIPIS” uncooked, he said our area called LANAO because his ancestors “gg-father” call Lanao the area where his slaves came from, utosan sila para magdala ng LANA “gas” and there was depository of Lana in his sultanate and he call it LANAON,

The Kastilas of Zamboanga called us Lanao as what they heard from the people of west Mindanao where they bought the slaves call LANAO, so that our late sultans selling slaves they captured from the battles, now look at the manga PIPIYA a tao sa Ranao, they are happy and comfortable calling their league with Lanao, kasi government ang sinunod nila which it very clear that our government still against Muslim and we are still victim of historical injustice,

My points is this blind sultan, kindly study the Igma and Taritib, you are treats to the Amanat of our forefathers, Raya is representative of Pondag of west Masiu, how dear you to remove it from the panatirib sa Ranao, what is your authority in changing the amanat?, makamorka ruka so bangsami sa Raya ago sa Wato, -Datu Ontay-

Take note: before the introduction of Sultanate in our area, our place called Kianranda a Ragat, followed by Tiongkop a Layagun, Followed by Orang Timor, followed by Polo Diawa, followed by  Iranon Piparasan a Ranao Pipandaraan, Followed by Tlo a minibit sa bawangun a ikapat so Baloi, due to the demand of Datu Timbul Ali of Baloi, our forefathers and sultans agreed to call our area Pat a pangampong a Ranao a Sakub o Batalo Pagilidan go giya Maguindanao, then our traditional singer “ONOR” in a bayok called us pat a pagadilan ko Ranao,  now tell me where is the word LANAO? -Datu Ontay-


Adun a marata ruka a aya ruka mapia, ana mapia ruka aya ruka marata, oriyan o marugun naso malubod, o aya iputagompia a Ranao na so martial law na Alhamdulillah, opuman o batanodun kabinsai na giyoto na tupung o Allah ko malaon e paratiyaya ago tiyoba o Allah ko manga baradosa agoso di pamaginontolan

Please respect and support the ongoing martial law in Mindanao.

NOTE: giya website na dapasin a kabar iyan mipantag ko masa kapapantag sa Marawi ka pananggila oba ana matharo ami adi makaaayon ko miangolaola ago kaluk ami oba kami maka kabar sa dibunar -Admin-

Note: aya wata sa mama o Pondag so Abantas, na ayapuman wata sa mama o Abantas so Maruhom Cahar, ayabo puphaka tindug a m’babay sa taritib ko moriatao Pondag sa Masiu ka sabap sa wata sa mama, oriyaniyan naso walo ka loks a manga wata o Kahar na piagayonayonan niran a ayabo a pukasulotan sa Raya ayadun so Nanagun ago ayabo puphaka tindug a m’babaya sa Taritib sa Masiu ko kabunar o Pondag so 4 pat a wata o Saber sa Radapan, sabap ko kiasahidiyan sa sukaniyan e paganay a masahid a Sulotan a paninidug sa Ranao, kamorkaan so siran pamagalinuniran so andang a taritib ka pumbabago siran sa taritib a kunaba amanat o manga loks, kamorkaan so siran a pagagaon niran so adat o pudiran sa makamorka kiran so bangsa o Maruhom Cahar sa Raya sa tao a makarimpason a bago a datu.


Giya e Poem ko dingginawai odi na ndarodopa a so kialanggay o masa na miakalobay so girankangginawai, this Poem dedicated to all lovers out there.

(FOREVER) –Datu Ontay- 

Amay ko mitalingoma So masa
a dadun a babaya aka rakun
Na tharo angka rakun sa maliwanag
A dadun a kababaya aka rakun
Ka inikagowad akongka dun
Ka ana pukababayaan ka a salakao 

O pangninka rakun a pitas ta
Na apiya pun mibobolog
So mala a babaya akun ruka
Na tigurun akun sa apia masakit
Na pasionot ako ko manga kabaya aka 

Ipusamaya akun ruka habibikolay
A di akun suka pusasambiin sa pud
Sa apiyako maribon ko mawatan a ingud
Na sukadun e tago ago onga a puso akun
Sukabo e lalayon sa pikir ago sa ginawa 

Opuman o bakaniyan m’bulaga
Ka inikagowad kaniyan mambo
Ka dadun a ranon iyan ruka a maito
Na o kabaya aka makambalinga nata
Na tharo angka rakun  sa ng-gagaan
Sa makakasoyata sa dayon sa dayon


MGI Trippers took refreshment at Wadi Gazal Resort on top of the mountain near to giant mountain Al Qarnayt, May 04,05 2017,

This Resort is located on the high hilly area of Wadi Gazal village, north-east of Al Shafa town, about 30 kilometers from the city of Taif, the valley is mountainous and cool most of the time (3000ft above sea level) going to the top of the mountain need low gear and make sure to fasten your seat belt for safety

Property consists of villas and suites with views of the majestic mountains. All units include a dining and seating area with a flat-screen TV. Fully fitted kitchen with stovetop and refrigerator and bathrooms are available in all units. Some villas feature private pools

This Trip is part of MGI bonding and activities, thanks to the manager of the resort for their kind welcome and Insha Allah we will come back for more fun in the resort


(So Katharo sa Padil na kapangilat, dika githaro sa daa paka aantapan kaon, pupagosayin kaso dikaon kasosomayodan na adun a sunadiyan a ditanto makarororad ko tao a p'galitan ko lalag) katii so pimbalan akun a padail a makamput matag aya ibarat sa daa paka aantapanon, -


Dalondong a mimbantas a oray a makabinta, na inoka dindaloyong ko sarigidan minodar a moda-alay kiraban ka irarandiyar puman ko dasolimbaga tangkal so rowang o sangbaan ka pagdarun o pars ka thanana so deleon ka magonot a mabansayan ko tiyongkop a layagun ka mabaya makimamot ka pumborok sa dirompud.

Naino ditarikor e mialanggay a bantog ka badun puphagomarug e bantogan o diragun ka kagiya tanda iyan so paganay a batara a ditanongun ko inged ka bagabat o bananing a kasasalindaon niyan ka mikalipa ko subod a andanga mimbatara so domarinday ki ladan ka langoniyan raayat so sapolo ka ayonan ko sapolo ka pangampong na dita maya ndagingun ka sambatara tingagun ka k’na a kapangambar  CLICK -->>READ MORE


Assalamo Allaikom,


Giya Bacolod Grande na mapapdalum sa Bacolod-Kalawi municipality ago aya niyanian andang a ngaran, giyanan ingaraniyan a Bacolod nasii poon ko kiapamacolodi o manga tao san ko manga kuta iran ko kia-atoiran ko manga ispaniyol ago so manga mirikano ko gowani a masa ka aya miabaloy a maidan “battle field” karonon inalangan o manga tao sa Ranao so mango sondaro o sarowang,

Ikadowa tothol na gowanikon a masa na adun a pakalukluksan “Efrit” a putana sa giyanan a ingud na giyoto a biacolodaniran sa manga ator so pukapoonan a giyoto a pakalukluk a putana kiran poon sa palao a Gorain. Mia-aloi sa sumpad ago pandangan maana tothol a giya inged a Bacolod Grande na aya pagapoon san gowani na tlo, so Ampao, so Orong ago Awani, giyoto sabap adun a barangay san a Buadi Ampao, Buadi Awani, ago buadi Orong, naso sabaad a manga tao sa Bacolod Grande na aya kataoiranon na ba giyoto a tlo katao nabasiran magari-ari.


So kiapaka bisita ko manga tonaganay ami a manga taga Bacolod Grande  -->CLICK READ MORE<--

In that chart stated my blue-blood from Dangcal Maruhom Salam;

Why Blue Blood?

My Father and Mother belong to this clan, all grandchildren of Sultan Darimbang of Raya a hero of his time who was martyred in the first quarter of 19CE by a Japanese army.

Dangcal Maruhom Salam of Raya son one of the 4 Maruhoms who could ascend to the throne of Sultan sa Raya of west Masiu, belong to 28 legislative councils of Pangampong a Ranao,

13th of April 2017 is the first grand assembly of the clan , to be held in Gymnasium , Raya Wato Balindong LDS , to let new generation of the clan hear stories first-hand from their grandparents , aunts , uncles , and other relatives is a way for families to reconnect with their roots and find a sense of belonging -Datu Ontay-


Odang “aka” Maruhom Dialaloden married to Kundaolan a wata o Doron ago So Loks a Datu sa Masiu, so Doron na babae o Sharif Bangkaya sa Dutsaan-Ramain a manga wata o Ulok ko Danding sa Maguindanao a wata o Gugu Sarikula ko Bae a Labi sa Sulog, begot

  1. ·       Balindong Aman
  2. ·       Balindong Salam
  3. ·       Balindong Hidayatulla
  4. ·       Maruhom Sharif Aliola
  5. ·       Bae a Liamen sa Unayan
  6. ·       Bae a Liamen saTalob
  7. ·       Bae a Liamen sa Maribo
  8. ·       Bae a Liamen saTaporog

Aya amanat o Balindong bsar na aya Panoroganan sa Masiu ko 11 sapolo ago isa a Noni sa Masiu a manga wata iyan nasobo so Maruhom Rahmatullah ago so Maruhom Dialaloden, oriyanian naso wata o Maruhom Rahmatulla na mingrar sa Sulotan sa Samporna, naso wata o Maruhom Dialalden na mingrar sa Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu,

Miaakas so masa naso Datu Alongan a kawasa ko masa niyan na siangkadan sa Sulotan sa Masiu nagioyoto e tagna a mia Sulotan a paka i-indagun sa Masiu, oriyaniyan na miaka kuno so moriatao o Maruhom Rahmatullah na giyoto e sabap a piaka pagidala sa Sulotan sa Masiu so Moriatao o Maruhom Rahmatullah ago so Maruhom Dialaloden, imanto a masa dipurimbarimbangan so Sulotan sa Masiu ago so Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu –Datu Ontay-


Condolence to the people of Ranao for the sad demise of Mayor Sultan Topaan Ditual Disomimba , He returned to his creator this March 04, 2017, He is the reigning Sultan of Masiu and Chairman of the 16 Royal Sultans of Pangampong a Ranao, may Allah enter him to the highest level of Janatul Ferdaus without delayed .

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds for the leagcy he passed to us, they live on. Our heartfelt condolence to his Family from this Website - Datu Ontay-

Sultan sa Masiu Topaan “Tony” Disomimba re-established political connections between the Royal Houses and Manila. As a young man, he already saw the progress of his father “late vice Governor and Datu a Cabugatan of Masisu” and his Uncle late governor and Sultan of Masiu were making during that time. So when he became the Sultan of Masiu he continued that. And he also explored new possibilities by which the traditional leadership can work with the government. That is why he got so close to Arroyo, even before Arroyo, all the Presidents, with Ramos, with Cory Aquino, And now with President Duterte for the creation of Mindanao Sultanate. There were always meetings. He was always bringing his title of sultan, and his being mayor second. So when there are gatherings he will be more recognized as sultan rather than the mayor of Tamparan.

Sultan Disomimba is one of the exponents of the new movement. He was born in Tamparan Lanao Del Sur and was named after a great, great ancestor of Masiu “Amaloya Topaan” (patriarch of Pangampong a Masiu) who had married Potri Kaizadan, who herself was the granddaughter of Sharif Ka­bung­suwan by his third wife, Bae Ma­zawang.


Isa a Dibarosan sa Ranao naso dibarosaniran sa Bayang a aya kiathay niyan na inipon ko masa o Sultan Kudarat ko kiambisitaniyan sa Bayang ko 16 CE, na giyanan a ator naron moontod na oriyaniyan na tominindugun ko diniyan gi katharo sa insana ko manga Iranaon sa daluma Unayan na Samporna sa Bayang sa oba tano maakal o manga sarowang,



UNITED SULTANATES. The royal sultanates of Mindanao gather for the 1st Grand Summit of the Confederation of Royal Sultanates in Mindanao held at the Davao Convention Center on Thursday morning to express their support for the Bangsamoro peace process and federalism. In photos are Sultan Omar Pax Mangudadatu, Sultanate of Royal House of Buayan and Provincial Governor of Sultan Kudarat and Sultan Mohammad Pinandatu Uko Mluk of the Sultanate of the Grand Royal House of Kabuntalan.


Photo Courtesy of Datu Alinader Guinar Abdul

So Dibarosan na tanda ko darpa a miona piagingudan ko mona a masa sa Ranao, mainot e inged a ana matatagoon a dibarosan, aya mia-featured e Datu Ontay a Dibarosan sa Ranao, naso Dibarosan sa Sawer, Dibarosan sa Taraka, Dibarosan sa Pagayawan, Maputi a Lupa sa Masiu, na katii so isa Dibarosan a matatago sa Binidayan.

Aya kia-adun o dibarosan na “TANDA” land mark ko kianbatara, kiandato odi na tanda ko kaiisa isa o bangsa ko inged, aya dimamola sa Dibarosan naso manga barabantog a Datu gowani a masa sa Ranao, So Dibarosan na kataga a Babarosan, aya sunadiyan na sisiyapun, iipatun ka oba kabinasai odi na oba karadialaoti, tutundoon a darpa a amanat o manga apo tano gowani a masa. CLICK -->> READ MORE


Kawasatig is Public speaking (sometimes termed oratory or oration) is the process or act of giving a performance focused around an individual's direct speech to a live audience. This speech is structured and deliberate with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Kawasatig is form of public speaking, the body of the speech is genealogy - Salsila, in Meranao tradition there is certain “Adat” reward after speaker finished his speech of a certain event. -By Datu Ontay-

Here the Sample of Ka Khawasatig. 

Alinun ta so baning na itogalin ta so tig a bitiyara masukat ka ayako puman dodan so kabaroraw sa lolot a kormat ko tunganay a gagaw sa kapagingud ka miaranon ta puman ko asala bansano tano ka inoso sakun aya a kialayaman kod’n so kadidawa ko ranao sa daptaran o bontal “FB” na andang a tindug akun so kadaorog ko bansa sadiron kapulimbani.

Na malo kano lalanat na gokano rarapunut ka kagiya miathangkud a kabaya kon mulimod so moriatao Salam sa inarkat o Raya ko buadi datu Dangcal a maamor ko ewaton, ka mia-taayon siran sa indakat ko pangingud a marani ko lamalama o inged ka ayalado irayan na isa-isa sa bansa na sapoon I pasudan ka bunar ko s’ray siran ko dalinding o subangan na isabo sa pompongan na isa sa ontawaran,

na pitibaba e ladan a kidaptarun koron sa dibasa o pimbago ka basa a dirinayag sa ditanto a kasuban o malawanda e lalag ka ayalad o sabaad na dikasosomayodan ka malo rorombikitun ka puda ilano iran so ayabo tao ko Ranao. na sipuman si Marogong a Datu Ontay na mimbalawag ko ranao ka kagiya bansa niyan so Marogong na Maganding na dagodob go mimbisa, na mianagontaman ko sakodo ko bangsa sa diron kapulimbani.



Al Qadimiya is old town near in Thuwal and the city of Rabigh KSA . There is a small village mentioned in Qassida Al-Burda “Arabic classic Poems " I and the Trippers visited the lovely Valley that is mentioned in Arabic popular POEM , this poem cited that the wind came from this place to the lonely life of writer a popular Islamic scholar who was from Egypt.  CLICK -->> READ MORE




Siiko kapumbaling ami na miokit kami ko graveyard kobor o Hassan al Muthana ago so Abdullah ibn Al-muthana a mimoriatao sa manga kings sa masa imanto, sa giya post akun na adun portion san a chart ko kiababadan ko Hassan al Muthana ibn Hassan ibn Ali RA, aya panarima o sabaad nasii ko m’bawataan o Amer Hassan ibn Ali naron paka poon so Imam Al-Mahdi. Sopuman so sabaad na aya panarima-iran nasiidun pakapoon so imam Mahdi ko moriatao o Hassan Al-Muthana, sopuman so sabad na aya Iman Mahdi naso Mohammad Ali Hanafiyah a wata o Ali a miatongkop sa Jabal Radwa marani sa giya Darpa na sampay imanto na bibiyag. Sopuman so manga shia na aya panarima iran na aya Iman Mahdi naso ika 12 ko imams o manga Shia. (FYI Long discussion about this)


Si Abdullah na wata o Hassan Al Muthana a wata o Amer Hassan a wata o Ali ko Fatima Zohra a wata a babae o Nabi PBUH, aya wata o Abdulla na (1) paganay so Jaffar a pagapooniran sa Tunisia, (2) ikadowa so Mohammad ibn Abdullah pagapoon o mianga-dadatu sa Morocco ago giya kapapantagan a King sa Morocco, (3) ikatlo so Idris a paganay a mia-datu sa Morocco apo o Idris Dynasty, (4) ikapat so Sulaiman a pagapooniran sa Algeria ago giya kapapantagan a datu-iran, (5) ikalima so Musa a pagapoon o tribe a Banu Qatadah/Hashemite, siran so Sharifs of Mecca Kings of Jordan Kings of Iraq Kings of Hejaz Kings of Syria, na isaka loks ko Musa so Salih a pagapooniran sa old kingdom of Ghana.

Makamput a tothol;

Siiko masa a kiadatu o caliph Maawiya naso sabaad ko mbawataan o Amer Hassan ibn Ali na tomiogalin siran sa pud a darpa naso Hassan Muthana ago so manga wata iyan a Abdullah ibn Hassan Muthana, AL Kamil ibn Hassan Muthana, Daud ibn Hassan Muthana, Ibrahim ibn Hassan Muthana, nasii siran tomiogalin sa Yanbu naso kiapamakala o sabaad kiran na minipalat siran ko manga pud a darpa ka inipanoloniran so agama Islam na miabaloy siranon a datu.

Sopuman so Abdulla ibn Hassan Muthana na siidun miagingud sa Yanbu Nakhel naronpun mi-moriatao, so kiababadanon na minisimunga iran so Caliph a Abasid dynasty na miakatidawa siran sa fakh sa Makka na miprang siran na miawafat so pagariniyan a Mohammad ibn Hassan Muthana ago so Ibrahim ibn Muthana naso pagariniyan a Idris na mialagoi nasii miantap sa Magrabi “Morocco” naso kiapa omaniyan roo na kiatokawaniran a apo o Nabi na piaki pangaromaon o Datu sa Tangier ko tribe a Berber so wata iyan a Kenza na mimbawata siran naso Idris-II na bialoyran a Iman so Idris-I “religious leader later as Sultan” so kiababad kiran na aya mindatu sa Morocco ago giya Andalos.

Sopuman so Mohamad ibn Hassan Muthana na apo iyan so Al-Hassan Addakhil na siongowan o manga tao sa Morocco ka mbaloiniran a Imam ago sabap sa sukaniyan na apo o Rasul na baon sabapun o Allah a makala so kawiyagan sa Magrabi na siangkadan niran sa kadatu a imam sa Tafilat ko 13th CE, naso apo iyan a Sharif Mohammad na aya paganay a Datu “Prince” sa Tafilate ko ragon a 1631 naso kiababdanon na aya Alawite dynasty sa Morocco naso kiababdanon na aya ruling Family sa Magrabi Morocco na naonao niyan a giyanan a kapapantagan a King sa Morocco.

Sopuman so Musa ibn Abdullah naso kiababdanaon naso Banu Qatadah aya kalalayamiron na Hashemites, apo a giya a King imanto sa Jordan agoso late King sa Hejaz a Sharif Hussein bin Ali 1908 agoso wata iyan a Ali bin Hussein 1925 a kiasambiani King Ibn Saud. giya Yanbu na aya miakasangkapan o manga mbawataan o Amer Hassan ko kiambagu-bagur iran ko kiapaka laolad o ndatoniran sa Saudi na sialapidao siran o Ottoman Empire nagoirambo makowa a Makka ago giya Madina, Click-->> MORE PHOTOS


Giya e a tothol na dakamataani ogaid naso kianugakoron ko manga panonotol gowani na giya e tothol iran o ino p’lapai a e ig a CDO.

Gowani a masa na giya CDO na aya ngaraniyan “east and west bank of the river” na Balulang, giya ripag a lawasaig “east” na sialinan sa ngaran gowani a masa na Kayaan  “place of shame” sabap ko kiapaka khaya o Datu sa Balulang, west bank.

Mia akas so masa na aya inibuto o manga visaya sa Kayaan na Kagayhaan nasokiapaka talingoma o manga Ispaniyol na sialinaniran sa ngaran na bialoyran a Cagayan.

Si-iko kiasambi-iron sa ngaran na di akun ikadosa o ana diron kamataani, nasokon so Balulang a masla a Buwaya sa giyanan a lawasaig na kiararangitan na somioba sa sa lilod na pimbalawaganiyan a lawasaig na miarun so kaputoga iyan sa tomampar sa ragat na mika piraon gawii na mbabalawaganiyandun, nagomambo matabo a mikilakilat na mindadalundug na mioran sa mabagur sa miaka salongan na lomipay so ig sa daluma a Kagayhaan.

Sabap roo na miaka awida akal o manga datu sa Kagayhaan na piaki ilayran sa rimaran ino ditoga so lawasaig na aya miatharo sa rimaran na pimbalawagan o Balulang so lawasaig na dion pagawa taman odi kasambii sa ngaran a Cagayan,

Sabap roo na siompataniran so Cagayan sa De Oro sa paka a-antapun ki Balulang a maana a giya Cagayan na ruk e De Oro a sukaniyan si Balulang a bolawan so likodiyan, na inipoon ko kiasambiiron sa ngaran a Cagayan de oro na gominuk mbalawag sa lawasaig si Balulang a tonong a bolawan kon e likod,


Siiko ragon a 1993 nasii kami mialing sa CDO naron ako miagiskewala na kamamataanan akun a miaka piradun lapay a ig a CDO, 1994 na lipayan a Gusa-Cogman sabap ko katalagman a mia odod sa kapuroan na miaanod sa ragat na langona manga inisagadiyan a walay na miaguba ago mia anod so pudon sa ragat,

so manga land slide, so n’do a Sindong, na imanto na ika 16th ko January 2017 na liapayan puman a CDO sabap ko mabagur a oran na dika anod nggagaan so ig sa tampar sa ragat ka dimulakay ago di kamin sa lawasaig a CDO na malombat a kapuka anodiyan, ikadowa na sabap ko mindakul so walay sa CDO ago mia siminto so manga darpa ago manga lalan na disunup sa lupa so ig a oran na pukioman ko puka anod sa lawasaig na ron puki sabap kapulapay o ig sa kaingudan.

So manga comments sa FB na kalilid a sumbagiran na inipoon ko kipulalakaoniran ko Nazarino ko manga piesta iran na siyayananiran a Manila na mindakul so manga tioba a minisogat sa CDO sabap ko rarangit o miangadun, ikadowa na mindakul a tanto so kadostaan o manga tao sa giya darpa a darpa o andang o manga maga agama sa Islam.

Ino mabagur so oran sa CDO ka pud ko ingud a Oranun naso oran na matimo na rana-ranao, na matago ko matitikop a darpa na dimbaloy a Ranao a mala, giya Iligan na pud sa Oranun a giyanan so Ranao a imanto a masa na LDN & LDS. –Datu Ontay-  


Aya pagilanoan sa manga Sharif naso M’bawataan o Nabi PBUH, sabap ko gi-kapakatompok o manga bangsa na kunaba siibo ko Caliph Ali ibn Abi Tholib ‘RA” e pimbangsaan o pito a Sharif ka so Saydona Abu Bakr Siddiq “RA” na misosombakon so bangsa o sabaad ko manga Ashraf. 

Aya maana Sharif na “Noble” mapia e bangsa, aya plural o Sharif na Ashraf, siiko manga Sunni na ayabo a pagilanoan sa Sharif nasobo so kiababadan ko mbawataan o Amer Hassan ibn Ali, naso mbawataan o Amer Hussayn ibn Ali na Sayyid, aya maana Sayyid na “Highborn” maporo e pangkatan.

Siiko kiatabana ko manga Sharif sa Makka ka mia-agaw o manga taga Najd so ingudiran na aya inibutho ko mbawataan o Amer Hassan ago Amer Hussayn na SAYYID, so manga SHIA na aya ipumbutho iran ko mbawataan o Amer Hassan ago Amer Hussayn na Habib “LOVE ONE”

Siiko manga Bae na Sayydah, Sharifa, Alawiyah, siiko masa o Ali ibn Hussayn (ALI ZAINOL ABIDEN) naso wata iyan ko tungudian minsan a Fatima bint Hassan ibn Ali, aya ngaraniyan naso Mohammad Baqir na aya mingrar sa Imam ago Sharif so kiababadanon. Sopuman so wata iyan ko Jayda al-Sindhi a aya ngaraniyan naso Zayd naso kiababadanon na aya mingrar sa Sultan ago Sayyidina, na ayainawidan o Ottoman Empire –Datu Ontay-


31, December 216, na Pimibisitami so isa puman a darpa sa Madina Province a adun a mapapdalumon a mashaala na taman imanto na kapaparampanganon so sabaad inoto magigiyoto ago ino anan kagiyanan?

Ayangaraniyan a Darpa na Wadi Jinn, sii matatago sa Al Baida, marani sa Madina Munawara, aya kawataniyan sa Jabal Uhod na 45 KM,

(The Area is surrounded by small hills and mountains, these mountains are very good for climbing, we met there a group of tourists then they climbed the magnet mountain, Pakistan’s flag printed at the top of the hill, Pakistanis loves to climb Mount Everest first climbed by a Pakistan national.

Isa a tothol na giyanan a darpa na inoron inibuto so Wadi Jinn ka babalingan a manga Jinn, gowani a masa na pupakanug kasan sa ditatharo ago pud a manga sowara a daa bangkapukailay a tao odi na binatang, inipoon roo na so puda tao sa Madina na aya panarima-iran na inged anan a manga Jinn. Taman imanto a masa na madakul a miakasaksi-on sa igira inawaan ka so trak ka ko karsada a neutral na puraruga sa daa baon sapior “driver” ago mapaparung so makina o trak na aya panarimaon o sabaad na iputolod kon o manga Jinn sa giyanan a darpa, apia antonaa imbutad ka na phagisug sa tampar sa kaporoan. Click --->> READ MORE

Antaa e Fir-awn a mialud sa Kalodan ?  

  • ·        Tuthmose III
  • ·        Ramses II the great
  • ·        Merneptah

Thotolan ko sakatao a scantiest a mi-muslim
oriyan o kia examine iyan ko mayt o Fir-awn

Gowani naso First lady a Egypt asi Jehan Sadat na ginawai niyan si Dr Maurice Bucaille a isa mapasang a Doctor of Medicine sa France a poon sa Christian family, miaka isa alongan na adun a kiandoctoran e Bucaille a pud sa pamilya e Sadat na ron minipoon a kia-close iyan sa pamilya Sadat. -->> READ MORE <<-- Click


Everyone has favorite’s collections just to satisfy their enthusiast for the Items they love to collect, collecting something that you want is also a passion for certain reasons. Some is collecting Starbuck Items, label with an expensive Item, Shoes, Rockets and Nike items, some are collecting watches, Bags, Jewelries

I have another collections which are the sacred waters that are mentioned in noble Qur-an, Hadiths, and History, I start collecting sacred water when we visited the 12 springs of prophet Moses AS, now I have numbers of kind sacred water internationally

Mababa a thotol

Miapanotol Rakun o ginawai akun a matao ago maka-kukunal sa manga thotol a sokon so Nabiola Musa AS na diniyan dimbabanogun so Moya AL HAYA (water of life) Click READ MORE <--

By Datu Ontay, posted at Ontay & Marogong.net www.acmaly88.page.tl

Propagator is a person who spread and promotes an idea to rule and govern a certain area, in pat a Pangampong a Ranao here are the names of famous Datus and Sultans who has a big contributions in maintaining the existence of Rajaship, Datuship and the Sultanate in Ranao.

In 09th CE propagators’ are:

  1. Radja Rinandang, Kingdom of Kiaranda a Ragat (now LDS & LDN)
  2. Radja Pasandalan a Morog, Kingdom of Bumbaran (Now Bukidnon and Agusan)

(They were two kings of distinct kingdoms, local historians mentioned that kingdom of Bumbaran was submerged due to frequents volcanic eruption and there people migrated to Kingdom of Kiaranda a Ragat, their people mixed due to frequent intermarriages’ and the result is the present Iranaon nation of Central Mindanao)

In 11th CE propagators’ are:

  1. Dimaampao Kalinan, propagator of Marogong Pangampong
  2. Bataraan Dikilatun, propagator of Maganding Pangampong
  3. Botowanun Dikalinan, propagator of Dagodob Pangampong
  4. Amirogong Thopaan, propagator of Mimbisa Pangampong

(They were the four Datus who established their own domain, these four datus married to the four native princesses of Ranao who has the right to land, the Salsila of Ranao traced from them)

In 13th CE propagators’ are:

  1. Ancestor Datu Pascan, Chieftain of Marogong who changed its name to Unayan Pangampong,
  2. Ancestor Amiayonan Simban, Chieftain of Maganding who changed its name to Masiu Pangampong
  3. Ancestor Popawan, Chieftain of Dagodob who changed its name to Bayabao Pangampong
  4. Ancestor Bantayao Delion, Chieftain of Mimbisa who changed its name to Balut now Baloi Pangampong

(They were the four ancestors and rulers who established the boundary of each Pangampong of Ranao and them who changed its old name to the current names of 4 principalities of Ranao, our Onors a traditional singers mentioned them “Pata apo o Ranao a mitad sa Thamanaan” )

In 15th CE propagators’ are:

  1. Datu Ameladin a Macapundag, Propagator of west Unayan who bed his own Sukut and domain
  2. Datu Pundoma of Butig, Propagator of East Unayan and Chieftain of Unayan as a whole
  3. Datu Radja Pondag, Propagator of west Masiu who claimed that west Masiu was his Sukut and domain
  4. Datu Amaloya Thopaan, Propagator of east Masiu who ruled the Pangampong a Masiu in general
  5. Datu Radja Dibago, Propagator of “BIG” Mala a Bayabao who bed his own Sukut and domain
  6. Datu Arogong, Propagator of “begin” Poona Bayabao, his children made this Pangampong their domain
  7. Datu Madayao, Propagator of “Central” Lumba a Bayabao, his children bed their own domain
  8. Datu Managkaya, Chieftain of Baloi who don’t allow others datus to bed their own Suku from Baloi

(They were the 8 propagators of each district “Sukut” of Pangampong a Ranao; they established their own domain but still part of the Pangampong where they belong.  as per the oral story, half of the domain of Lumba Bayabao was originally part of Masiu, the later descendants however of Datu Madayao agreed to bed their own Suku and included it in Bayabao, Madayao’s line traced from Botowanun not Bataraan.

Sukut of west Masiu was recognized in Salsila “KAWALI E PONDAG”, during the meeting and creation of Igma and Taritib, Sultan Sarikran Balindong Bsar of Masiu ask the presence of Maruhom Kahar of Raya as representative of west Masiu, Kahar ignored the invitation and said no need for me to attend the said meeting my own kingdom was already established and I called it RAYA, in those case, the district of west Masiu was not recognized and became shared Taritib of East and west as one Taritib.)

In 16th CE propagators’ are:

  1. Aloyodan Dianaton Naim, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of east Unayan,
  2. Datu Boroa, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of west Unayan,
  3. Sarikran Balindong Bsar, Royal Chieftain and Sultan Diagaborolla of Ranao and “Panoroganan” of Masiu
  4. Datu Alanak, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of Baloi
  5. Datu Akari, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of Ramain, also known Simbaan sa Ranao
  6. Datu Embaor, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of Bansayan, Poona Bayabao
  7. Datu Otowan, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of Mala a Bayabao
  8. Datu Okoda, Royal Chieftain and “Panoroganan” of Lumba a Bayabao

(They were the 8 authors of Igma and Taritib of pat a Pangampong a Ranao, in the year 1640 Sultan Diagaborollah (BALINDONG BSAR) consulted the seven wise men mranaos of his time on how to govern Lanao. the eight wise man including Balindong agreed to update and re-create the four confederation of Lanao “Pat a Pangampong a Ranao” composed of state of Masiu, Unayan, Bayabao and Baloi, and on the second level, the 15 “Panoroganan” royal houses and the 28 legislative body “Pyakambaya ko Taritib”. This socio-political system is based on the Taritib, laws, Igma, customary laws, and adapt, practices of the Mranaos)

In 17th CE propagators’ are:


(They were the 16 chief executives royal Sultans, known “sapolo ago num a Panoroganan”, these 16 Sultans executes and implemented the agreed with signed Igma and Taritib which was created by their parents (8 wise datus) of 16 CE, a first constitution that formally established in Mindanao earlier than Philippines constitutions)

17th CE propagators’ are


(They were the 28 legislatives Sultans; known “dowapolo ago walo a mbabaya sa Taritib ko pat a Pangampong a Ranao”, legislatives bodies to supports the implemented Igma and Taritib, authorized to decides law, also known decisions makers of Igma and Taritib within Pangampong a Ranao)

18th CE propagators of Imam, Cali and Guro in Pangampong a Ranao Are:

  1. Kadi sa Buntong, scion of Buntong, he went to Malaysia and middle east to study and perform Hadj,
  2. Kadi sa Binidayan, Scion of Binidayan and Bayang, he went to Malaysia with the Kadi sa Buntong to Study sharia Islamia and to performed Hadj.

(They were 2 Ulamas also known Kadis means Cali a Judges, who went to Malaysia and Arabia in order to study the sharia law, when they returned home the Kadis updated the Igma and Taritib of Ranao by recognizing the rules of Guro, Cali and Imam, then several agamas were created “at least one Mosque and Madrasa” in every Sultanates) 


Minipantag ko gawi-I a Salasa September 27, 2016, na mindadakao si Datu Ontay sa tomampar sa Africa sa bandara inged a Misir (Egypt) nasi-I paganay tomana sa inged a Kahera (Cairo), aya tagna a hadapian sa kiabisita niyan sa inged a kahira na pundadalakao ko manga midadaptar a todthol ko manga pandangan (books) na ikadowa hadap iyan na pumbisitaan niyan so manga darpa ana kitotompok iyan ko paganay niyan kiambisita sa Midian a piagingudan o nabiola Mosa (AS) ago nabiola Shuwaib (AS) na aya samporna a pumbisitaan niyan na giya inged a Tebaan (luxor) a ronon pilombay so nabiola Mosa (AS) ko kia anodaon ko lawasaig a e-nil (Nile)

Ikatlo hadap iyan na pamamasaan sa manga kobal a panit “leather jackets” ka barabantog a Egypt ko kambaal sa kobal a nditarun. pangninta ko Allah a mioman aya ko katao a pamumugayan o Allah na makarayag so ditanto a makukunal na misampay ko kisalono a masa na kasapabapan sa kapukaomani ko paratiyaya a kai-isa isa o miangadun, siisukaniyan paganay tomarus ko manga pipia darpa matatgo sa todtol.


Isa ko manga pipiya antangan o MGI-TRIPPERS naso diran di kambisitaa ko manga pipia darpa a mitotompa ko manga todtolan ko muna masa, isa mia pamikir e datu ontay marogong a sii panumpang sa inged a misir ka pusimasimaan niyan so kigogoris o manga daptar a kiapagingudi sa bandara misir, aya hadap iyan roo na pumbabanoginiyan so da ipagoman ko adun, pumbabanoguniyan so adun a ipogaman ko daa ago pumbabanoguniyan so adun a ipagoman ko adun kaan kaomani so adun, itakus so masa ko puda masa, itakus so butad ko butad o tatagundaya, na kunalun so kapaparampanganon na kaipun so diron mikakaip,

Sabap ko limo ALLAH na minisampay si Datu Ontay sa bandara Kahira “CAIRO” ko gawii a minipantag ko September 27, 2016. Na sii miaka tarus ko manga pagapinan a torogan “HOTEL” sa Doki Giza Cairo, aya ngaranian a hotel na Indiana, sa miakatloron gawii na aya paganay a pimbisitaniyan na giya Giza Pyramid, na aya pantukiyan naso great Pyramid a masla ko siyao a kalintubo Pyramid.

Giyanan a Pyramid na isanan a tanda o kiabaloy a Egypt a paganay bukasan o katao ago so kapia o gii kapagingudi sa dunya “First civilized COUNTRY” paza anan o manga muna mindadatu sa Egypt ko 4th - 5th - 6th dynasties, giyanan a Pyramid na aya paganay a masla miatagumbalay sa Dunya, manga ala a bawangun a piakangguntoguntor nataman sa miakaporo a tanto, so oman e sawaro a ator na ayakon a masosogat a kapunudiyan na 20 tons adun pun 80 tons, na sii maka popoon a manga bawangun anan sa raya a lawasaig a nile sa Aswan ka manga granite ago marble na inandoniran sa lawasaig a nile sa tomampar sa Cairo na piaki mbalay ago oriyaniyan na pitagumbalay o Fir-aon ago so manga tantara iyan.

Giyanan a manga ala ko Pyramid na parako Firaon, ago so Karomaniyan ago so manga wata iyan, so isako Pyramid na miaka sold akoron na siiko lulubongan ko Queen, na tanto ko masimpit ago maito kapupaka tana taon, (please take a look my Pictures) oriyaniyan na tomiyana kami ko sphinx na gokamibo mbalingan ko hotel a tatarosan akun a Pyramid best View Hotel.  --->>>READ MORE <<---- click

-Datu Ontay-

My own little data about the Iranun in Sabah, Malaysia based on my research and actual experiences during my visits in Egypt, date October 7, 2016. and this is my story;

Before I start my story, I wants to highlight first the article published in Internet stated that the origin of Iranun in Malaysia still remain mystery, “The Iranun, an ethnolinguistic group in the Malaysian state of Sabah (formerly British North Borneo), are a people whose origins and pre-colonial history remain a mystery” their culture is much admired and has been copied widely, their language is under threat, and with it their identity.

Let me begin this way, and I am hoping that we understand the point despites of the recent claim for Sabah. My intent for this article is part of our advocacy in finding the lost bangsa sa RANAO and to strengthen it as per the principles of Islamic faith and no connection for the political issues.

After I visited Upper Egypt, then I moved back to Cairo city for me to attend the 1438 Hedjra New Year celebrations of Lozna Ranao in Cairo, a group of Mranao Olamas and Students in Cairo Egypt being their guest speaker. Ustadj Rodz, Ustadj Mahid and Al Alem Sammy Pitiilan fetched me from the airport of Cairo to Azhar, on our way to Azhar, I suggested to Rodz to have our lunch to the nearest Thai restaurant and suddenly we changes our minds and we went to Malaysian’s restaurant,

In the Restaurant; the lady in charge asked us if we are Chinese. and I humbly replied that we are Mranao from Mindanao, the lady introduced to me herself with happy face that she is an Iranun from Sabah Malaysia, then she called others Iranun staffs in the restaurant and we had short talk, since that they are not fluently in English we used Bahasa language, and they became more happy after they noticed that I can communicated in Malay language (FYI: Datu Ontay stayed in Indonesia for 3 years 2007-2001), then I promised to go back there in the other day to have more talks, as usual I captured a groufie  with them.


In the same day, I posted in FB the said group picture, them my paternal aunt (Anta Zuhaila daughter of my late grandfather to Bae a labi of Tubok) seen it and order me to asked the lady in the restaurant if she is connected in Tubok Malabang. Anta said (Go! alamin mo anng pmlya nla my kmag ank cna ome tga sabah ngyn ung ank nya nsa cairo) and I replied ok ! that time I was tired from Aswan Egypt.

When we reached the Philsac office in Nasser Cairo, Rodz offered me the guest room as my shelter, inside the room I realized the portion of the Binidayan’s Salsila, and it was written that our great-great grandfather called Sultan of Tampasuk, he was the son of Amana son of Maruhom Sayawa to Bae sa Buntong. As per oral story; in the late part of 18 CE, he visited Sabah then the Iranun of Sabah honored him as sultan of Tampasuk in Kuta Buleg, Sabah Malaysia, he was married there and no reported heirs. The late sultan of Tampasuk went back to Binidayan to his first family and Bored Datu sa Binidayan and Begot Maruhom the First enthroned sultan of Binidayan.

This question kept in my head, Why the Uncle of aunt Anta “Mangdao, H. Omar and Hadji Latip” lived in Sabah, is there any connection between their families to some Iranun clans of Sabah? Connected to my previous post, I received a message from a concerned legitimate citizen in Sabah containing a portion of gogod or Salsila how it happened of some prominent families in Sabah rooted in Malabang and Tubok, the Gogod goes these ways; hoping for the mentioned families to keep in touch of it. –Datu Ontay-

Gogodan !

Aya Pagapoon sa Malabang naso Dakunug a sukaniyan so Datu Dacula sa Malabang, a pagari o Datu Laut Boisan a ama o Sultan Kudarat sa Maguindanao, wata a babae I Datu Dacula si Pataolan a tagna a bae a labi sa Malabang, na piyangaroma e walanda a Radiamoda sa Malabang na mimbawata siran nasi Datu Pidat a miaona a Sulotan sa Malabang, isa todtol na pud si Pidat ko paganay makaoma a manga datu sa Sabah ko 1807 na miaka pangaroma roo na miabunbar siran roo taman imanto nasi Datu Pidat na pagapoon o manga pud a Iranun sa Sabah,

Ana karoma e Pidat sa Malabang aya ngaraniyan nasi Bae a wata sa Malabang a wata o Amerol sa Malabang ago so Rimpaolan sa Picong, mimbawata siran nasi Maruhom Mamowalas na babae niyan si Dayondong a miabae a labi sa Malabang, Si Dayondong na piyangaroma e Komayog a Sulotan sa Tubok na mimbawata siran na isaon si PILI a miasulotan sa Malabang, na adun a manga wata o Komayog sa puda bae na miabarumbad sa Tubok ago sa Malabang,

Si Komayog a Sulotan sa Tubok na manga pagariniyan si Salamat ago si Arum ago si Boloto, nasiran na manga tunganayran so m’bawataan e Sulotan Pidat sa Sabah a wata e Komayog, giya gogodan na aya iniropa saya na antona e kapaka totompok o bangsa Iranun sa Sabah ago giya Malabang na Samporna sa Tubok. Gowani ko muna masa na giya Sabah na matag state na pusong roo so manga tao sa Unayan naso pud na disiran roo di mamangaroma, giya diron di katarowa manga tao sa Malaysia a daa kudugan sa bangsa Iranun sa Sabah na sabunar a ribat siran ka pusapunganiran so mamiminga ana todiyan.


Giya kasosogabora o parinta o pilimpanas sa kakowaa sa Sabah na amay ka giyadun e butad a pilipinas a sosobra so kapangorakut ago daa pagisugan tano a mapia, na tomo a dipasin mitapai a Sabah sa Pilimpinas, opuman odi mada sa Malaysia a Sabah na so bangsa Iranun na maito-maito na pukasapungan so cultura-iran ka pukitapi siran ko dadabiatan a o manga tao sa Malaysia n ataman ko basa iran na pud a sunup, amay puman ka mitapi siran sa Sulu na aya panirama iran ko manga Iranun sa Sabah na pud ko manga tatantara iran na tomo adi pasi mithapi sa Sulu, aya ruk akun a tindug na taralbi mikasoy so state of Sabah a makasisibay sa parinta sa aya parintaon na agama Islam, ka sabunar a omitapi siran sa parinta o goberno a pilipin na kapud siran ko simukut. –Datu Ontay-

Some writers said (the Iranun language and customs, including their music, traditional birth practices, weddings and death. It shows how a small community (in the low tens of thousands) in Sabah is changing and adapting to a constantly shifting environment – and is in danger of identity loss, to the detriment of the nation as a whole) please help to save the Iranun culture in Sabah –Datu Ontay-


In behalf of Pata pangampong a Ranao, we are proud and saluted to the new winner, the champion of King Abdulaziz international Qur-an reading competition 2016 4th Category, held in Makkah KSA, October 26, 2016.

The name of champion is Amer Abdullah Hassan and proud Muslim from Mindanao Philippine, who received cash prize of 30,000 Saudi Riyals and some consolations prizes...

The said winner is from Philippines with his "Muddarib" coach Al Alem Abuawwad Abdullah Lacsa Ibrahim Amanoddin of Zain bin Thabit Qur-anic institutes, they just came for Umra and for this competition, again Congratulations!!

this competition is about the correct way of pronouncing the noble Qur-an during prayer, quality of voice, memorization of entire sura, the judge read a portion of ayat in the noble Qur-an and contestant to continue reading it until the next judge will read other ayat and do the same way, the judges observe the contestant if he memorized entire sura in Qur-an, 

During the competition the 4 imams of Masjed al haram were presents headed by Imam Sudais, and Saudi Prince the Governor of Makka province who presented the awards to the winners from 4 categories, the success of Qari Amer Hassan in this competition is an inspirations to the young Meranao who wants to follow his foot step –Datu Ontay-

FYI: Amīr is one of the most sincere and humble person I have known his friend told in FB. Anyone acquainted with him would attest to his fine character and modest manners.

Amīr is not only a hāfizh of the Qur'an, he is a Mūjāz: his memory and recitation of the Qur'an were finely tested and refined by the most artful and proficient of Qur'an teachers. This earned him an honorable niche in the chain (sanad) of the noble recites of the Qur'an. Such chain only includes names of those were vouched for by their respective teachers to have artfully memorized and recited the Qur'an in the exact similar manner that the righteous predecessors have performed. The list links to itself the names of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) until it finally makes mention of the name of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, then the archangel Gabriel, then the Lord Almighty, Allah.

In the list, there are merely 23 recites and teachers that separate Amīr and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Such sacred tradition called Ijāzah, which is also available in the other fields of Islamic scholarship, shall, of course, continue until the end of times.

Recently, Amīr won first place in the fourth category of the King Abdul Aziz International Qur'an Competition held at the sacred sanctuary of Masjid al-Harām in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

May our hearts grow with love for the Qur'an, may we live by its teachings and commandments, and may it intercede for us in the Day of Judgment. (Submitted article from Datu Ontay’s FB friend and told not to mention his name)


Bilang paggunita sa ARAW NG MAROGONG 2016 ngayon August 25 – Sept 5, (MGI) Marogong Global Incorporated ay nagkaroon po ng Inter color basketball match.

The first match of MGI South Jeddah (Gulil Team) against MGI North Jeddah (Aziziya Team) happened this morning at IPA basketball court, first quarter of the game end with the score of 24 points for MGI North and 31 for MGI – South,

The South team still leading in the 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter for the successive 3 points shots of Abdulsamad Amerol, MGI North played more smart to overcome the MGI South, then the game became crucial in 4th quarter when the North team assigned man and man to defend Fahad Rataban the star player of South, at 1 minutes and 10 seconds remaining time the complexion of the game suddenly changed when North almost tied it up at 73-75 with 1:10 minute of the shot of Halik and Ameed.

The game end at the final score of 79 for MGI South (Gulil) and 77 for MGI North (Aziziya), Abdulsamd Amerol got highest score of 29 points, Fahad Rataban 25 points, Fahmi Abdurahim and Hanif Junaid both with 10 point while the players of MGI North their star player Ryan Malatus got 24 points, and point guard Nash “Mark” Abubacar got 11 points, Ameed Madriaga got 13 points and Najeeb Malawanda of 14 Points, Fahad Rataban named best player of the game.

Coach Ameroden “Gafs” Sultan and the managements headed by Seradj Abdulhamid and Datu Ontay, they promised to make next game more fun and interesting, players briefing done by Datu Ontay he announced that this game is celebration of ongoing araw ng Marogong 2016. Thanks to Mr. Saraus and Larry of IPA for the foods they prepared, official Referees are Mr. Saraos and Larry.

This is Dibarosan (the royal “korsi” chair of power of Sultan Arobero)

So Dibarosan na kataga a Babarosan, aya sunadiyan na sisiyapun, iipatun ka oba kabinasai odi na oba karadialaoti, tutundoon a darpa a amanat o manga apo tano gowani a masa. So dibarosan na tanda o kiandadato sa Ranao o manga Sulotan, aya isa sabap sa kiabutoiron sa dibarosan na sukaniyan na miapunto a Darpa a bubugan sa kabarakat sabap ko pangni o manga loks gowani na panananggilaan ka babarakatun sabap ko amanat o manga loks ago sinta o manga apo tano gowani a piangniran ko Allah (SWA). so Dibarosan na kunaba maka-aayon ko kapagagama ago kunaba puman kapanakuto, sabap sa sii anan maapud ko kaputanodi ko “ancient history” andang a sumpad ko kiapagingudi sa Ranao (Historical landmark)

Dibarosan sa Pagayawan:

Isa miapunto a Dibarosan naso dibarosan sa Pagayawan, isa kianugako ko thotolanon na miaka isakon a alongan na mitathaginup so Arobero a pagari o Diwan sa Bayang sa ana minibutad ator ko balintad sa ingudiran a Tatarikun, nasodun so kiapita iyan na siongowan o Arobero so darpa a pitataginup iyan na miaomaniyanon so ATOR a mibubutadon, sabap ko limo o Allah ago gaos o Allah (SWA), na mikilakilat na mianarintik na lomikup na tominindug so “pagayaw” bolotho ko waga o Arobero na so sabala a bolotho na tomatana sa giyanan kon a Ator (DIBAROSAN) na rakus a miailayron so manga tatalangud a saladung a moobai sa giyanan a dibarosan na rakus a mapupuno a manga tamaing “Bees”, CLICK -->> READ MORE


In behalf of the people of Marogong and the Marogong Global Incorporated (MGI) and this website, we would like to congratulates all winners of the recent Mindanao tribe contest (HIYAS NG KADAYAWAN 2016)

All Marogongians and the Maruhom Family are proudly happy for Mosrifa Hadji Sohair who represents the Maranao tribe and won as first runner-up of the contest, she is the direct descendant of Pangcoga Maruhom (late Panondiongan sa Binidayan) and Abdulmadid Maruhom (late Panondiongan sa Binidayan and late Mayor of Binidayan LDS, Tubaran LDS and Marogong LDS). And H. Sohair Maruhom Present Panondiongan sa Binidayan her father,

Her Mother Bae Jasmen is from the prominent Tanggor clan of Kadingilan and Bayang, her maternal father side from the Angindarat clan of Beta and Sultan of Boribid clan of Tubaran & Marogong

The mother of Mosrifah named Jasmin Tanggor Angoso is a granddaughter of Late sultan sa Kadingilan Abdulwahab Angoso a direct descendants of Raja Buayaan sa Maguindanao and Datu sa Kabuntalan Angoso is late sultan of sultan sa Barongis sultan Kudarat (source from her mother close relative) She is the proud descendats of Diwan, Pagayawan and the nine royals Baes of Unayan,

Mosrifa H. Sohair is former Miss Malabang - Miss Malabang National High School, from the municipality of Marogong, her father is potential leader of Marogong who runs for mayoral in Marogong (Congratulation), and finally yes she is my second cousin -Datu Ontay-

Hiyas ng Kadayawan Beauty Pageant

It was a pageant like no other: no long and bulky gowns and definitely no skimpy swim suits. Hiyas ng Kadayawan is a search for the perfect role model of a modern Dabawenya (Davao woman) among the ten tribes that reside in Davao city. No minimum height required; only unique beauty, confidence and a sense of culture are what it takes.

Each of the ten tribes namely Kagan, Ata, Maranao, Bagobo Klata, Sama, Bagobo Tagabawa, Maguindanaon, Obu Manuvu, Matigsalog and Tausug had their own representatives. Garbed in their most elaborate traditional costumes, these ladies showcased the best of their tribes for the world to see.

This year’s Hiyas ng Kadayawan Talent Night was held August 15 at the Gaisano Mall of Davao Atrium, where thousands of spectators oohhed and aahhed at the amazing abilities of the candidates. The mall was also holding a huge sale, adding to the already dense crowd.


In ancient Iranaon (Iranon, Iranun and Maranao) society and civilization, the size of a household is measured by the number of IGAAN that can be placed inside the house. One IGAAN consisted of the Dazigan where the Somandig (headboard or decorative silken MAMANDIYANG and LALANSAY similar to head drapes or curtain, the baor (treasure chest) that extended to the sides bordering other igaan, and the Kaolonan where there are pillows and extra decorative pillows. Then there is the Sendigan a Igaan where the tier of Tilam (mattress) is centrally placed as a sleeping and a sitting area. To one or two sides are the BAZIKOWAYAN with only a Dempas or mat covered the floor underneath. This serves as a work area KAPANAYONTAYONG for the lady of the master of the Igaan. At the foot of the tiere3d tilam is the TINEPAD with a big plain balabak mat is placed. This is a dining area proper for the couple where the PAGNATEN consisting of trays and utensils of brasswares are placed such as the Tabak, Kararaw (water vessel), Dudaie (spitoon), Karanda (food boxes), Talam (tray), etc.

That reminds me of the old Japanese house which is also assessed of its size on the number of Tatami (straw mats) that can be placed in the house (By Edris Tamano)


As per the Taritib of Pangampong a Masiu, there are 4 Datus “mbabaya sa Taritib’ deciders of the traditional law of pangampong a Masiu, 1) Madayao 2) Kadayon, 3) Abagat and 4) Pondag,

The nature of the ancient system of the land tenure in this pangampong is clearly stated in the "Principles adopted by majority of the traditional leaders of Masiu," which were approved by the Legislative Councils and the Panoroganans,

Based on the Salsila of Pangampong a Masiu, Madayao, Kadayon, Abagat are brothers, their sisters are Ayowa and Potri Mamotri mother of Pondag. According to oral story; their parents let the west Masiu testamentary for Potri Mamotri and called pikawali e Pondag a sudupan of Maganding, later pronounced Tinindugan e Pondag and some said inipanagad e Pondag, meanwhile the Kawali in north-east Masiu distributed to Datu Madayao, Datu Kadayon and Datu Abagat, the southeast for Ayowa so that she was married to Sharif Angkaya of poona Masiu and Panoroganan of Pangampong exclusive for her later descendants as per the taritib agreed by the datus of pangampong a Masiu.

Salsila mentioned that Domocao sa Taraka married to Kalisia a Olan of Tagoloan daughter of Libobongan Aliga son of Patimata to Potri Mapunag daughter of Sharif Alawi from the native princess of Tagoloan and begot, 1) Madayao 2) Kadayon, 3) Abagat and 4) Potri the mother of Pondag, 5) Ayowa.

Potri Mamotri married to Radia son of Kalantongan, Amaloya Thopaan’s brother, begot Pondag of “Sudupan” west of Masiu, other version of Salsila that Pondag’s father was Radia Baringigan of Masiu brother of Datu Bayogun. Pondag married to Inai Agaon and begot Untad and Abantas. (Note: o adun a daon katarotopi na comment niyo bo)….-Datu Ontay-

(AUGUST 11 & 12, 2016)

Other remarkable adventures of MGI-TRIPPERS are their visit to the highest peak of Makkah Province, 5th in the kingdom and frigid area most of the time. It is enthusiast of MGI group to tour and explore the areas either historical or tourist spots,

The trippers start their Journey from Jeddah to Wadi Mohammad town and took the new road between Alith city and Taif, on August 12, 2016 around 12: 45 AM. 12 trippers are:

The Ford of Kaka Gafar:

• Ameroden “Gafar” Sultan
• Mohammad Al Sharif
• Ahmad Cali
• Fahad Madid

The Toyota of Rashdi:

• Rashdi Dimakuta
• Najeeb Malawanda
• Manger Seradj Abdulhammid
• Mahid Lucman

The Totoya of Chairman:

• Datu Ontay (Emer of the Trippers)
• Hasanor Ahmad “Perot” H. Abubacar
• Amar Sultan
• Abdulhalik “Kaliki” Camid Abbas


On our way to Daka Mountain, the trippers can’t run fast the road is still under construction, no protector yet on the sides of the roads and it is mountainous area, some time going down then going up and Zigzagized road. When we reached the town of Mohammad we turned left going to Daka Mountain, estimated of 15 Km from the Hi-way, before the peak of the mountain we stop to the resort hotel and inquired for accommodation, the reception humbly replied it full and family only.

Manager Seradj suggested moving us to the top of the mountain to stay there until sunrise, the trippers embarked to the peak of the mountain, it was surprised for us too much people in the area doing picnic, some are group of Afghans, Indonesians, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Pakistanis and Filipinos. We prepared our foods cooked some menus and most important is coffee the place is too much cold, in the morning we took our Selfie and we continued our traveled going to Wadi Halema at Bano Saad town, about 130Km from Mount Daka at exact 08; 15am.

Mount Dakah is a 8,481 ft / 2,585m mountain peak near At Ţaif, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Based on peakery data, it ranks as the 1st highest mountain in Makkah province and the 5th highest mountain in Saudi Arabia (Source Wikipedia)


After sunrise in Mount Daka, about 8 o’clock in the morning of August 12, 2016, the trippers decided to move going to Wadi Halema of Bano Saad to visit the old grave of Saida Halemato Saadia (RA) she who milked our beloved prophet Mohammad and raised him until 4 years old (PBUH),

from the Mount Daka is about 135KM to Wadi Halema between Taif City and Al Baha city, this is the place where the famous story of heart splitting of Rasul (PBUH) the 3 angels removed a blood-clot from it and cleansed it with Zam Zam water before keeping it back!. this also where the grave of Halemato Saadia and her family, the yard where the prophet Mohammad played when he was 1 - 4 years of age is walking distance from the grave yard, the old house of the family of Halema is in the place, a portion where the tourists offer prayer, from the old house we climb the mountain where the exact place of heart splitting occurred, the trippers took some selfie, groufie and took a minutes of rest on the peak of the small mountain, the place is very cool you can smell fresh air, imaging the life of our beloved Rasul (PBUH) when he was a lad.

Wonderful experience, along the way we passed by a man with his numbers of goats – sheep walking with, I don’t expect it is existing those kind of Arab life in modern time, along the way also we saw a group of camels and prosperous gardens like corn and vegetables, the road going to Wadi Halema is accessible and asphalted, after hour of visit in the Sohada of Halema, the Trippers moved going to another tourist spots, this time is manmade Dam and the deepest lake of Taif city, in our way back to Taif we saw 1 bus a group of Hajjs pilgrims going to Wadi Halema to visit the place also.

Article about the Sohada: (Source from good friend)

(Allah has granted special privilege to things and places related to Rasoolullah (PBUH). Hujrathu Shareefah (حجرة الشريفة), the small area where Rasoolullah’s (PBUH) Qabar Shareef is located is described as the best place in earth. Area between Hujrathu Shareefah and Pulpit (منبر) of Rasoolullah’s (PBUH) is described as a garden among garden of the Paradise. 

It is written in history with golden scripts about childhood of Rasoolullah (PBUH) with Halimah (RA). It was a practice in that era that toddlers in city were nursed by villagers who folk the cities for that purpose. Birth parents of babies had found it a useful practice as their babies will gain better physical and mental strength once lived in villages. On the other hand villagers saw it as an opportunity to get some wealth.

Halimah (RA) accompanied by her husband Harith came to Makkah riding on an old and weak animal along with many other women from Saadiyya tribe seeking babies. Because of the weakness of their vehicle they were lagging at rear of the convoy. The frontrunners of the convoy entered the city fast and got babies from wealthy families. 

Halimah (RA) when reached Makkah she couldn’t find a baby from rich families and was sad. She was told about the orphan infant in the house of Abdul Muttalib and went to see the baby. At once she was attracted and after consulting with her husband took the baby.

Subhana Allah… she couldn’t believe it. Suddenly her animal started to run fast as if it got fresh energy from somewhere! It raced ahead of all other vehicles and other women were amazed to see it! Her breast seem to be full with milk which was dry till then and her son Dhamrah (ضمرة) was crying without getting milk!

Such was blessing (بركة) of Rasoolullah (PBUH) even at this infant age. Verily Allah has given this blessing to his beloved Rasoolullah (PBUH). Anything and everything related to Rasoolullah (PBUH) is full with blessings from Allah.

There were many wonders happened during Rasoolullah’s (PBUH) stay with Halimah (RA) and for sure she loved Him more than her own children. The garden surrounding their house became green and blossom. Sheep and cattle became fat and healthy. Their livelihood became easier than ever.

During His (PBUH) stay there on 4th year of age the famous heart splitting incident occurred. It was while He (PBUH) and Dhamrah where grazing their herd when three angels descended and held Rasoolullah (PBUH). They operated his chest and took out the heart. They removed a blood-clot from it and cleansed it with Zam Zam before keeping it back!

Here are a few pictures of the house of Halimah (RA) taken by group of my friend visited the site recently. It is a few kilometers away from Taif. The serenity and village nature of the area is still intact today as the route to this site remains rough and the area is scarcely populated still. Unfortunately this place is obscured like many other historically significant places in Hijaz and there is no easy access for the public.

My friend continues “Alhamdu Lillah! Allah blessed us with the opportunity to enter the house and recite a few Swalats and Adkar)


After us visit the Wadi Halema, the trippers went to Wadi Liya Town to visit the beautiful Dam and the deep lake of the province, it was called Oriya Dam popularly known Ghadir Al Banat which mean Girl’s pond, this place is very good for photography who loves to take a photo of views and natures, I saw a lot of photos taken from this views, due to my absence of knowledge about this lake I cannot provided the exact length and width and deep, based on our observations the dam is new built and part of Saudi Electric and water company to be used in irrigation.

The things that convinced us to visit this area is to observe the views that we’ve seen in the Google, in our way to the site we took the wrong road and finally the GPS brought us to the other side of the lake, Mr Rashdi Dimakuta quite disappointed, the road is rough and not suitable to his car, some part of the road is rocky and sharp, when we reach the area we embarked and majority of the trippers took the lower entrance of the site but closed, then Datu Ontay took the upper entrance until I reached the abandoned guard house, I was afraid for the group of these monkeys, the biggest among them shouted at me (TRAAAA!!!) I runs back and called the trippers to climb up so that the lake is behind this dam, I lied to them that this lake is big and wide as Lake Lanao, (LOL)

All Trippers hasted climb to the top and Mahid Camid Lucman is the second tripper who reached the top next to me, followed by Mohammad Alsharif, Fahad Madid and Amar Sultan. Manager Seradj told me in jest way ohh! You said it’s a deep lake and wide (INO AYA KATI?) the trippers expected it like what we’ve seen in Google. The trippers happily took selfie and groufie then we moved down to under the tree where our cars parked. The trippers agreed moving to another historical spot the Soq Okadz.


Construction of dams was well developed in the era of Islam, and they used to build dams in the tracks of flooding valleys as reservoirs of water for agricultural use, irrigation, and to inundate the groundwater wells or to limit the floods that threaten people's lives and homes

The dams were usually built of large uncut and irregular stones, in pyramidal shape. These were large at the base and smaller in the upper part, and the faces towards the water force were graded. They were also covered with a thick layer of plaster. Dams of great heights had their walls reinforced with fine gravel, while large stone slabs were added to the front and tops. Some of these dams have drainage outlets in addition to the channels that carry water to agricultural land. Dams were of varying length, height, width and thickness according to the nature of the land, as well as the quantity of water restriction. These dams in various sizes and construction types’ area testament to the outstanding civilization established by the early Muslims in the field of architecture


After Ghadir Banat, the trippers moved to northeast of Taif to visit Souk Okaz is situated some 45 KM away from Taif towards Riyad (old Najd). It is marked as a tourist attraction place with some ancient looking structures build over there. The area is around 2KM x 1KM is well compounded and maintained by the authorities. On the way we found a few people at the backdrop of their 4 wheel drives having some chats little far from main road. Other than this the place was deserted without a single soul is seen in nearby vicinity, before the site we took our late lunch at KFC so that every trippers got hungry,

The Souk is located near the Saudi Arabian city of Taif in the Western part of Saudi Arabia. The Ancient Souk Okaz was active at during 542-726 CE and it used to be the largest and most important event of its kind back then. Historically it was more than a marketplace, the souk served as a meeting place for tribal leaders and for people interested in poetry and literature. Many poetry competitions were held at Okaz and this tradition has also been revived in the modern-day Souk.

When trippers arrived to the gate of Souk Okaz, the guards advised us to wait the opening time which is 4:30 in afternoon; I suggest going back to Taif city to visits first the 4 ancient mosques for us to save time and be right back in Souk Okaz, then the trippers took another 45km going back to Taif, before we lift Okaz market I capture some photos,


Places where activities took place in ancient times are considered of high importance by historians and archeologists. They use traces of those localities to study how past human societies lived. Middle Eastern countries have many places of archeological significance because the entire human breed has been evolved in this part of the earth.

Quran and other Heavenly Books narrate history of many Prophets, to name some Nuh (AS), Hud (AS), Salih (AS), Ibrahim (AS), Lut (AS), Younus (AS). Tracing back to history one can find people of all those Prophets were inhabited in present day Arabian countries like Saudi, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq etc.

Sayyiduna Ibrahim (AS) moved his wife Hajar (RA) and eldest son Sayyiduna Ismael (AS) to Makkah which marked a new chapter in history. Jurhum tribe from Yemen met the mother and the son lonely in Makkah and asked their permission to settle in there. Ismael (AS) married from Jurhum tribe and he learned Arabic language from them. All his offspring and tribes to follow settled in and around Makkah, a place mentioned in History as Hijaz. Quraish, the tribe of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the prominent among tribes originated from Sayyiduna Ismael (AS).

Arabs especially Quraish tribe was excellent in Arabic literature and poetry. They used to assemble in market areas to read poems and admire its harmony and beauty. For an instance Quran’s unparalleled supremacy in literal content is attributed as a challenge to literature savvy Arab people.

Souq Okaz is such a historic place where poets will gather in evenings and compete with their wordings. It was an old market place popular in dark ages (قرون الجاهلية) where people used to trade goods. Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) occasionally visited there to preach Islam in public with in His attractive style and voice.

Souq Okaz is situated some 45 KM away from Taif towards Riyad (old Najd). It is marked as a tourist attraction place with some ancient looking structures build over there. The area is around 2KM x 1KM is well compounded and maintained by the authorities. On the way we found a few people at the backdrop of their 4 wheel drives having some chats little far from main road. Other than this the place was deserted without a single soul is seen in nearby vicinity.


The Trippers visit the ancient mosques, located along the road of Wadi Waj of Taif city, the trippers embarked first to Masjed Madhoon, the mosque is closed and seems that no one is praying inside, what I heard is most of the Jens prayed in this masjed. Mr Rashdi Dimakuta tried to open the lock of the mosque and Alhamdulilah it was open, the trippers went inside the mosque and they captured me a photo in front where Imam prayed. Then we climb the Minaret of the mosque until the top, inside is made of clay and wooden materials, the trippers took a selfie and groufie then we moved to the next mosque.

Then, the Trippers embarked again to Masjed Al Kou, we met there a group of European pilgrims and Asian hajis, they were taken a picture inside the yard, the MGI- Trippers went inside the AL Kou mosque, we observed the views of the old mosque I tried to open the old books and the old Qur-an, again I went to the front where the imam prayed and took selfie, beside the mosque is a hug rock and small cave, and we don’t know what that means. The Trippers took a selfie and Groufie then we moved to Masjed Addas,

Masjed Addas is walking distance from Al Kou, we tried to reach by cars, but the mosque is not accessible for car, we tried to go inside the compound where the mosque located but the gate was closed, since that we don’t have enough time, the trippers moved to another mosque, the ancient mosque of Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RA) he is the first cousin of Rasul (PBUH) his mother Ummo’l Fadl was a sister of Maymuna bint al-Kharis wife of Rasul (PBUH), and his father Abbas is uncle of Rasul (PBUH). Sad to say we failed to find the correct way going to this mosque, our cars brought us far from the exact location, the Masjed Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) is walking distance from Masjed Madhoon, and then the trippers decided to move back to Jeddah at around 4:30pm of August 12, 2016.

When the trippers reach the police checkpoint going to Al Hada zigzag road, the police guard asked our destination, when the police learned that we are Jeddah, he advised us to take the As Sayl road going to Jumom, every trippers got disappointed instead we embarked to the road going to Ramada hotel and took our half hour rest with hot coffee and alhamdulilla finally we reached home Jeddah at 8; 30pm same date.

• Masjed Madhoon; where the prophet Mohammad (PBHU) stone by the disbelievers of Taif, In Ta’if, the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) first met the chiefs and leaders of Thaqif whom he invited to accept Islam. They were, however, rude and discourteous in their treatment of the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Not being content with their insolent reply, they even stirred up some gangs of the town to harass him. These riff-raffs followed the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), abusing and crying and throwing stones on him, until he was compelled to take refuge in an orchard. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) consequently had to endure even more obstacles in Ta’if than he had to face in Mecca. These jerks based on either side of the path threw stones at him until his feet were injured and smeared with blood. These oppressions grievously dejected the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), whereby being in such a state of depression, a prayer citing his helplessness and pitiable condition and seeking the aid of God spontaneously came thru his lips:

• Masjed Al-Kou; where the Prophet Mohammad took rest after he was hurt by the people of Taif, the Angels of Allah (SWA) came to him for a rescue and in revenge, instead he asked the Angels to pray and Ask Allah that people of Taif will understand Islam, in addition to incident, some Jen of Taif witness the situation and they who believe the Prophet and they took Sahada.

One hadith narrated that Aisha (RA) reported: She asked the Prophet, “Have you encountered a day harder than the battle of Uhud?” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Your tribes have troubled very much, and the worst was the day of Aqaba when I presented myself to Ibn Abd-Yalail ibn Abd-Kulal and he did not respond to what I intended. So I departed, overwhelmed with excessive sorrow, and I could not relax until I found myself at a tree where I lifted my head towards the sky to see a cloud shading me. I looked up and saw Gabriel in it. He called me saying, “Allah has heard your people’s saying to you and how they have replied. Allah has sent the Angel of the Mountains to you that you may order him to do whatever you wish to these people.” The Angel of the Mountains greeted me and he said, “O Muhammad, order what you wish. If you like, I will let the mountains fall on them.” The Prophet said, “No, rather I hope that Allah will bring from their descendants people who will worship Allah alone without associating partners with him.” Source: Sahih Bukhari 3059, Sahih Muslim 1759

• Masjed Addas; where Prophet Mohammad offered food and drink by Addas a Christian man, and he was the first person in Taif who embraced Islam and believed the Prophet and took sahada, a great man who lend a helping hand to Allah’s Messenger Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) while He was in a bad condition of being mistreated by people of Taif

It a long story when Rasoolullah (PBUH) went to Taif to call people there to Allah’s religion Islam. It was in Shawal 10th year after Nubuwwah (became the Prophet) when Rasoolullah (PBUH) traveled himself to preach the great religion to a place outside of Makkah for the first time.

He took Zaid bin Harith (RA), he adopted son for a company and walked through lengthy mountainous pathways to Taif. He had some blood relation through His Mother with people in Taif, the ‘Thaqeef’ tribe. After receiving harsh treatment and negation from Makka infidels, He took a chance that His relatives in Taif might allow Him to propagate Islam there.

But the reception and treatment of people in Taif was just the reverse and unbearable. Rasoolullah (PBUH) had to return sadly after being offended even physically and hit by stone on His sacred leg. He took shelter in a grape field owned by Utbah and Shaibah bin Rabeea’h (both were infidels from Makkah who were killed at Badar battle). They were watching the event but felt sympathy and engaged their farmer Addas to offer a bunch of grapes to Muhammad (PBUH).

Addas, a Christian from Nineva (a place now in Iraq to where Prophet Younus (AS) was sent by Allah) watched Rasoolullah (PBUH) reciting name of Allah (بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم) before eating a grape. To his astonishment he found that is something he didn’t hear from people over there. So he quizzed Rasoolullah (PBUH) and understood that the man in front of him is the Messenger of Allah.

Without a second thought he embraced Islam and became the first believer from Taif (RA). See, this is Allah’s rule! He will guide those He wishes to right path! Owners of the grape field knew Muhammad (PBUH) from childhood, but they couldn’t believe in Him. Relatives of Rasoolullah (PBUH) in Thaqeef tribe knew Him for a long time, but they couldn’t believe Him at this time. But a man came from a faraway land has believed to Allah and His Messenger. Subhana Allah… May Allah guide all those who read this post to right belief.

Masjid Addas is constructed at the place this event happened. It is a cool and nice place with good vegetation around. Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) had prayed for benefit of people in Taif though they refuted Him. This shows utmost mercy, simplicity and forgiving nature of Allah’s beloved (PBUH) about whom Allah has mentioned “Truly, You are with high esteem of characters”.

We have a small ray of hope here as we believe and love Rasoolullah (PBUH) and try with humble efforts to propagate the religion He taught. So with His superior characters He had forgiven to those who offended, we expect He won’t forget us in the vast assembly (محشر) in the Day of Judgment. He will offer us a drink from ‘Kouthar Lake’ (حوض الكوثر) and save us with His recommendations (شفاعة) when we might be in trouble there.

• Masjed Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA): There are many companions of Rasoolullah (PBUH) who came in glow of fame for many reasons. One would feel their greatness upon knowing their tremendous love towards Rasoolullah (PBUH) and the superior religion He had propagated. They have made incredible contributions to Islam with their admirable lifestyles, relentlessness in acquiring and teaching Islamic knowledge and keenness in preaching and spreading Islam to anybody they meet.

Our discussion is about one of closest companions of Rasoolullah (PBUH) and one among many children who were with and around Him. It is Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA), son of Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib (RA) uncle of Rasoolullah (PBUH). His mother is Lubabah al Kubrah bint Harith (RA) also known as Umm Jameel. She was close friend of Khadeejah al Kubrah (RA) and among initial believers of Islam.

He was only 13 years old when Rasoolullah (PBUH) departed this world. But even this brief companionship with Rasoolullah (PBUH) in his childhood lead him to be called ‘Raeesul Mufassireen’ (رئيس المفسرين) – leader of interpreters of Qura’n. He is also called as ‘Al Bahr’ (البحر) – the Sea because of abundance of his knowledge. Hibrul Umma (حبر الامة) – Ink of the Nation is another title attributed to him because of literature he submitted for the Ummah.

He attained this enviable position because of the guidance he got from Rasoolullah (PBUH) and dua’ He made for him after drawing him close and patting his shoulders “O Allah, bless him with the full knowledge of the religion and interpretation of the Holy Qura’n”. Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) repeated this dua in various occasions.

There is no question on his command on Qura’n interpretation. But vastness of his knowledge won’t stop there. He was a great authority in Islamic jurisprudence (فقه), History and Arabic language literature. He relocated to Taif in latter part of his life and met his last breath there. His Qabr in Taif is among few ones preserved by recent rulers of Arabian Peninsula. A big Masjid is constructed beside his Qabr.

A Library is established near his Qabr by Turki governor of Hijaz (Old name of area enclosing Makkah and Madinah) Muhammad Rasheedi Pasha Al Sharwani in 13th century hijri. Scholars and travelers during 7th and 10th century hijri used to endow (وقف) many books and manuscripts in Masjid ibn Abbas. In 1217H number of books there reached almost 10,000, a big number considering that age!

Taif, some 80KM away from Makkah in direction of Najd (Riyadh) has much historical significance. It is a hill station over gorgeous desert of Hijaz with pleasant weather and good plantation. I might write on ABWA in another post (ان شاء الله) Thanks and Wassalam (DATU ONTAY)


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