In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful, Allah is greatest. Allah is exalted. He is the Master of the World and the King of the Universe who rules with conquering power and Mohammad peace be upon him is the messenger of Allah,

Assalamo Allaikom to all our friends,
Guests and visitors of this website,

On this site you will find all kinds of information about Iranaon/Meranao. You can read about our interests, our towns, family and genealogy. You can read about our place’s royalty, history and culture, if you have any comments to this page please feel free to visit our guestbook or e-mail us. We are open for all kinds of response -- positive and negative. If there's something you miss, tell us about that too.

My first name is Acmaly officially Acmad, to correctly pronounce “Ahmad”. Dimaporo Macagaan Abdulmadid Maruhom are my family names. Most of my family and closest friend call me Ontay, short of Mamaontay mispronounced and corrupted form of Mamarontay which means the Slasher. I'm a 30+ years old, from Mindanao a beautiful and most glorious island in Philippines, my tribe is Iranaon/Meranao the only undefeated nation of Mindanao and Philippines during the Spanish conquistadors in the Island

I was born in Wato Balindong Lanao Del Sur and raised in a part of central Unayan called Marogong, and this is where I've lived most of my life.  in March 1993 I had to move to Cagayan de Oro city in order to study. I completely finished my courses, Computer science and Business Administration at Cagayan de Oro College (COC). It's a one of the very good school in Northern Mindanao. I’ am one of the pioneer students of System Institutes of Technology (STI) in Cagayan de Oro city. 3rd kyu brown belter rank of AIKIDO, Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center (MAPC) CDO.  Before I moved in CDO; I am 3rd year college of Natural Science and Mathematics, major in Zoology at Mindanao State University (MSU) Marawi City. I study vocational, training for electronics technicians in Manado City Indonesia, training for computer hardware technician in Riyadh KSA and balloons arrangement in Saudi Arabia, trained in Lebanon Middle East for this field.

Without attending elementary grades, I graduated in high school as Valedictorian, and first honor in my entire Arabic grades. Student leaders from high school to college, first Muslim elected president of student body organization (SBO) of Cagayan de Oro College at Cagayan de Oro city, received leadership awards. I love business than a government position,  at the age of 18, I joined with East Asia Growth area (EAGA) importer and exporter business, one of the pioneer batch first reached Manado city Indonesia and Sandakan, Kota Kinabalo Malaysia in 1994 for importing ready to wear items (RTW), first businessman sale pirated VCD and video compact disc players from Thailand and Indonesia to Philippines, with the price of 350 pesos each and whole sale of 170 pesos, single players for 8000 thousand pesos on the same year.

As a businessman I handled the capital amount of 17,000,000.00 Pesos from my grandfather and 10 Million from a Chinese friend. We had money changer shop in Manado city partner with a Chinese friend in Manado Indonesia, sad to say that I’ am now in first level to have that amount again ^__^,

In 2001, I moved to Saudi Arabia as OFW when my capital lost for election, my father won for election against his contender with only 9 votes, sad to mention as a result of recount election protest we are defeated after all, politics is dirty and fun game for the losers. My life in Saudi is very colorful lot of experiences that I had, working with 8 kinds of nationalities is very challenging totally deferent with my life as businessman. In 2005, I went back to my country and married to my first cousin, after a year Allah blessed us baby girl. Being a father of the family, I must double my effort to sustain the daily life and my family, my video shop, Internet café in CDO and grocery store were not enough, I decided to have business again not in CDO but in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, then I rented store from a Saudi national and par time computer teacher at private school.

In September 2010, I decided to sale my store in Al-Badia Riyadh KSA moved to Jeddah and finally I joined Alstom power the world leader in integrated power plants for the production of electricity and air quality control systems. Alstom has solutions for all energy sources (coal, gas, nuclear, fuel-oil, hydropower, wind) and is a leader in innovative technologies for the protection of the environment (reduction of CO2 emissions, elimination of pollutant emissions). The Group is also developing CO2 capture processes and has integrated this technology in pilot plants in Germany and USA.  Alstom’s technological advances allowed the company to achieve the world rail speed record at a speed of 574.8 km/h on 3 April 2007. My Designation in this company is project controller and promoted as Project Administrator then material estimator and in charge at Alstom JIF to 2013.

I’m rendering voluntary services to the Filipino community in Jeddah KSA and appointed acting Chairman of Marogong Global Incorporated (MGI) and General Secretary of ASPIA, Ampaso Sayawa Pondag Islamic Association. In 2013 I decided to serve Filipino subscribers of TFC, then I formally accepted the offer of Sky Freight under Kamal Al Wassia Company LTD as Regional supervisor for cargo department, after 6 months I was appointed as assistance in-charge of the department of SF-TFC, on 2014 SF-TFC became business partner of Orbit Showtime Network  (OSN) the leading pay TV in middle east, the general manager of Sky Freight in the good name of Mr. Remigio L. De Guzman promoted me as regional manager (western region) for OSN operation and technical to the present.

I hated the form of our government, never to have government position. We are not promoting politics in our websites (www.acmaly88.page.tl); they said that to whom you know in government to have better position in the government but not what you know. In our website, I’m not promoting myself in the future politics. Religion, History and the royalty in Mindanao is my main concerned, that made Gold and Bronze different, south is pure Gold and north is Bronze.

What I do most of my spare time is hanging out with my friends and cousins. When I'm hanging out with my friends, we use to have Sizaaaa in a safe coffee shop, we use to watch a movie, eat out, cook our favorite foods, watch TV, talk about whatever comes to mind, or do some of all the other interests we have, we organized the MGI trippers to tour the historical places in Arabia, the purposes of this travelers and adventures  is to stretch our mind and twist the mentality, to experience things which is not yet discover ourselves, to earn new knowledge on how it was happen, to collect more ideas and call it ELM.

The historical places in Arabia we visited are FF: Madaen Saleh of Al Ula city we visited in 2016 a world class heritage where Prophet Saleh AS used to live in 276 AD. Al Wahba Crater we visited in 2016, the Natural wonders of Arabia at Al Mahad town KSA where prophet Hud AS. We climb Jabbal Thur in 2011, the cave where Prophet Mohammad PBUH used to hide. We climb the mount Nhor in 2011, the revelation of the first Sura of Noble Qur-an is this mountain. we climb the mount Ibrahim in Al Baha City in 2014, where Prophet Ibrahim AS used to live for 4 months and that rock mountain own the Guinness world record as world giant rock. We visited the Magic sand mountain and the Al Badr Shrine in Badr town KSA in 2016. We visited the hot spring of Alith City on 2015, flat surface volcano of KSA. The longest cornice of Qunfuda city KSA we visited in 2014. We climb Ragadhan Mountain in Al Baha city and the 25 beautiful tunnels in 2015. The spring River of Taif in 2016, one of the amazing natural wonders of KSA. King Fahad bridge connecting Bahrain and KSA in 2013.  Judas’s cave in eastern Arabia in 2004, Red sand of Riyadh one of the natural wonders of Arabia in 2003 and many more to mentions, Wadi Lajab, fayfa Mountain, 100s Island of Umluj, 12 spring of Moses, the split ocean of prophet Moses AS. 

During my days in Indonesia, we climb the highest peak “Mahawu” mountain has a height of 3333 meters above sea level  also called “Tomohom mountain” in Minahasa Regency in North Sulawesi in Sulawesi Island Indonesia in  1998. We climb mount Semero Malang the cold and highest peak in south Java Indonesia in 1999 with me on that trip was Hon. Abdulha “Colao” Datumulok the incumbent mayor of Binidayan LDS we stayed at Club Bunga rest house.  We climb the highest mountain in Balot Island between Sarangani province and Sulawesi Indonesia in 1999. The city each country I visited are FF: I visited entire cities of Mindanao. Bangkok of Thailand on 2004 and 2017, Phuket Thailand and Krabi Thailand 2017, Myanmar border on 2017, Singapore in 1997.  Hongkong 2009, Kota Kinabalu Malysia in 2000, Kuala Lumpor 2017. Some cities of Indonesia in 1996-2001, Jakarta, Manado, Ujung Pandang, Surabaya, Bandung and the Island of Madura and the Island of Bunaken all in Indonesia. I visited also Abu Dhabi in 2005, Bahrain in 2009, Kuwait in 2009, Lebanon in 2002 and Kuala lumpur Malaysia 2001, Egypt in 2016 From Cairo to Aswan North to South, I was delegated of my previous sponsor (Salman Al Ghamdi) to witness the balloons arrangement festival in Grace on 2002 (Quality balloons) and 26 cities of KSA I’ve visited. I   used most of my free time in front of my laptop, being a webmaster of 11 websites is very interesting to me, it makes me forget my Major Major Problem ^_~ , and homesick.

My Genealogy

Why I Called Datu? Well, datu is a traditional royal title in Mindanao during pre Islamic period, they said it is a prince, Datu a male noble rank is given to a native of a place, the Ruler, Chieftain, and the heir of a royal Sultan or Chieftain. In a Modern time Datu is given address to a learned man “Maungangun” full of knowledge, and Wiseman from a royal line, heir of Sultan or Bae a Labi recognized in the place where he came from.

My grandfather told me that I am reserve for the title Datu Panondiongan sa Marogong and Binidayan with succession right as Sultan in the Sultanates of Butig, Masiu, Bayang, Pagayawan, Borokot, Taporog, Wato, Binidayan, Raya, Sawer, Ramain, Tubaran and Marogong. Calling me Kaka e Salangata, Mangoda maungangun in FB and Datu Lawan sa Ranao (extra ordinary Datu of Lanao) of our Maguindanao brothers in Buyaan is really fluttering.

Sultan Abdulmadid B. Maruhom (graduated mayor of Binidayan, Tubaran and Marogong Lanao del sur) is noble and scion of Pagayawan, Bayang, Binidayan, Tubaran and Marogong, first married to Bae Pantalan (sabir a Bae) daughter of late Sultan of Wato, Dangcogan brother of Dimaporo amai Ali Dimaporo (son of Mangotara late Sultan of Binidayan) to Peki late Bae a labi sa Masiu sister of Macagaan (late Sultan Simban of Masiu) and Macalipot (late Sangcopan of Masiu).

Sultan Abdulmadid and Bae Pantalan bore only Hadji Areef “Datu Pasayod” who was married to Bae Adia Managantal Repors Guiling Macagaan, granddaughter of Late Sultan sa Raya “Darimbang” a martyred “sahid” in Linamon Lanao del Norte on 1891. Managantal Daromoyod, late Sultan of Wato after Dangcogan, from the line of Sawalo one of the children of Amerol Umra of Maguindanao. Radiatua of Wato of his son Datu Lantong who was married to Gambiran daughter of Mangadog of Ramain. Tungko of Wato who was married to Dapan daughter of Matimtim of Ramain who was married to Alongan of Masiu. Guiling, late Sultan of Masiu young crowned and reigning sultan he relinquished his crown to Gov. Ali Dimaporo “Poon e Guiling” scion of Masiu. and Repors Family of Moritao Sharief and Moriatao Bae of Masiu Lanao del sur.

Pasayod and Bae Adia bore 8 children, one of them is Datu Acmad (Ontay) M. Abdulmadid married to Bae Esnie daughter of his uncle Apinton Maruhombsar a Half Brother of his father and scion of Binidayan, Madamba and Ganassi. Esnie’s mother is H. Asiza Usngan Abdul Popularly known her family of Raraco and Olama of Basak Binidayan. Ontay and Esnie graced with a beautiful baby girl name…..Princess Amrinah……….



In this website, I’m not promoting myself in the future politics. Religion, History, and the royalty in Mindanao is my main concerned, that made Gold and Bronze different, South is pure Gold and North is Bronze.





The last comments on this page:
Comment posted by ASDD, 03/02/2021 at 4:22pm (UTC):
Aya aki a kyaunaan e Ali dimaporo sa kyasulotan sa Masiu na si Sulutan Darangina Diampuan. Ba nyo di katawi a di psulotan si ali dimaporo o da paka sulotana e sulutan darangina diampuan. Ultimo so kandit a siyulot e ali dimaporo na pinikisuwa oto a kandit o sulutan sa masiu a si darangina diampuan. Di nyo aki di pasaa a salsila tano aya sa ranao for the good of your own people. Adn a morka ago mga sinta san o mga apo tano sa ranao. Di nyo plapisi odi na di nyo ron pkuwaa sa gya salsila iyo so pyur a mga pipiya tao sa ranao. Salaam

Comment posted by hadji abdullah, 09/17/2018 at 6:11am (UTC):
sir,datu ontay
can you discus please what is the rial name of BAIZA sister in municipality of madalum. i already read your gogodan sa madalum but i did not found the name of PADNGO sister of BAIZA...para di pekha alin so gogodan ko mga ingud.

Comment posted by dr. mansawi dariday mimbalawag, 04/25/2015 at 11:56pm (UTC):
masagogod a tanto a si Birowa (isa ko dowa tanda a lokus ko P.Bayabao) na Bati iyan si Borowa(laki o 9 bae sa unayan?

Comment posted by Kakae Magidala, 12/24/2013 at 1:09pm (UTC):
For Reference SALSILA

Noron married Garang grandson of Nago sa Pikong, begot
Bae sa Kuba Bagombaran Omba married Amai Takilid of 6 Panoroganan, begot
Lumba Bae a Labi sa Sigayan married Maruhom Tongkiaman of Binidayan, begot
Guinarapandi (2nd Sultan of Binidayan) married Apipah of Tugaya, begot
Mangotara (3rd sultan of Binidayan) married Dampologan bae a labi of Wato, begot
Dimaporo (4th Sultan of Binidayan) married Borngao Potre maamor sa Binidayan, begot
Gov. and Cong. Ali Dimaporo Sultan of the royal House of Masiu,

Comment posted by Mariam Lucman, 12/24/2013 at 12:35pm (UTC):
Abdul, pace of Advise and FYI when you heard Dimaporo Clan most Maranao are aware, when you said Enca no one knows,Karomatan is a Dimaporo's Kingdom not even Pantaran, Dimaporo and Pantaran equal in genealogical claim they belong to Noron particular to Bae sa Kuba Omba "Bagumbarana in long name" who was first married to Amai Takilid Sultan of Sigayan and got Lumba married to the Sultan of Binidayan and got Dimaporo Clan, Their claim of the sultanates of sex Panorogan of Kapagatan are legitimate, they are native in that place as you....

Comment posted by Jamal, 12/24/2013 at 12:15pm (UTC):
Abdul, Anu complete name para maging friend mo mga Guest dito, taga saan ka, bat parang Insecure ka sa mga post, LOL, BTW Dimapor are High Profile at wala kanag magagawa dun just accept the reality. Happy New year.

Comment posted by abul , 12/19/2013 at 5:20pm (UTC):
to the maker of this web., if you want to be ah legend in the maranao world dont make some stories that are not true dont use some name to make some people be famous. You are saying that dimaporo are the sultan of karomatan din you dont know the history of that place your just making stories to make dimaporo famous yu also said patas na pamamahala nila ok ka lang? di ko alam kung bulag ka or ng tanga tangahan sa mga ginawa nila. you use the family of pantaran, inca wrong spelling pa thats Enca. then you did not study the other true story of karomatan and other area near in. matag kaden pag imbal sa istorya paka tapak ka sa mala ah ngaran ah pamilya asar bo ka matawag ka datu ay ay... ginan bes ie katawag sa datu ago sulatan imanto san sa ranao na mangoaka sa lupa ah native ang ka matawag ah sulotan gyaya so sulotan ka dimaporo ba iran aya area karomatan? isa on na opama na datu ka ka ska ie myangbel sa mga istorya aya sa karomatan ago kyapatay ie naga? matag kadin san. mamanti din ah web aya. The only point i can see in this web is to make false story for the benefit of few people.

Comment posted by Samer Balindong, 03/13/2013 at 4:59pm (UTC):
Thanks a lot for including a brief comment on my father's legacy. He was truly missed and his way of dealing with his "Datoan" is beyond compare nowadays. He was not only a Father to me but a friend and true religious leader that inspires me to strive harder. Thank you again.

Comment posted by DP Tick, 01/11/2013 at 12:45pm (UTC):
Dear Datu; Still have great respect for your tryings to protect the knowledge about the Maranao sultanates.I am now making an encylopedia about all the ca. 300 dynasties of Indonesia for 2014,but my publisher wants in another book also the pictures,info of he 16 paramount present sultans of Maranao area and maybe also the lists of the sultans of each sultanate.I tried to contact Sultan Haji Abdullah Topaan Ditula Disomemimba,but maybe he is to bisy toi help me with it. I hope you can help me. Yours sincerelly: DP Tick

Comment posted by Jeannife Darimbang Canonizado, 11/08/2012 at 4:24pm (UTC):
Hello Datu Ontay,

My name is Jeannife Darimbang Canonizado. I am the Grand daughter of Jose Rawaka Darimbang. I am not sure if we have any family relations, but I am in search of my knowing my family heritage, not only for myself, but for my mother, Monira Darimbang. My mother mentioned to me that her father was a Datu, who had left his home, Dansalan Lanao, during the late 1930's - 1940's. My mother was a child when her father had died, but she did tell me that when she was six years old, her Uncle, Domocao Alonto, visited them in Rosales, Pang.. and wanted to bring them home to Mindanao, but at that time, my grandmother would not allow it; mind you, this was during the early 1950's. If you or anyone you know can provide me with any information about my family's history, I would be grateful. I have cousins, as well, that are grand children of Jose Rawaka Darimbang, who would like to know where our family started. Thank you.

Comment posted by Muzzayn, 06/05/2012 at 8:27am (UTC):
http://foodhut.webs.com/ plas visit my Website

Comment posted by:03/13/2012 at 11:44am (UTC)


Phapanalukonangko so ragirayan o r'gus siko mala maito siko sungkowan o ig, a mapupuno a gagaw a rapanda sa irunun, ka ibarat o s'ngkowaan na s'ngkowaan iman ko. so matanos ago marayag a kapipiya ginawa na si rka ago so mga pamilyangka, datu ontay, admin, boss akun, sir akun, idol akun. salamat sa pag post mo sa mga hiling ko sayo at malakng maitutulong nito kasi hindi lahat ng iranaon ay alam nya ang dansalan declaration at mga labanan ng mga ninoo natin laban sa mga dayuhang mananakop. Good Luck may ALLAH Bless you and your Family. Ipha'phangandag akun ska.

Comment posted by DATU ONTAY, 03/01/2012 at 8:07pm (UTC):
Panalamat na Kormat ko kaplawi-ika sa torogan tanoaya Sultan sa Gandamatto, na indawag akun ruka so salam a mapumama-ana niyan so rinao na kalilintag sa dunya na samapay sa alonga a maori, panaguntamanan ami e kidaputarun ko sumpad tano sa basa a Iranaun ka aniyan pukagakot so kaiisa o bangsa, sakum mambo na pud kami ko Pat ka Apo sa Macadar sii ko Bae a Maputi a minidarodopa o Saroden apo o Paga yawan, isa tano sa bangsa a mga tao ko pata Pangampong a Ranao

Comment posted by Sultan sa Gandamatto Muhammad Naif al_hadj, 03/01/2012 at 1:39am (UTC):
maraming salamat Datu Otay sa gyaya a website ka ka madakel a dita katawan ko inandang,asal a kyapaginetao o manga lokes tanu a dako raota a kenal,sabot na sayako mya ilay sa gyaya a rowasan ka sa basa meranau..balasangkaw Allah pagarikulay sa madakel a mapya ka malo pekhibilang so Iranaun,so tigo khibasaun a mapasang a meranau..^_~ => gyayabo so pagaingka ko islam sa gyaya pat ka apo sa dalema Macadar apo ako o potre maamour sa macadar a karoma o Sultan Mardan the 2nd a si Hadji Sulayman Apha a pagari e Abdullah a amai General M.Lao.

Comment posted by Datu Ontay, 02/19/2012 at 8:03am (UTC):
Maraming maraming salamat sa comments mo kapatid na Spike, ako rin ay nagagalak na mailathala ang manga kwento tungkol sa marangal at mapayapang pamumuhay ng ng ating mga ninuno noon at sa kasalokoyan, sapagkat masyadung nadungisan ang marangya at magandang pamumohay ng mga Iranaon dahil tayu ay sinisiraan at ayaw ng hindi kauri na mailathala ang kwento bagu dumating ang dayuhang mananakop, ang mga artikulo na eto ay nararapat na malaman ng bagung henirasyon, ang mga ninuno natin ay dapat tularan ng bagung henirasyon Maranao dahil hindi sila sumoko sa sinumang mananakop at para manatili ang kanilang mga magagandang ala-ala. kung may gusto kayung ipa post or feature na na aayon sa tema ng ating webpage maliban sa politika malugod namin tinatanggap at magpapasalamat.

Comment posted by Spike D' APO DIWAN, 02/16/2012 at 10:01am (UTC):
So rinao ago so kapipiya ginawa na sii rka datu ontay, ang ganda tlaga ang site mo at nakakatulong sa lahat, ikaw ang dapat ipagmalaki at tularan you shared ur knwledge to each and every one and very open minded, kapatid baka naman pede mo rin isali sa request ko yong DANSALAN DECLATION. pag isahin mo nlang sa home ng site mo. salamat sana mahabain pa ng GOD ALMIGHTY ALLAH ang buhay mo kasi marami kapang magagawa at matutulongan. we are more proud of you, you did it. mabuhay ka at mabuhay ang BANGSA MARANAO.

Comment posted by spike the APOMAN, 02/15/2012 at 12:28am (UTC):
Comment posted by spike( espikeyyahoo.com ), 02/15/2012, 8:15 am:
Isang mapulang araw at maalab na pagbati sayo kapatid datu ontay, sa pagsapit ng malayang bagong araw na dulot ay mapapayang pagbubukang liwayway, tanggapin mo ang marubdub at mala rebulosyonaryong sigaw ng pagbati ng mga uring bangsamoro mandirigma. ang lathalaan mona ito ay napakaganda at nakakatulong sa atin at sa mga bagong henerasyon para madagdagan ang kaalaman sa mga pamumuhay at pamamalakad ng mga ninono natin. Kapatid baka pwede naman e request sayo ilagay mo rin ang mga artekolo o isang navigator sa site mo ang mga labanan ng mga ninono natin paano nila dinipensahan ang lupang sinilangan laban sa mga dayuhang mananakop gaya ng battle of PADANG KARBALA of BAYANG, lanao del sur against American Force on May 1902, battle of AMAI PAKPAK in MARAWI CITY at iba pa, malaki man o maliit na digmaan na ginawa ng mga ninono natin, kasi ang pakidigma sa mga dayohang mananakop ay kasama yan sa mga buhay nila. SUKRAN pagari ko may ALLAH blessed you and your Family.

Comment posted by:02/13/2012 at 6:26am (UTC)

Thank you all for the greetings, am happy to read every message from you guys, for your wonderful birthday wishes, for your irreplaceable gifts and for your unforgettable smiles during my BD,
Thanks for all gifts I received during the Victory party of AWNAK-MAROGONG; I knew some of you were there because of my natal day Celebrations kaya double ang pumunta at lalung naging masaya ang party, the birthday song of Reverse Band during the Party WOW it made my birthday especial and memorable…
To my entire closest friend, cousins who done so much during that night thank for your support and encouragement my success wouldn’t have been possible and it was really a great pleasure to have you

Comment posted by JJ MU, 01/10/2012 at 8:12am (UTC):
Marata ka e sambida Datu, dimo kami inivite sa Victory Party ng Awnak-Mrogong

Comment posted by INSAN MO KAMI, 12/18/2011 at 6:13am (UTC):
Happy Happy BD to you my IDOL,

Comment posted by INSAN MO AKO, 07/29/2011 at 4:11pm (UTC):
ako ay nagagalak na batiin ka bilang isang magaling na manunulat sa maharlikang angkan ng MINDANAO sana makamit mo ang iyong mithiin sa pag susulat mo, AKO bilang iyong Kaibigan at kamag-anak kami ay bumabati sayo sa iyong bagung work (Position)sa isa sa pinaka malaking kompanya dito sa Saudi Arabia alam namin na karapat dapat ka jan at kaya mo yan pag butihin mo ang bagung work mo at saludo kami sayo at patuloy ka magpakumbaba sa kapwa, ngayun unti unti na umaangat ang iyong tagumpay, sana E lebri mo kami Ulit sa sahud mo HAHAHA, mga Pinsan mo sa Jeddah

Comment posted by:05/20/2011 at 10:43pm (UTC)


Assalamo Alaiokom! we expressed our deepest congtratulates to Datu Ontay for his unselfish promoting our Bangsa Ranao,and the outset for the ONTAY & MAROGONG.NET which has contributed much in the struggle of all Maranao Professionals for the preservation of Maranao Cultural Heritage such as the MARANAO SALSILA/GENEALOGY and HISTORY. Yours is not only a compilation at home of Maranao Genealogy but you made it in the Net readily available for every curious researcher. may Allah blessed you always for your extra ordinary Talents and knowledges as MAMA SA WATU "Mamaontay" a Datu Panondiongan sa Marogong/Binidayan/Unayan,

Comment posted by:05/20/2011 at 10:33pm (UTC)

Comment By KAKA Mohammad Casser from our Guestbook,

Assalamo alaykom. Sanggibo salamat rkano a manga datu ago mga bae a thatandingan sangkae a website. Paganaya-e a kiyapaka awtakun sangkaya a website na tanto a miyakapiya aginawako. Adun pun aki a daklas ko kaiisa o bangnsa tano. Just an eye view, I read here the salsila in Wato and I remember when I met last 3 months ago one of our elders in Raya Wato in the name of Kaka Ustad Pinto who advised me to study my bangsa sa wato. And I read here what he told me. Sukran. My mother Roqaya is the daughter of Sultan sa Wato Macadaag "Hadji Sokor" Benito Pascan. Pascan is a brother of Bae Baida (grandparent of Sultan sa Binidayan and sultan sa Masiu). I was told that when my grand father settled to his mother side in Ganassi, he relenguished the grar as Sultan sa Wato to Dancogan, Uncle of Sultan sa Binidayan and Sultan SA Masiu? I know very little of my connection to Wato. All I know is the reigning Bae sa Raya (Hadja Aisha, daughter of Bapa hadji Basheer) is my second Cousin. Allaho akbar. We need to know more about bangsa sa Ranao for us to help establishing unity, solidarity and team work for our people in Lanao and Mindanao as a whole. We can, however, use Qur'an as our guide. Allah said: The best among you in eyes of Allah are those who fear Allah. Salamaaaat.......

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Manga bangsa mi ko pat a adel a gaus ko Ranao, ago sa pragatan a tunday a pagilidan. Aya kiataonga mi sa darpa aya na ogop ago panagontaman sa kapakamoayan o andang a di kanggiginawai o manga lokes tano, na obaon misabap a mapakarayag iyan so miakalogao a di kanggiginawai, na mapakarani nian so miakawatan a katotonganaya,

Aya kiapamagosaya mi saya ko manga gogodan na ipagogop ko thatanggisa sa kakunala nian ko madaseg iyan a miapakawatan o politika, na aya mala na makaogop sa kapakaito o rido ko orian o katokawi ko kaiisa isa o manga apoapoan tano na mikasoy so munang a inagao o manga sarowang a tao,

Giyangkai a kapamagosaya saya ko kaiisa isa o bangsa na aya hadap saya na ipagogop ko kakunala sa so manga muslim sa Pilimpinas na isa a paka poonian, banian magakot so kaiisa isa o bangsa sa kipamayandegen ko kabnar o bangsa tano, na aya mala na mapamola rektano so babaya tano ko ped tano, ka pitharo o Nabi Mohammad S.A.W. a diden maka paratiyaya so pithanggisa rekano taman sa dinian ikababaya ko pagarinian so lagid o ipukababaya iyan sa ginawa nian.

PATOT A KAMBANTAI SAYA isaini a pamagogopaan o manga datu tanu sa Marawi sa ditanto kitabolog o manga simukut sa City a Marawi

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The Sarimanok is a legendary bird of the Maranao people who originate from Mindanao, a major island in the Philippines. It comes from the words "sari" and "manok." "Sari" means cloth or garment, which is generally of assorted colors.  Manòk is a Philippine word for chicken.

It is the legendary bird that has become a ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art. It is depicted as a fowl with colorful wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is profusely decorated with scroll, leaf, and spiral motifs. It is said to be a symbol of good fortune

The Sarimanok is derived from a totem bird of the Maranao people, called Itotoro. According to the Maranao people, the Itotoro is a medium to the spirit world via its unseen twin spirit bird called Inikadowa.

The Sarimanok is also believed to have originated from an Islamic legend. According to the legend, Muhammad found a rooster in the first of the seven heavens. The bird was so large its crest touched the second heaven. Its crow roused every living creature except man. Judgement day would come once this celestial rooster ceased to crow

A Maranao legend also says of a Sultan's daughter being swept by a colorful rooster that became a handsome young man and they were never seen ever again. The Sultan then created replicas of the bird to remember his daughter by




Madait a kapumbantoe tano ko manga ONOR sa Ranao na ipangorao ami rukano si Potre Monalindao a bangsatano sa Ranao kaisa sukaniyan a mitiardi na mimbilingatao ko kapusumpada ko dadabitan o Iranaon na mananagontaman ko gii kisariat'n ko dikakulas o paparangayan o Mranao (We recommend Potre Monalindao for any traditional occasions in Ranao and for royal gathering)   



Iranaon’s Pride

Iranaons/Maranao are well-known for the aspects of Culture and arts, they gained more prominence in the field of martial arts when the MSU Karate Club successfully garnered three gold Medals and one silver in the 1994 first Philippine National Games – the first time Iranaon/Maranao gained these elusive awards in sports, and up to the present time the club still gaining good records.

In the name of Sport and Martial Arts, Iranaons/Maranao exceed on it and became more and more prominences when the young prince of Marawi in the good name of Datu Revie Saber Sani (son of Sultan Duma S. Sani and grandson of late Mamitua Saber, Radiamuda sa Marawi) won Champion in the international karate competitions like the 2003 8th karate games of the Adriatic in Italy, 2003 8th Czech open karate championship in Czech Republic, 2005 Asian Karate championship in Hong-Kong, China and the 23rd South East Asian Games (SEAGAMES). Datu Revie S. Sani is the first Iranaon/Maranao became member of Republic of the Philippine Team (RP-TEAM) for International Competition in the field of Karatedo, and present President of FIMAA Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The Iranaons/Maranao. would someday proven champion in the prestigious of the Olympics as my father’s longstanding dream, Datu Revie said in his Interview.

Pamakot Ka Sa Masa Emanto

A Song of a Moro Artist

The King of Moro Song Datu Komeni Bansuan lunched his new album with the new song “Pamakot Ka”. It could really encourage and inspire each individual who would listen and internalize its deep meaning. Some of its line go this way “ My friend, pamakot ka, know yourself. Pamakot ka while you are young. Know what is happening in this world and think of what you can do. Pamakot ka while still you are healthy and strong. Face your future, don't ever think you cannot make for God has given you all. Isn’t he right in saying this so?

At this point of time, in this era of globalization wherein we can’t describe the kind of life we have. Life expansion decreases due to many illnesses and diseases. It becomes unpredictable when we can’t do anything but to face life as it is. Competitiveness among nations, tribes and even religion brings deep impact to our lives. Thousand of people lost their lives because of such conflict. Survival for poverty really a prime problem of human being. Million of people died because of have nothing to eat.

Now, is Komeni right of giving us a signal to move ahead and to strive hard inorder to survive from this vulnerable world? This is not advertising Komeni but it somehow gives us the lesson to be vigilant of our life.

Connect this message to our own distinctions and undertakings as individuals. As teachers for example, pamakotinka, value your responsibility of molding and teaching the young generation because perhaps time maybe too late for you to do it and you might regret after all. Do this while you are still in the position, while you are strong and while you have all the opportunities of doing it all.

The last line of Komeni’s song says “ Now is the time to reflect on. Ponder on and move fast”. This is just a mere song of an ordinary moro artist but let us not forget great move and action start from an ordinary and simple plan.


Just recently, the global sultanates summit was successfully done. Alhamdulillah, we thanks Allah for the success of the event, everything went smoothly with global summit in Mindanao on 10th and 11th December, 2010, HRH princess Aizian Utto Camsa said in Facebook.

The said summit was attended by the prominent royal Sultans and royal families around the globe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and other well-known countries. The theme of the summit “THE CULTURAL PARACTICES EMBODIED IN THE UNIVERSAL DECLAIRATION OF HUMAN RIGHT, TREATIES AND CONVIENTION”

The convener of the that summit was the royal sultanate of Raja Buayaan Darussalam and the united sultanates of Baguinged Tawlan Darussalam, the event was hold in royal palace hotel in General Santos city, Philippine


In the name of ARTS and LITERATURE, Meranaos exceed on these. They have the Bayok and Darangen that until now are never been break their record in the entire country. The beautiful dances like Singkil, Fan Dance and Kapamalong malong are still have big contribution in Philippine culture. Every single matter of Meranao’s life has its meaning and properly guided with Taritib and Igma.

Putri Erlynda is a symbol of undying Mranao songs, she poses and Talented in traditional folk song, support her and the other Mranao Talents

........WEEKLY SONG LYRICS........

By AKIE Band
Ipoon ko
kiapakang-ginawae ta
sukabo e sii sa pikir akun
sabap ko olaolangka a mapia
dikodun kalipatan
Di akun kagaga
Obaka rakun mada
Di akundun kaparo
Di akun Ska mailay
Ko gagawi-i dao-ndao
Ska e mapipikir
Dadun a lawanuka
Dadun a rimbangka
Na obangka kalipati
So kiapakang-garing ta
Di akundun kagaga
Obakongka ribona
Apia andaka mariribon
Pulolobaan akun ska
Apia andaka pagagao
Na magagao akoron
Repeat II & Chorus
Repeat Chorus


bY: maDSki


Miaroro miaroro
So lo’ sa manga mata ko
Sa kalipudus kalipudus
A rata a ginawako


Mipirogo mipirogo
So puso akun sabap ruka
Sa ladang ko riniwada
Ko ranon ago so gagao


What can I do what can I do
My life is nothing without you
Forgive me darling if I’m wrong
Come back it’s me where you belong

My love my love
Ranon angka
Sa ladang ko m’balingan ka
Lalayon ka sa dar akun
Ikararanon ko suka


What can I do what can I do
Sa ginawako o maribon ka
Sabarang ka o ribat ako
Mbalingan ka rakun
o garing akun


Ikararanon ko suka
Ikararanon ko suka

Nasasabik By Fred Panopio
Translated to Maranao
By Datu Ontay

(By unknown band)

Kataya so Tutholan
Ki masolampay a busao
Lomalangkap sa Ranao
Kala iyan e kakan
Maka pito makakan
Ko mababasa alongan
Aya kakana iyan
Mala ko palang-gada
Aya inoma iyan
Maito ko baldi
Madalum e kasawao
Pito ka porgada

Salakao ron aya
Minisolda akun
Tharoon ta e babunar
Mialunganian so kadato
Sulotan di kapuno
Kabugatan dasukan
Datu a lomanggowap
Sangcopan sa kathaka

Salakaoron aya
Dipuman kaolitan
Badun papagutiya
Pukun o pukunian

Reapat II & III

RaNoN AgO sO GaGao
By variety Band

Piygayonan ta
sa badun ribona
So dita kang-ginawai
Ka dabo a lalao
A di kang-gaing
ka sa dar akun

Oh…. Lilang ko
Sayana a marugun
Masakit sa ginawa
Kapukha piker akun
So ranon
Go so gagaw’ng ka rakun
Lalayondun sa piker
Go sa ginawa
Na inao lilang
Na babo kikasoy
So kiyang-garing ta

Pukha taduman ko
So manga gawii
So gawii a kasosonor
Sa imanto aya
Romunda di torogun
Na mindag di roparopun
Sabap ruka

Reapeat II 3x

TiGkA ObA DuDol
By Maher

Adun a katawang ko
A kalalagan a wata
A kilala niyan a babay
Aya niyambo thotol
A ranon gagaw niyanon
Pakisisipatiyan a thito
Niyan a ipapatay

Ipulalong iyangkon
Ramig iyan mipamono
Tomokon oba matay
Odi siran makatharosa
Inao wata kulay
Tigo manga lokes iyan
Malongka pakalanata
Ka dapun a sokatanuka

Miyondog so katawangko
Tiyomaniyan a milalong
Gagawii ndaondaw
Na mbaram-barang a sowanian
Aya miakambono
so mbala a lokes iyan
katamba amairan
so tig akun a kasowa

Gowiranon dolonun
ko wata iran a mama
na miapangaroma niyan
ipapatay niyan a raga
Miyababaya siran
Ka miyaka sigorado
Salodo ako ruka
Grabi ka a mama
Miyaka sorga ka
Ka pakatataya angka

Kay maka pito Olan
Miyada so kapag enjoy
Minisambi na ilat-ilat
O manga panoganganiyan
Anta mambo e mabaya
Sa mama tarabosaw
Daa miyasowa iyan
Na dipun matao zozokat
Somasayan sa matao
Si toropa a boklo
Na ramig mimbabawata
Na dadun makasowa zozokat
oWoOoOoOoOh !!!

Giyanan e marugun
Ko tao a mala e lalag
Tigiyan oba dodol
So mabibitin ko koda
So kapangaroma aki
Na kunaba kazandagan
K’naba anan khakan
Masmo kawn na awaingka
OwOoOoOoOoh !!!


MaLa E MaTa

Tonia problema?
Inoka ini pukharaangiti
Dingka di pamikira
E baka di sundit
Imanto a miadata

Bangka dun di khatadumi
So kiabogawangka rakun
Sii dun pun sa danga
O mga ginawaingka
A manga ala e mata
Manga ala e mata

If you only knew
Pukataduman ko
So kiya bulag angka rakun
Pira ka olan ini tigur akun
Kalipatan ko bo so ngaran ka
Bangkadun kiatadumi roo
Sa children’s park sa iligan
Dikadi magpa’cute ko
Pukabayaan ka a mala e mata
Mala pun e tiyan

Dingka dun di pamikira
E Bangka kikasoy
So manga gawii manga oras
A pud akongka
P’ki oman ka badun
Sakit ka sa ulo
Balingkadun ki pagidaan ka
A mala e mata, a mala e mata

Katawan ka a pakatatayaan ako
E love akun imanto
Di ako niyan puzasanbiin
Apya pun sidun si Khomeini
Repeat II
NeYhoOoOoOo wOoOo wOoOoH

Dikadun di sundit ka dingka bo
Kikasoy so miyanga una gawii
Diba pitharo akun ruka
Pakatatayaan ako e love akun imanto
P’wes balingkadun ka metext
Na n’dodo roo sa crossing
Dikadun punggoraok ka naba ako guwapo
Lagid e Piolo, pihing akung ulo
NeYhOooOoOo wOoOoo woOOoh

Repeat chorus 2x

Mori a Kapranon
Meranao Translation by Sen. Domocao Alonto

Rambayong modas ako, Ko inged a pilombayan
A bemberano alongan a montiya migagadong
Ko karodano sebangan a indawag ko a sanang
A saliyo a darakn a ginawa ko a rasay
Ka ompen olbi sa ropa sa antawa a daradat
Na taman ko kakawasa natarima ka kakasi
indawag a katrang a pagalad o marandang
igira sa temoan a lekepan so mawaraw
na miyada so balamban a kabutowan sa
Klong na mars-res malanat malngga masopiit
na tanandn paninindg ko ingd a pilombayan
Ka so irigi sa bansa na turoga ipanganganting
a daa ikaugyan ayakakelabakn
Na anday kabinentay o pamorawag ko langit
Apgangano liwanag a kaug o maliboteng
O bapno damargn o karanti o alongan a kariga o darako
na pasionotnka a karagiraynian
Ka anian mipmanis a diinian kaganao
Ko senang a pembokakas a maika kabengkasan
A kalibotung o kobor matawantawan roo
so miyaling ding sa baya
Dingkadn pelingiya e kiyarandanganian
O wana kanegka a sengkoa pekabanding
Na giyoto so pangni a ipamangni o tao
Sa kapakasorga aka na oponay so mera
Ko linsa o kobor akn daa rowar ko salam
Na paki aminkaon so sii ko koba ko na
Misangi ko otanon a obarobara lombay
Napakisamberen ka ko sagado napas
Ka obarakn bayogn ko sold o kobor akn
A mapagadimat akn amay ko kalipatan
So tampat o kobor akn ka apay so linsa miyan
Na miyada sa ginawa napakinaksenekandado
Ko taribasok anon makaselano
So ombiyo tolan akn a sabap a iramiram
A pamomolan a tumbak a dadna oba akn
A kipi ko rinibon ka sii ko langit
ka a raks o palaonka goso balintad
ka a dii kazolay
An o sindaw go so lalis na miyakazanaoray
So ombi o tolan akn
Pilimpinas daabay a inged a pakarimbar
A simoketa ladan ko na pamamakineganka
So mori sa pagirowin ka sii ko tangan ka na
Rokaknon ganati so langowa garingka
Mbalinga ko inged a daon so karingasa go so
Kaoripn kandatadataron so tao
Ka dapamarintaon a rowar ko dikasangkay
Na modas ako rekano ka so kalab na kadka.
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Please Support the new song of JASABS06, DI PASIN OTO, this is the Meranao version of Despacito a viral Spanish song with many versions, In behalf of this website and Datu Ontay, we salute and two Thumbs ups to the JASABS06 GROUP for making quality songs. Congrats.
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