24-NOVEMBER 2014





Hot spring, is it a volcano? They said after you take natural sauna bath you will feel better, and exactly that was what I felt after we took the natural sauna in that place!

Hot spring some said flat surface volcano

We WENT on a road trip this Friday October 24, 2014 to Al-Lith, which is around 200 kilometers south of Jeddah, and then on to the small city of Qunfudah for another car with Long and Jovit, which is around 385 kilometers down the coast from the Bride of the Red Sea. Moya HAR 58 Kilometer from AL-lith

Driving was my colleague Rashdi Mindalano Dimakuta, with Ayod Umpa our back. In Another car were Al, Ustadj and Najeeb. Traveling on the New Jizan Highway we drove until the main checkpoint into the Al-lith city and then turned lift to drive south to Al-Lith. We took the old road leading to Al-Lith, and passed many abandoned gasoline stations and mosques along the way. It was a quite interesting landscape, a sort of Saudi version of the American West. At the entrance to the town of Al-Lith we turned left and drove inland for 19 kilometers through a hilly landscape. Along the way we saw herds of goats alongside the road and.

I was excited to see the hot springs that I had heard so much about, the road is very well paved now, which means of course that the village of Moa al Har (Hot Water village) was now easily accessible to all the road is now very good.

While on the road that curved between beautiful hills that kept changing color with the movement of the clouds and sunlight, we came upon an open area that had been cemented over to make it into a recreation area, We then wandered down the way to a grassy embankment which the hot springs seemed to flow into. It was more like a drably stream than a river. And there on the banks we saw local men in pants and shirts washing their clothes in the water, I greeted them ASALAMMO ALAIKOM they replied Alaikomisalam taal join with us to removes all the toxics from your body and to clean your skin, after all you feel better and feel young and more handsome, so we joined them inside the natural covered sauna where the hot water coming from

Datu Ontay


Congrats Jeddah all star Western Union shadowed by Marogong the champion of Mobily Globe Hadj Invitational tournament, we won by half shot against Paparoti Riyadh all star, mythical 5, Boyet BautistaMerk Jeric BasaMorsie AkadJoseph Ubalde, and the final MVP Morsie Akad


On Behalf of Jeddah all star team under the sponsorship of western union and Enjaz banking service, shadowed by Marogong Global Incorporated “MGI”, we would like to extend our warm and sincerest appreciation with whole hearted thanks to the organizers of Mobily Globe in cooperation with SABRA for organizing such big event and most organized basketball Tournament in the history of Pinoy Basketball in the Kingdom,

We saluted and two thumbs ups to Mobily Globe CEO Rannie Basanta the principal organizer of the mentioned event, thank you sir for inviting us here in Jeddah for these great successes regional event.

To Commissioner and president of SABRA, Mr. Raul Aragon thank you sir for your unlimited supports and understanding to our team, we really appreciated the way you treated the Jeddah delegations,

To all SABRA members, the whole behind that event, Sir Jerry Lagrimas and Sir Fred Garces, and to all people around CEO Mr. Rannie Basanta we thanks you all, sana hindi po kayu mag sasawa sa pag invites sa Jeddah all star Marogong team. ONCE AGAIN MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO!


The much awaited basketball event in the Central Region dubbed the 1st Mobily Globe SABRA cup Regional Basketball Showdown 2014 took place last July 31 to Aug 01 2014 at the Al Yamama Hotel sport complex.

This two-day basketball exhibition attracted strong teams from the Eastern Province NPC team, Western province Thunderous Marogong-OSN team in addition to 2 teams from Riyadh, Paparoti team and BTC tea.

In first day, The team Thunderous Marogong-OSN Jeddah all star won for the knock out game over NPC Al Khubar by 9 points leading scorer, prior the team for championship game in the next day.

In the second day, the team Marogong-OSN played for crucial championship game against Paparoti Riyadh all star team, however the team was defeated for half shot only in 5 minutes overtime.

The organizer of the event declared Marogong-OSN Jeddah all star team as 1st runners Up and Paparoti Riyadh team was the champion, Boyet Bautista of Marogong-OSN team a former PBA player awarded best forward, and Joseph Ubalde of Marogong-OSN team a former PBL players received best Center with a gift certificates from Mobily Globe and Sabra group


In connection to the previous event, RAEZ ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS & ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES is one of the agencies of Mobily & Globe in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RESAT organizes sports events on behalf of Mobily and Globe for the Filipino Community in KSA.

The Ramadan Eid Regional Basketball Showdown 2014 hold last July 31 & Aug. 1 in Al Yamama Hotel Sports Complex was a huge success. The event was supported by thousands of Filipinos during the 2 days Regional showdown.

With this regard, they again organizing the Hajj Eid Regional Showdown 2014 - The Final Showdown to be held in Juffali Compound in Riyadh on October 4 & 5, 2014 from 5pm-11pm, Marogong team the Jeddah all star selection again invited to participate in these 2 days regional event,

Mr. Osias Boy Corsega Jr, team head coach and Mr. Seradj Abdulhamid, team manager confirmed that Marogong basketball team will bring the good name of Nescafe/P&G under the grace support of Mr. Roafino Josol Planos (operation manager of the said company) and Commissioner Teng Damada of United Filipino basketball Club, UFBC, with the approval of Mr. Ramon Soriano (Factory manager of Saudi Air-conditioning Manufacturing Company SAMCO) the team partner of Marogong Global incorporated MGI under the chairmanship of Mr Acmad Macagaan Madid, SFF – OSN Jeddah department head.

Datu Ontay!
Ontay & Marogong.Net

Macrh 16, 2014
The Honorable Commissioners:

We, the concerned Muslims in the Philippines, particularly the Muslims in Mindanao, congratulate you for getting this far in the peace talk negotiation, and we are informing you that we fully support the Framework Agreement. However, we are vehemently protesting the name Moro! The Muslims are not Moros or Bangsamoro.

We are not Moros just as the rest of the populations are not Indios. Moro is an insult to our people, a mockery of our traditions and a blatant denial of our history. Moro is a resurrection of the Colonizers' curse--a colonial mentality.

Like the name Negro or Nigger which is a pejorative name unacceptable to the African-Americans, Moro has been unacceptable among North Africans, Spain, India, and the Far East; only those of us who accepted this Spanish label call each other Moros. The Constitution officially calls us Muslims, thus, Muslim Mindanao. Our neighbors and the media have stopped calling us Moros decades ago. And we, Muslims, don't even call our brothers on the fronts Moros.

Moro is foreign so we used to hear its derogatory connotations from our neighbors. It is not an ethnicity, not a nationality, but an insult, a curse, and a word of abuse by the Spaniards and other colonizers at the people of Morocco, Mauretania, and other North African states, including those from Spain, Portugal, India, and Sotheast Asia. It is too generic a term to be usurped by some people in southern Philippines.

Moros is a bad language, very offensive and detestable to the World. It was related that the scientist Goddard recant his coined word Moron from Moro after realizing how pejorative Moro has always been.

People must wake up from this nightmare. The Philippine Government must realize that calling Muslims Moros is in contravention with the Law of the Land. Government officials must realize that it is improper to legalize a wrong name Moro or Bangsamoro (literally Moro nation).

We, therefore, recommend the following remedial suggestions to resolve this identity issue:

- Scrap the need for a common identity because there is none, except Muslim (a Way of Life). There never was before Islam. Moro is only a name (nom de guerre) for the liberation fronts and it was primarily used to scare the adversaries. 

- Add the name Sulu in the title of the new political entity. Instead of Bangsamoro, the new name is Muslim Mindanao and Sulu Juridical Entity or Sub-state.

- Collectively, we will be referred to by our preferred and correct names, such as, Muslims or Bangsa Muslim, Lumads, Christians and Moros or Bangsamoro

(Nation of Moros).

If the idea is not workable, find a name that is organic to the people, land and culture.  Any GOOD name but not the bad Spanish word Moros or Bangsamoros.

This identity crisis is a very serious and sensitive issue. No person is to call another a name that the latter did not accept and worse consider derogatory. The person's right to proper identity is guaranteed in the Constitution and embodied in the Universal Human Rights Declaration.

We, the civilians, are central to this conflict. We are the reason our brothers are fighting the government and we are also the reason the Government is negotiating with our brothers. We have rights to our identity! We are also the stakeholders.

Calling the Lumads and Christians in the territory and all the Muslims Moros is a violation of law and against norms of conduct.

We beseech you in the name of sanity and propriety to hear us, hear the plea of the silent majority, for the sake of unity and peace.

Thank you wassalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu'
For the Concerned Muslims in the Philippines

one of high ranked basketball team in KSA

Friendster beat defending champion MGI Thunderous in overtime 17-15 in a thrilling final on Saturday that climaxed the two-day competition featuring 24 teams divided into Pool A and Pool B with players of different nationalities.

The field was cut to the last 16 for the knockout stage after the eliminations in the first day Friday at the Sheraton Jeddah Hotel court here.

Friendster of Cris Melebo set up an all-Filipino final when it dispatched the taller and bigger Lebanese UnderDogs team of Pierre Najem, Ahmad Tartousi, Fadi Khiyimi and Ali Kubeisi 19-15 in the second semifinal.

Friendster was never seriously threatened with team captain Robby David and Tom Basa enjoying a good shooting night. A five-point lead at 17-12 with 2:25 to play cushioned the victory.

In the first semifinal, Thunderous had to dig deep in its arsenal to win against a Jeddah United side that boasts some of the best players in the city namely Salman Saleh, Mohannad Amir, Aiman Madani and Said Bahai.

Thunderous star player, former PBA Purefoods guard Boyet Bautista, showed his wealth of experience when he scored his team’s last four points including the game-winning basket from deep left corner in the dying seconds for a 27-25 victory.



Thunderous is adverb, it mean producing thunder or a similar sound or any loud sound, unrestrained in a way that suggests thunder, it can be use in a game or sport, esp. in loudness noise, thunderous clapping or thunderous applause or thunderous appearance.

the meaning of thunderous in local Philippines Maranao dialect is Marogong, from the root word rogong which mean thunder, Marogong is also good name of half of Mindanao area, equal kingdom of Bumbraran the magnanimous empire of Darangen era, now Maguindanao sultanate.

some said all Filipinos are related to this area; long long time ago before the coming of Islam and the Christianity to the Island, the ruler of Marogong had two sons, the elder went to the northern area (now Luzon area) and established his own Kiingdong, his descendants later baptized for Christianity when conquistador Spain came to the island,

His youngest son remained in Guindolongan Marogong became ruler of this area; later on Islam came to our island his descendants they embraced Islam.

In present time; Tubaran was divided into two municipalities, 1st called Tubaran lanao Del sur mother municipality, other called Marogong by Sultan Abdulmadid Maruhom, graduated mayor of both municipalities.

Our Basketball team name Marogong by Seradj Abdulhammid, when MGI was created as a group, I suggested to name it Thunderous as second official name of the group, the reason is we are composed of Filipino Christians, Filipino Muslims and some Arabs of same objective, vision and enthusiasts in sport, by Datu Ontay

na tabia sa kiasagad a gandinga bayok aya ka kunaba aya ompat ka
daorog ko sabagi na pamuzag ko saabaad a inilaod a garing

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So kabasairanon a miatay a katharo e bada sumbagian,
Pamalamatan akun si Dayamon sa Iranun
ago si Marinano Makasawal ka minibabid
ago minisompat saya so manga sumbagiran 

collected and re-arranged by Datu Ontay!

Dictated to all Maranao Bitowanun all over the world


Dimasangcay  ‘DIMAS’ A.  Pundato

Dimasangcay A. Pundato (born 1947) is a Muslim Filipino, known to friends and kin as "Kumander Dimas" is a former Moro revolutionary leader and current undersecretary of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. He is not among the traditional politicians. He served for nine years in the now-defunct Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA) under the Office of the President during the administrations of the late President Cory Aquino and former President Fidel V. Ramos. He was the former Vice Chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and Chairman of the MNLF Reformist Group, where negotiated with the Ramos administration in peace talks with Moro rebel front leaders.

Moro rebel leader turned Muslim reformist 

In the fight against the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos, Pundato led the Maranao forces of the MNLF from 1973 to 1985, eventually becoming MNLF Vice-Chairman in 1978. He also fought internally for reforms in the rebel movement. Among the three pillars of the MNLF, only Dimas Pundato, the new Chairman of the MNLF Reformist Group became the only actively engaged in the fighting on the grounds while the rest were staying abroad and managing their forces literally by remote control. In 1980 he severed his relations with MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari when the latter refused the reforms demanded by Pundato of the organization with allegation of ideological differences and a leadership style tilting MNLF to one-man rule. This led to the creation of the MNLF Reformist Group which he headed. -->> Click READ MORE


Ibarato khatanto a giya manga oragis na mataangko pakagagaw pakasakit sa rarub....ka ilaman igira tigo manga pangunguragis 

Minoyod sa Damoaw 


Dayamon sa Iranon

aynaw panamano ladangko datu ontay marogong. Dingka rakun dawayn ka ino bangka di sabot a mainot sa minggaring o badi sansara apayo rundanata na badun pphamagoman i manga rampana sa dar ka saoto pagonot sa data kapagimani i kiyambayano malang ko mapinalintada ig ka kagiya si damarao a malambaon so ranon na korangon so rangkono sa ipundolonaiyan..

Sagadita ka bunar a daa tao a mapanton ko kainalang sa garing ka kaintara sa lilang ka batadun ka sayani so sampiri kaorayan a kanogono minggareng mimbologa sa ranon damakaraw sanipa ka inipagayonadar amay ko manayabo daa pagsedanon ka kiyalipatan o tao so pisanata gowani a paganay a samaya ka kiyaliwatan sadar ka badun piyamalongan sa maragonay nayawn na ginawa sabar ka alaanda manaya datasa pikir o tao ka miyangimbnar ako ayakindolonaan ko tangkda lolot ka dangkamikalayama dibologan sa ranon dipman pkadaan ka bangkadn sasawanga kapranonangkaon ka igira manayabo randagana simalaw. HAHAHA

Datu Ontay

panamanoladangko, ino di sawang sa teg i kini laud o ranon sa boklod sa inalang kimbo akodn lombay na dakowai mazarog a kiya sansara akun ki ditatapangarangko, miyaratiyayako sa marununa inggaring so diparunay konunta na na kirangaindolona so di panday khondaliya ka pkhawita madiris lauda pagimanan na didn iridu sa dar ka baako mambo pandi a omakaborod ko ig na ipagomana bantog na baako pasandalan a omibonsod ko ragat na iyuzora pangkatan, kagiya matatangkud a kagiya sambitako a badn patula bthon didaita ranonun..

--->>> Click READ MORE


By Datu Ontay

Dowa bae a magari manga wata o Nanak sa Bayang,  langkap so ilanoiran na lomiagaday so ingaraniran a dowa magari sa Ranao sabap ko kapiya iran e bangsa, kalolao sa tonganay, manga balakhasan a bae sabap ko sukul na panagontamaniran ko bangsa ago  siyapiran kaphagipata ko n’dadatoan o manga darodopairan sa oba makasondong ko diroyod sa bangsa,  kialiyagan siran a manga bae sabap ko kataidiran ago so kasakao taman sa aya lomingkap so ingaraniran na aya minibagak a langkap adi so ngaran o manga darodopairan, siran I miabaloi a ladiyawan na pagapoon ko inged a matagsiranon miakamong miokit ko kalairan e daorog ko manga darodopairan,


Paganayron so Bae sa Marigay sa Watu, miapangaroma o Rilakola  na inimbawata iran so patkatao a wata a pagapoon sa daluma Watu, sa aya gi-I pagkaskasan o sulotan sa Watu ago so bae a Labe sa Watu na taman ko manga pud a grar sa daluma Watu. so bae sa marigay na kiabantogan a bae a mataid a manisan ko masanian ka igira pundarupa ko apia anda kalilimod na dipumarigayan ka adat ago s’lasela r’kanian, so bae sa marigay isa totholanon na igiramiagda sa lansa na putangkongun ago totondogun o manga salingogopaiyan sa dimaminos sa t’lopolokatao ago susunggayan sa bae a pakapapayongunon lalayon.

So kiawapatian na kowaaniran sa Bayang ka rooiran pakikobor, so manga m’bawataniayan sa Watu na dasiran iyog kabaya iran na si-i mikobor sa bandara ingud sa daluma Watu na dadun iyog so manga tao sa Bayang, ayakon a inipasadon inikokomon o manga datu na sii ikobor sa polo a Nusa ka aya pagulutan a Bayang ago giya Watu ago ayaniyan kon mambo amanat a okon o kawapat na sii pakikobor sa polo a Nusa ka aniyan malalangkao a Bayang ingudi amaiyan a Nanak ago giya Watu a ingud o manga Wataian, so kinikoborian sa Nusa na piaki tamunganiran ko manga salinggogopairan ago pimbalayaniran sa mala a marigay so koborian na pulawiin o manga tao sa Bayang ago sa Watu ka tadumtadum ko kababaloyniyan a bae sa marigay ina o daluma Watu.


So mambo so pagariniyan a Dayanglabi na kiaopakatan a mala e sukul a bae ko kap’siyapa ko ingedian, isa ipagilanoon na Bae sa Radapan sabap sa roo miaginged ago sukaniyan e bae a pagamaan ago paginaan so takdirian sa daluma Radapan ko masa kiabaloynian a olowan sa Radapan, sa masa oto na aya pumbutowan sa Radapan na giya Poona Piagapo lanao del Norte ago giya Piagapo lanao del sur na lomagaday sa Linamon LDN,                                                --->>> READ FULL SOTORY 














































































































By: Pangnal Datu Ramos 

Rajah Palawan was among the great Mindanao heroes who fought against invasion and colonialism. He was the first Mindanao hero to stand against the Spaniards and died for his conviction. He fought for his principles to defend the freedom of his people and homeland. He fought to preserve the culture and religion that were cherished and treasured since the time of his ancestors to his day. He believed that the worst thing to happen to his people would be to lose against the invading forces of Sarowangato (foreigners).

The time was about the middle of the 18th century, the 1750’s. The Spaniards were already established in nearby Cagayan de Oro and Ozamis.

As the Sultan of his realm, Rajah Palawan exhorted his people to prepare to fight the Spaniards. He said that it was the obligation of the people of Ranao to repulse any invasion or attack against their homeland. Failing on this patriotic duty they would lose their identity like the people of the Visayas and Luzon that the Spaniards subjugated.

To show his determination and resolve to defend their homeland and preserve their liberty and freedom, he decided to fight the invaders alone. He asked his people to allow him in this mission because he wanted to fight the enemies before they reached any part of Ranao. He said that if blood had to be shed in the struggle to protect the people and their homeland, then let everybody make sacrifice, but he would have his own blood flow first before that of his people. click--->>> C READ MORE


1.       Col. Rascal L. Mohammad Marohombsar

2.       Mandangan Dimakuta (H. Alawi)

3.       Shiek Usman

4.       Salvador Lutch

5.       Madki Alonto

6.       Linang D. Mandangan

7.       Tarhata Alonto Lucman

8.       Gen. Mamarinta Lao

9.       Dr. Mohammad Ali Dimaporo

10.   Atty. Saidamen B. Pangarongan

11.   Dr Mahid M. Mutilan

12.   Eng. Mamintal Adiong SR

13.   Alem Bashier Manalao

14.   Bombit Mamintal Alonto Adiong Jr.


So Biroa sa Bansayan na aya ina-an pagama-an so takderian sa daluma tipasal a pikampongan a Poona Bayabao, sukianiyan I isa datu a moway munda ko gi-i katakdira ko kapia o khapaginutao sa Poonan a Bayabao na sukaniani sabap sa kiabaloy a isaka tipasal a Poona Bayabao na lomagaday ko tlo a panoroganan ago so pat a mbabaya ko taritib.

Isa makamput a thotolan ko Datu Biroa na inoron minibutho si Biroa ka sabap sa biro so sabaad sa lawasian ka misabap ko ilanian a lomiagaday sa bolawasanian, isapun a thotolanon na diniyan katawan e bunar a amaiyan sa kia onotan a inipagawa-awa iyan a dinian gi-I kambabanoga ko bunar ama iyan,

Miaaloy sa sasila a aya ama o biroa na so Arogong sa bansayan a aya asal a kikawali sa Lumbac, ama o tlokatao a wata a pagamaan ko tlo a phangampongan a Bayabao, OTOWA SA MALA BAYABAO, ENGKI SA LUMBA BAYABAO AGO SO EMBAOR SA POONA BAYABAO, aya kalamilami na so Biroa na da mamabaloy a tipasal  a inisunggay rukanian na kiasabapan sa rata ginawanian na pimbabanogian so p’kanugian a ayaniyan titho a ama.

Arogong 1st married to Paramata Layagen a watao Sarip Kabunsoan, Begot

1.       Embaor sa Bansayan Poona bayabao

2.       Engki sa Minitupad sa Lumba a Bayabao

3.       Otowa sa Mala a bayabao

Arogong 2nd married to Bae Duni a watao Rajah Sirongan sa Buayan Maguindanao a watao Potre Maamor a watao Sarip Kabunsoan ko Tomanina, Begot

1.       Birowa sa Poona Bayabao

2.       Indegun or Anas

So Bae Duni na isa ngaranian na Potre Duniya na wata o Raja Sirongan a Sulutan sa Buayan, paganay mapangaroma o Sulotan Zolkarnain a Amirol Umra sa Maguindanao a Datumulok sa Sulog a wata o Adapun Pazaolan ko wata a Babae o Sulotan Dimasangkay Adel sa Maguindanao, sa masa oto na aya Sulutan sa Sulug so Pazaolan, (Adasaolan in Sulu Genealogy) na siran e tingagun tingaraan sa Polo a Mindanao na lomagaday sa Boronai,

So kiapaka simunga o potre Duniya ago so datu Zolkarnain na mialing sa Buayan so Duniya na dadun kasoy sa Simoay, pitharo o raja Sirongan a ama iayn a odi songowi o Zolkarnain sa Buayan so Duni ko solud o dowa olan na miapatot makamblag siran, si-i ko soldo dowa olan na dadun songowi o Zolkarnain.  kiapantagan mambo a mimbisita sa Buayan so datu Arogong ka so muna karomanian a paramata Layagun na Babo o Raja Sirongan, kayko mbaling sa Bansayan Poona Bayabao na pitharoon o raja Sirongan pakaonotangka so Duniya sa kawingun akun sukano, na sabap ko maratabat na miapangaroma o Arogong, sa masa oto na maogat sa tlo olan so duniya (alaho alam),

Kayko Mimbawata so Biroa na aya ama iyan na so Arogong, dapun Kazad a mangoda na miyawapat so Arogong na miapangaroma puman o Dimaalip sa Butig so Duniya na ron miakala so  Biroa, so Duniya ago so Dimaalip (pagari o Dianaton sa Butig) na inimbawata iran so Siti Okho a Karoma o Boroa sa Unayan isamambo a panoroganan, magari so Biroa ago so Okho sa Ina.

Kayko kazad a mangoda so Biroa na pimbabanogiyan so amaiyan a titho, somiyong sa Maguindanao na kayko makaoma roo na daniyampun mapanotol e anginiyan na pikokormat o manga datu sa Maguindanao ka andang irandun a katawan a wata o Amerol Umra, piakabolos iran rakus a inundaanon o ama iyan a Zolkarnain so grarian a Amerol Umra sa Maguindanao a Datumulok sa Sulog, aya maana Amerol Umra (na datu o manga Datu) na sa sulog na Datumulok.

Kayko m’lalayon sa Maguindanao na piaki pangaroma iranon so Potre Nangko a babae o Amatonding a Noni na inimbawata iran so Num ka wata sa Bansayan, mimbalingan sa bansayan so Biroa na pikokormat o manga pagarinian a Otowa, Embaor, ago so Engki na inisunggayranon a Bansayan taman sa taporog a gapa iyan, aya iran bialoy a moway munda inaan ago pagamaan na giyanan e kiyabaloy niyan a langagun tingaraan sa Ranao.

Sii ko kiandatu o Balindong na piaki bantoaniyan so walokatao a Datu sa Ranao isaon so Datu Biroa sa Bansayan na pithaongiran so 15 a panoroganan ago so 28 ago walo a mbabaya sa taritib, na sii siran lalayon gi-I timo-timo sa Bansayan na igira ana pagunus a pamagombongaaniran na sii siran gi-i timo-timo ko toroganian sa Taporog. Miapanothol o sabaad rukutano a ayakon a kiabaloy a panoroganan a Taporog na s’lasula ko Biroa, gominirao kon so Engki a ino tano gimbaloya a darpa aya gitano gipulimodan a isa ko panoroganan ka kormat tano ko Biroa ka-an madowa ka tipasal a panorogananian, na langon siran miayao sa lima sa dadun a somiangka kiran sa giyanan I kiabaloy a Taporog a panoroganan. By, Datu Ontay

Comment e Kaka Alem Dariday, M. Mimbalawag 

So kiapangaroma a o Arogong ko Duni na ikaogat dun si Birowa a ka kiaganatan sukanian o Ama ian a ESKANDER sa Solug a 13th Sultan of Maguindanao (si Birowa na mia DOWA i Ama). Kaiko makala na pimbanog ian so 1st Father ian na miatoon ian sa Ligawasa-Polangi inigraron i Amaian a: OSA SOLOG NA DATOMOLOK SA SOLOG (king of the Kings), OSA MAGINDANAO NA AMERULOMARA SA MAGINDANAO (Amer of the Amers) IGIRA SA RANAO NA ADAPUN SA TAPOROG. fr.AMERULOMARA LE MAGUINDANAO (Alem Dariday)


Somewhere in the year 1640, Datu Borowa of western Unayan, grandson of Datu Pascan and great grandson of Sharif Ali Kabunsuan, Datu Alioden Dianatun Naim of Butig, Datu Sarikran Balindong Bzar of Masiu, Datu Akari of Ramain, Datu Dimalawang of Bayabao and Datu Alanak of Baloi agreed in principles to create the Pata Phangampongo Ranao.

During this meeting the Unayan region was divided into two (2), the Western Unayan based in Tatariken was ruled by Datu Borowa and the Eastern Unayan based in Butig is ruled by Datu Alioden Dianatun Naim.

On the same year Sultan Diagaborolah (BALINDONG) consulted the seven wise men maranaos of his time on how to govern Lanao. They were Dianaton Naim of Butig, Datu Burua of Pagayawan, Datu Ottowa of Ditsaan, Datu Acari of Ramain, Embaor of Bansayan, Engki-Okoda of Minitupad Alanak of Baloi, “Biroa of Bansayan lumba Observer” the eight wise man including Balindong agreed to create the four confederation of Lanao (Pat a Pangampong a Ranao ) composed of state of Masiu, Unayan, Bayabao and Baloi, and on the second level, the 15 (Panoroganan) royal houses and the 28 legislative body (Pyakambaya ko Taritib).

This socio-political system is based on the Taritib, laws, Ijma, customary laws, and adapt, practices of the Maranaos, a Pangampong state is a further divided, into smaller socio-political units. With in the four state is a total of 43 Ingud communities classified into 15 supported or Panoroganans, Royal houses and 28 supporting Ingud or legislative houses called Piyacambaya ko Taritib (decider of Laws)


Inabae o sabaad ko manga Mranao (By Datu Ontay)

She was the only female ruler of Sulu; her name was omitted in Sulu genealogy and the ramadhan oration due to reason that she was a female ruler of the Sulu’s sultanate. Apparently, some Sulu’s did not look with favor on her regime, it being under a women leadership on 1666-1670,

Most historian did not call her sultan or sultana as her title, they addressed her royal throne PANGYAN AMPAY she was a Sulu’s royal princess, some historian name her Sittie Cabira, Arabic term of grand mistress. Sultana Nurul Azam was close friend of Zakiat Uddin Sha the sultana of Acheh Indonesia on early seventeenth century who recognized her leadership.

Nurul Azam, sittie cabira her other name was a daughter of a sister of Salahuden the 11th sultan of Sulu, her father was Sultan Baratamay of Buayan who ruled Buayan on 1657 and her younger sister married to Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat ruler of Maguindanao on 1619 – 1671,

Sultana Cabira was married to a Maranao Datu, his name was Datu Mama sa Palao son of Sultan Biroa ruler of Bansayan Poona Bayabao on somewhere in 16th century (one of the 8 wise men of Ranao who updated the existed Egma and Taritib of Phangampong a Ranao to 15 panoroganan and 28 Mbabaya ko takder), Cabira and Mama sa Palao bored Amilbahar and Solaiman, their descendants now in Ramain, Marawi and some part Lanao.


Comments from a good friends in FB

Daragadong Saranao: Pagimalaw ka coment ko sendigano facebook ka kagyapagedarn so karodano signal na malo ako maawan ka obabaden maalang ko ragato internet na izana diko kharaw a mapagomon ko group a diko kaayona tao na kanogono kapost ka mailango malware na nogono mga like ka rendaneno virus mkkkkk.

Ontay Marogong.Net: mindakul so virus a simukut e facebook na odi kapagimani so kabagur o wifi na na apia gigabytes na di makapagondakan ka mikalilid imanto so makaisa ma click na siyaw a view niyan, na aya ikawangkoron inao manga friend na mikadiyang imanto so anad sa piagma a o kaliwati milay na ka hack so Daptara sa Bontal .

Princeallan Sultan: hahahhaha so di kaphandarai ko laminan o facebook na sii medar ko ginawangka MAROGONG,,,ka ayangakon pekera na inopun maki-sasalamatun ka khabaya maki mamot ko rombao ladanka,,,na dika pundowa dowa na tarayasangka ranon ka kanongon o pumanis a plimbowana gagaw a dingka raranonun.

Ontay Marogong Net amay puman ka toman a mabaya maki mamot so sapasagi ko ranao ka an raota sinar o alongan ko Marogong na didun rimbaran sa tig na pagalokalokang ko sa diko mandidimatag na salamatun a ranon na koramatun a gagao na pakapanggaon akun ko kanirara inadil ko laotan kinisatar na paki apiran akun sa limawarna e sinar a mana gilang gomilang na paki payongan akun sa oborobor a baning ka an matanto a tao.......LOL




Miapanotol o pud ko manga olama tano a so nabi nato a Mohammad (SAW) na igirakon a mapipiya ginawaniyan na pulimoduniyan so mga sahabaniyan na diniyan kiran gi-I ng’gogodun so bangsaniyan na aya kasalsila o nabi na si-iniyan ipagpoon sa ginawanian na paka tabiduniyan ko ama iyan a Abdulah taros ko amaiyanadatu  a Abdulmotalib na sii niyan putamana ko Abdulmanaf a Bangsa niyan ko Khurais,

Mialoy sa kitab a miaka isa alongan na pianonongka o isako mga karoma o nabi  so Johairia isako mambo ko mga dorodopa o nabi, na gomiyoraok so Johairia sabap sa aya ini isongkaon na sabap sa bangsa, miailay o nabi so Johairian a pusugad na inizaanian ino pusugan, pitharoon o nabi a dika pusugad ka mapiaka a tao ka m’bawataan ka o nabi Musa AS, na inisalsila on o nabi.

So Abubakar RA na isa ko manga sipatiyan so kapasang e kanggogod ka ipulinding iran ko simukut ago pananinggila iran oba ana matudak iran a rogo a madasug iran a Muslim, so mambo so Omar RA  na mapasang e kanggogod. Igira adun a pasudun a rido na pagaloyin so katonganaya o m'bala pasadan sa rido kaanpukalubati so rarangit o m’bala makasosogata.

Mika isa alongan na so ginawai akun a SAUDI si Abu Mohanand a mala motawa, na pianotoliyan rakun so bangsa niyan sa sii niyan inipoon so bangsaniyan ko Khaled bin Waleed RA na piaka tayasian taman sa ginawanian, na tanto ako a miamumusa ka aya pipikirunakun na Iranaon/Mranao bo e mapasang e Kasalsila,

Miakaisa alongan na miapanotol o pud ko manga olama tano a inipakaiza iran ko mala Olama sa Saudi e antona e saratiyan ko kapagaloya ko bangsa ko masa a ka khawing kambitiyara, na aya inisumbag o Olama na o ayasabap a kapagaloya ko bangsa ko masa kalilimod a kakhawing a lagid oba marororan sa katakabor ago kapumamasla sa ipagandisanka ko lagid ka so bangsangka nadi mapia oba pagaloya ko masa kambitiyara, o ayapuman a sabap hadap a ipagaloy ko bangsa ko masa kalilimod na mipatag ko kakukunala sa mikasoy so karani o bangsa na miapakay a kaaloya ko bangsa ko masa kambitiyara, ogaid na ayakon a mapia taralbi na didun pagaloin ko masa kalilimod so bangsa ka pananggila oba maroran sa katakabor na dosa a kakowaon ka so Allah na diniyan kakabayan so siran a mga tao a mga takabor.

Sii sa Ranao na marororan ko Egma ago Taritib a Ranao sa kapagaloya ko bangsa ko manga ala a kalilimod, kasulutan, kambae, ka khawing, kapasad sa rido ago so ka p’reunion ka ayahadap roo na gi-i makatotokawa so diron makakaip obaniyan madasug so pagariniyan a Mranao/Iranon,

So kapaganada ko bangsa na pud ipagoman o katao ago munang o Datu ago Bae, sa so Salsila maana Gogodan na aya watang pasudan o elmo ko kataro sa Egma ago Taritib ko Iranon pipharasan a Ranao Pipandaraan.

Wassalam Datu Ontay

By Datu Ontay


Lake islands may form in numerous ways. They may occur through a build-up of sedimentation as shoals, and become true islands through changes in the level of the lake. They may have been originally part of the lake's shore, and been separated from it by erosion, or they may have been left as pinnacles when the lake formed through a rising in the level of a river or other waterway (either naturally, or artificially through the damming of a river or lake). They may also have formed through earthquake, meteor, or volcanic activity.

The Island popular known Maito a Balut (Small Island) traditionally and politically belongs to the territory of Binidayan Lanao Del Sur, one of its 26 regular Barangays.

According to Local Historian, this Island also called POLO AMPASO “Ampaso Island” land property of Maruhom Ampaso one of the 3 ancestors “P’GAPOON” of Binidayan, majority of residing people of the island claimed descendants of AMPASO (MORIATAO AMAPSO) reasoned why the Island called POLO AMPASO. 

Other historian told; these Islands Mala Balut and Maito a Balut are the rocks thrown by Rajah Indarapatra and Giant Omaca-an when they tried to kill each  other long, long ago.” Those rocks gradually grows became small Islands in lake Lanao. 

THOTOL A MAKAMPUT (Related to Balut a Maito)

Miapanothol o pud ko mga apo tano a gowani na giyakon a balut a maito na daa songon a tao  sa gi-i ikakaluka ka babalingan kon a manga ala pakalukluk a pimbarang a mrat manga binatang, ayapun a giran gi-I taroon na sadun sa pumbaling roo na pukasakit ago pukaburug, miaka isa alongan na isakon ko maito so Maruhom Ampaso sa Binidayan na minisimunga iyan so manga pagariniyan a SAYAWA ago so PONDAG, miapamikirian kon a rapug a marororan sa ondog a palagoyaniyan siran ka aniran mambabanog na miagda sa awang na si-i mithapok sa balut-a maito, sabap ko dadun m’babanoga o manga pagariniyan ka ayakataoiranon nasi-i miantap sa sabala a ranaw na amag na songoanirambo,

Sabap ko rata a ginawa o Ampaso na dadun baling sa tiniguriandun so kalukiyan sa si-idun riaot a gagawi ago ramig kiapitaan sa balut a maito, kayko mapita piyapiya na miapamikirian a kunaba  ana pakalukluk sa balut a maito sa khapakay a balingan, sabap roon na kayko makabaling sa bandara ingud a Binidayan na daniyan kirandun tharoa ko manga pagariniyan oba si-i poon sa Balut a maito, inipoon roo na milalayon sa balut a maito, na kayko kasad na mizazapadan roo miphamomolan roo taman sa minirakus a balut a maito ko kawalinian na minitakup naso saabaad ko manga m’bawataanian na piagingdaniran.  sa masa kapapantagan na okon o timotimo so isaka lokus ko moriatao Ampaso a miagingud sa Balut a maito na disiranon mamin sa polo anan,

Isako martial law ko masa e Ferdinand Marcus ko kiapakitidawa o manga wata MNLF na so sabaad ko manga wata nasi-i siran miagapas sa Nusa Island, na so pud kiran na liangoyran a Balut a maito ko kia oranikiran sa istok ogo manga deplano o parinta a pilimpinas, na aya kiran kiailaya o manga sondaro dipamopo sa si-i siran miagapas sa Balut a maito na piangistokan siranpuman na miarabrab so manga walay roo sa kia-awaan a balut a maito sa liangoy o manga wata giya Bayang, Tugaya ago giya Binidayan ka ayamarani a ingud sa balut a maito.

Note: di akun ikadosa oda kamataani a totholan aya sa matag aya pianotol, 


(BY Datu Ontay)

Sulangan Island is the smallest Island of Lake Lanao, It is located at the eastern part of Wato Balindong Lanao Del Sur, Traditionally claimed that Sulangan Island belong to the land property of Sarikran Balindong Bzar of Masiu, where his royal grave located.

"amanat of Balindong Bsar" by well of Balindong,  he died and buried in Sulangan island, to let inged a Wato remain alliance of Masiu Sultanates  to make known that Raya, Malaig and Wato sultanates are under the  umbrella of Masiu Phangampong. In 1956 by virtue of republic act 1419 dated June 10, 1956, Wato was rename Balindong in honor of a great ruler of Pangampong fame who ruled entire Ranao on 16-17 century.

Miapanothol o mga apo-apo an tano a sokon so Sarikran Balindong Bsar sa Masiu na ini pagamanatian a o kawapat na sii paki kobor sa polo Sulangan sa Wato ka aya hadapian na so lima inged sa sedepan a masiu na andikalimbani o kisalaimbago a tao sa Ranao, a sii mapapadalum ko taritib o pangampong a Masiu.

Mia-aloy o manga saba-ad ko manga apo tano a sokon so kobor o Balindong na pulawiin o mga wata mbawatanian sa pananadun ko kiandatoiniyan sa inged a Ranao, sii ko kia-alin o butad na minitarug so kaplawi tanoron..


    “taritib a Ranao” 16 century to the present time

    Lanao “Ranao” is divided into four confederations (Pata Pangampong) principalities,

                 MAROGONG - Unayan

                 MAGANDING - Masiu

                 DAGODOB - Bayabao

                 MIMBISA – Baloi 

    Every state a Pangampong is divided into suko (District) 

    Unayan phangampong

    •             Sedepan a Unayan Suko, western Unayan District

    •             Sebangan a Unayan Suko, eastern Unayan District

    Masiu phangampong

    •             Sebangan a Masiu suko, East Masiu Distinct

    •             Sedepan a Masiu Suko, West Masiu District

    Bayabao phangampong

    •             Poona Bayabapo Suko, Primary Bayabao District

    •             Lumba a Bayabao Suko, Central Bayabao District

    •             Mala a Bayabao Suko, Big Bayabao District

     Baloi Suko, lone District


Dr. Mahid M. Mutilan (born August 12, 1943 - died December 6, 2007) is a respected Muslim religious leader and an acknowledged titan of peace advocacy and inter-religious dialogue in Mindanao. A native of Marawi, Mutilan holds the Maranao title of "Guro sa Marawi," meaning a learned leader.


  • City Mayor of Islamic City of Marawi.
  • Governor of Province of Lanao del Sur
  • Regional Vice Governor of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindana
  • President of the Ulama League of thePhilippines
  •  Regional Education Secretary
  • Chairman of Ompia Party

Early Years

Dr. Mahid is the son of Kali Diki Palawan and Bai Kaila Miraato. He was born in Marawi City one year after the beginning of the World War II in 1942. He is married to Aleema Khadijah Ulama, his first wife. He enrolled both in Madrasah (Muslim school) and in the secular school. He was able to manage his study in both educational systems. Mahid finished his primary schooling at Central Elementary Pilot School in Marawi City . ------>>> READ MORE



Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Alhamdolillah wa salato wa salamo ala Rasulillah wa ala a'lihi wa Sahbihi wa man Tabiahom bi ihsanin ila yawmidden ammabad.

So Nabi tano Muhammad (sallalaho alayhi wasallam) na aya kyasogowaan o Allah na ladiyawan a mapya a purawaton so paparangayan iyan. Nabi a limo ago malai kapudi ko langowan a Ummat iyan a miyamaratiyaya siko kaisa-isa o Tohan tano a Allah Sobhanaho wa Ta’alla,

Miyakapoon a totol ko Ibrahim bin Muhammad a apo sukanyan o Ali bin Abi Thalib (radhiyallaho anhoma),  igira kon a so Ali bin abi Thalib (r.a.) na ipuropa niyan (pun described bun iyan) so Kataid o Rasulollah Muhammad (s.a.w.) na aya diniyan taroon na: -->>>>> READ MORE



With me in the jersey is (PBA) Boyet Bautista a basketball player of Harbour Centre Batang Pier of the Philippine Basketball League. Bautista played high school and collegiate basketball for the Knights of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran. He had a stint with Toyota Otis-Letran Knights in the Philippine Basketball League, and later with the Purefoods Tender Juicy giants of the Philippine Basketball Association, before returning to the PBL.

Bautista joined the Letran Squires basketball team in 2000, forming a formidable lineup which made them a force to reckon in the NCAA Juniors division. Teaming up with then MVP Ronjay Enrile, Ira Buyco, Billy Ray Anabo, and Mark Balneg, the Squires swept the elimination round with a 14-0 record and give them an automatic trip to the Juniors finals with a twice-to-beat advantage. In the finals, they faced the (now inactive) Mapua Red Robins led by Jeff Martin and company. However, their dreams of a perfect season took a turn for the worse, as the Squires were beaten in the finals twice. Four of the team's starters, including Bautista, suffered cramps during the crucial stretches of the deciding Game 2. He is the Back to back MVP of FBA, FBL, LIGA AND WPBL, he played under the banner of SAMCO-MAROGONG BASKETBALL TEAM. 


MAROGONG BASKETBALL TEAM is one of the most organized and popular basketball team in Saudi Arabia particular in Jeddah western region, under the management of MGI (Marogong Global Incorporated) which most of our players are honorary members, ten (10) times champions, 

  • MOG Faisaliya 2nd conference 2011 Champion,
  • WPBL 15th conference 2011 Inter Company Champion,
  • FBL 6th conference 2012 open non Rated Division 1st runner up,
  • Dammam FIBA charity cup 2012 regional game 2nd runner up,
  • WPBL 16th conference 2012 Rated Division 3rd runner up,
  • WPBL 16th conference 2012 Strong A Division Champion,
  • Lanao Laker's WPBL inter Muslim regional game 2012 Champion,
  • FBA 33rd conference 2012 Rated Division Champion,
  • FBA 34th conference 2013 Rated Division Champion,
  • FBA 34th conference 2013 intercompany Division 3rd runner up,
  • Liga Pinoy WPBL 1st conference 2013 strong B Division 2nd runner up,
  • Al Khubar UFBF best of best 2013 regional game 2nd runner up,
  • FZSP anniversary exhibition game 2013 Champion,
  • 2nd prince Talal Ramadan Basketball cup 2013 Champion,
  • FBL best of the best cup 2013 eid’l fitr regional game Champion,
  • Liga Pinoy WPBL Pasiklaban 2013 eid’l adha regional game Champion, 

The team marked as strongest Filipino basketball team all over the kingdom when they won and swept the 2 powerful basketball team in central region Riyadh’s team during the Pasiklaban 2013 of liga pinoy WPBL eid adha regional game on Oct. 16-17 2013, Riyadh Lanao Leyete paparoti team with Alcasabas brothers, and the Riyadh all star team with TAMAYO and the ASAY’S brothers. ----->>>>> CLICK MORE ON ARAB NEWS


Within the four principalities “pat a Phangampong” is a total of 43 Ingud communities with rulers Sultans, classified into 15 phagawidan “supported” or Panoroganans Royal houses and 28 phagawid “supporting” or legislative houses called Piyacambaya ko Taritib (decider of Laws) This socio-political system is based on the Taritib, laws, Ijma, customary laws, and adapt, practices of the Maranaos, The Taritib, an ancient order or law bound together the four states or principality of Lanao into an alliance or confederation and define their relationships. There is no central, all powerful authority but every state or principality respected the traditional alliance made by our ancestors termed Kangiginawai. ---->>>> READ MORE


The Sultanates of the four confederation of Lanao was the identification of ancestral land area (Kawali) of each state (Pangampong). Such was identified by the Datu Pascan of Unayan grandson of Dimaampao, Datu Popawan of Bayabao grandson of Botuanun, Ami Ayonan Simban of Masiu grandson of Bataraan and Datu Dilion of Baloi grandson of Thopaan. A meeting among the named Datus was set at Sawer, Masiu, Lanao Del Sur, to discuss changes, establish territorial boundaries of their respective areas and to draft and amend the already existing Taritib/Igma of the Phangampongo Ranao. The meeting place was provided with four (4) pillars of stones, called “Debarosan”, for the four (4) Datus. The agreement known as “Kiatathamana-an” territorial boundaries of their respective areas such as; Dalama, located in the municipality of Molondo, the boundary between Bayabao and East Masiu; Sawer in Masiu municipality the boundary between East Masiu municipality and East Unayan; Madamba municipality, the boundary between West Unayan and West Masiu; and Bacayawan in Marantao municipality, the boundary between west Masiu and Bayabao. --->>>READ MORE



Okkir or okkil is the term for geometric and flowing designs (often based on an elaborate leaf and vine pattern) and folk motifs that can be usually found in Maranao and Muslim-influenced artwork, especially in the southern Philippines, and in some parts of Southeast Asia. Okir a dato refers to the ornamental design for men and okir a bay to that for women.

In the Philippines, an ancient proof of okir's style of flowering symbols is the torogan, the ancestral home of the highest titleholder in a Maranao village. It is a symbol of power and prestige usually adorned during festivities. Its prominent part is the panolong, a carved beam that protrudes in the front of the house and styled with okir motif. The okir design is found woven or printed in textiles, carved into wooden cemetery markers and wooden boxes, and it can also be found etched into knife or sword blades and handles, and cast or etched into various brass and silver objects.

Other variations of the okKir involves the use of nāga or serpent motif.  Maranao instruments usually are styled with okir. A more prominent variation is the sarimanok, a chicken-like figure that carries a fish in its beak.






Pud a a tanda o kapia o kapapakaradian kang-gitagita lagid o basketball na pukasabapan sa madakul a dingka gi mimbolayoka mipagpuda kandaoroga sa awid sa ingaran o mga inged tano,
 saban san na so MAROGONG GLOBAL INCORPORATED (MGI THUDERSOUS) sa Jeddah na pud a pangandagiran a siran e pagampaganay a ‘Community group” ompongan a minindaoroga o SAMCO-JUFFALI COMPANY mala a Company sa SAUDI ARABIA sa kia awidi sa Ngaran o SAMCO (Saudi Arabia Air-conditions Manufacturing Company) na inirakusiran mawid so ingaran a MAROGONG Global Incorporated (MGI) sabap ko kiailayairan ko kapiya o kapakiki giginawae o lagid tano sa bangsa ago so kapia o kia ilayairan ago kiasima-a iran ko kapia o kaawid sa zaman “event” o MGI.
Aya ingaran o Basketball team na SAMCO-JUFFALI Basketball team,  na aya kalilid ko mga palyers na Christians ayabo a Muslimon na si Ryan Aguam II a bangsa tano sa Ranao a ayabo Meranao ko Viper Team ko ABS-CBN TFC KINGDOM CUP Champion.  giyanan a team na siran e bitowan sa Giant Basketball team sa Jeddah sabap sa ron maapud si Boyet Bautista a star player a Letran College na andang pun a pud sa Pure foods, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), Raymond Matias andang a PBL ago TFC ABS-CBN player a Pagari e Ronnie Matias sa Rain or Shine sa PBA, Si Mark Elamparo player sa TFC ABS-CBN, Joseph Ubalde andang a PBL a player sa TFC ABS-CBN, Bryan Adaya Rated Palyer ago pud sa TFC ABS-CBN, Kiel Yutuc TFC ABS-CBN player,  ago so mga pud a players mga Varsity sa UM, Inter Town, ago so mga pud a langkap a paliga sa Pilipinas,
Sii ko sold o tlo olan a kiapakaradian sa Basketball sa Filipino Basketball Association (FBA) na miaka isa isa tabanun so SAMCO JUFFALI TEAM, ikadowa ngaranian na SAMCO DESERT MASTER MAROGONG, aya mini pagagao iran sa Championship na Arjed Catering a mga players a Shadow lounge Restaurant ron mambo maapud si Ruby David a Andang a PBL ago TFC ABS-CBN ago andang a player a Happy Tooth paste sa Pilipinas, si Ron Magat TFC ABS-CBN player, Noy Magat TFC ABS-CBN player, John Rebulado Rated Player TFC ABS-CBN, Morsi Akad Dunker minipanalan sa Amerika sa 3on3 ago TFC ABS-CBN player bangsa tano sa Maguindanao,
Aya pud a team a Giant na HAL CONSULTANT BASKETBALL TEAM, siran so mga players a Friendster Basketball team, mga players siran mambo sa TFC ABS-CBN KINGDOM CUP, aya ikapat a team na FUJIE RATED TEAM aya mga players iran mambo na langon rated category players,
Panalamat nago Kormat ko langon a minindaoroga o Marogong Global Incorporated (MGI) ko kia salapidawa tano ko mga ala sport events sa Jeddah, PBA Legend, Mc Donald 3on3, FEBL Championship, ago so Lanao Lakers Regional Game, WPBL Regional game, FIBA regional Game, na akol rayoon nami rukano a dikaminiyo pagilayani o aduna di amiron kasowaan ka sobo so Kadnan tano a dapayag e daa paawingian, o sukami e pukapili a phagawid ko mga pud a sport events sa Jeddah na kunaba sukamibo e kibantoganon ka langondun o meranao sa Ranao.
Kormat na sulasula ko SAMCO DESERT MASTER MAROGONG sa kiapa champion iran ko 33rd open rated division sa FBA Basketball Tournament, Sheraton Basketball Court, Jeddah KSA ko mia ipos a olanolan,  giyoto a masa kia champion na aya record breaker ko kadakul a mimbantay sa gawi-i oto a championship match,

(with English Translation)
Dimada pagiroin na osi-i sa marinaw a maliwanag sa darm sa ginawangka pisige na darani ka sa obay na didawangka a ranon a ginawako a rasay ka osa imanto aya na manakodun a rantang sa kautantang ko lilang sa kano-nano-nawangko e kapuki laod akun na masaromantang ako ka inilaod akundn na lomiaod mambo ka matag sambr a ranon, dakodun kapantoni a ginawako dinidaw na kiasaudan akun sa dalaan a maminar a mapupuromba akun,
My long lasting dream, 
please come on my side 
and sing me a good song 
relates to my feeling, 
I am broken heart 
and don’t know what to do
Like I’m on the cross road
Can’t decided which turn to take
We let each other free from commitments
I can’t hold my tears is falling
because of the sad feeling I had now
I know not worth-ed 

My long lasting dream 
please comfort me with your song
(Created by Datu Ontay on 07-04-2013)
Translation requested by Engineer RF Rana ALSTOM




Sheikh Ahmad bin Haji Bashir Mohammed Shafi, الشيخ أحمد بن حاجي بشير محمد الشافي (January 1, 1919 – July 10, 1989) was a Filipino Muslim Aleem, former president and founder of the Agama Islami Society. Sheikh Ahmad was born on the 1st day of January 1919, in Miondas, Tamparan, Lanao del Sur Philippines.

Early Educational and Childhood

Sheikh Ahmad received his first non-formal education from his father, and then later on studied at the School of Islam complete primary school in the city of Marawi. As a child, he was a school leader, a potential that made him prominently known, not only in the Philippines but more specific in the Islamic nations, during his lifetime.

--->>> READ MORE


Tribute saying to Datu Ontay & Marogong.Net

Pamzag na pangoyat ki Datu Ontay

marayag puman so binaning ko rowango sangbaan ka so alongan na mulangkap naso sunang na maporo ka manamizaribolan a linang a mamondiong sa daraniay damudag ko daralat a maporo na rimbaran daloyongun so pangkatan o marogong a lowakatan kalinan a mana punbitoonun na inipagirigan a boluntaya anonun, gii indadaliay ko balibut o Iranon ka sabap ko pasza iyan, gii mapangindawan ko irigiay kaparan, gii masisimalao ko lumbac sa sinayanan ko saratian ko s’mpad, makoranda masalug ko ti-tendug a marandang kagiya kamanisan a asalo dinda-agun na andang a ditanongun ko datanong o maganding, paramata ko ingud a porna ko pangampong, bangka mipangingiza e dariday a matitho a lombay o pornaman, inoyag a mabitak a bab’s a porong a tao, zinanada matao a sangkad a maongangun ko balibuta masanang ko tenday o pagilidan na tanan ko pipharasan,

miandaitdaiton so ingaran a matanos a igira tanto buton o mga tatanos a tao sa inged a Maguindanao na DATU LAWAN KO RANAO A MANGODA MAONGANGEN, na igira sa iranon na aya kadidawaon na DATU ONTAY MAROGONG A P’TANOD KO BANGSA a tigon e Sulotan datu aya a Edres Tamano a isa mambo a sigay a pamorawag ko Ranao,

dita mindowadowa kagiya maginawa, dita mindarainon ka maayon a masakao, dita mitaripunda ka kagiya tanda iyan so kapakilolotun, diko katarikodan e diron kindolonaan ka kagiya salugian so kapakingginawai ko salakao di salakao ko diroyod sa bangsa, ped ko sarogiyan so malolaw a malano a marinano somarat, matao komoranda na matanos makipantag ko bala iyan ko kadar a sugudiyan sa bansa, na aya mataan bunar na malai paninindug ko agama a Islam na guso sumpad sa muna sadiron kapulimbani o mga tao ko iranon……….

Balasangka o Allah, Datu Ontay ko mga pasza aka “ mga SALSILA ago IRANON ARTICLES” sanggibo salamat…..

Graduation prepares you to a new stage of life. Walking in the path of your dreams, you are half way through. Work harder and dream further. Never give up. Congratulations to all Graduates 2013

Names of individual Kolintang

From Big to Small

• Kundongan (from Kundong, means shady connotes cool soothing relaxing meditative state)

• Mamals (from M’Bals, means to pronounces, tighten, or secure something)

• Mananggisa (from Isa, means single, one gong that plays simple)

• Sagorongan (from Goorong/Orong, means mount in between two side, expand, having all, burst connotes thrilling, progressing, gong always played)

• Lomalis (from Lalis means shot or scream connotes forceful manner, execution of a loud noise, prominent unsubdued role)

• Romapunut (from Rapunut means quiet, silent, calm, refrain, behave, connotes to listen be attentive)

• Romingkar (from Ringkar means repeat rapidly, connotes gong that does certain part in rapid sequences)

• Anonan (from Anon means try, testing, highlight or intensive, denotes thing upon which important part to be played, connotes gong first to play)

 KAKOLINTANG (Lima ka Daradiat) of ranao, composed of five players, one player at the Dubakan, two players at the agongs, one player at the Babundir and at least lady player on the Kolintang, the players should play the kolintang harmoniously this is the importance of this musical instrumental, in darangen era Bantogun always played Dubakan, Madali and Mabaning on the agongs while Rangaig on babdir and Lawanun and Ikada alternately playing Kolintang, they lovely and harmoniously playing kolintang and no one can equal to them, ( gosungko so lutingan a mana mombao ko ingud a mabuto buto nian,  kataya so Bumbaran a  dadun a rimbang iyan ko ilian pagilidan) while playing kolintang with (kapangolilat) the lady player should used decorated kolintang stick, apers and etc

Prepared by Datu Ontay


(Repost Adopted Article)

Pitharo o Nabi"SAW":

Hay so skano a manga tao, mataan a dadn a Fitna"Tiyoba"a miya ad'n sangkai a liyawaw o Lupa, ipoon ko kiya ad'na o Allah ko mbawataan o Adam a bamaka lawan ko kaphakawma o Dajjal.

Go mataan a so Allah na dadn a ba niyan miyasugo a Nabi inonta na paki iktiyaraniya ko Omat yan so Dajjal. Na sakn I moripori a Nabi na skano I moripori a omat. Na mataan a sii rkano d'n phaka g'maw so Dajjal.

Na opama ka makawma a sakn na bibiyag ako p'n na sak'n imatao ron,"sakn i maki shinogata-on", na o makawma a sakn na miyawafat ako d’n na omani isa na kata-o niyan d'n a ginawa niyan, na so Allah i sharigan akn ko mga Muslim.

Go mataan a sii s'kaniyan phakambowat sa pagltan a Sham"Soriya/Seria"a go gya Iraq, na phag'n'b-n'b d'n sa Diwang Kawanan.

Mga Orip'n o Allah na Phapar'r'n'k kano ka ip'ropa akn rkano so Dajjal sa ropa-an a dad'n miropa o miyanga oona-an akn a Nabi.

Amay ka makawma na phanagipo-on d'n sa ptharo-on yan a [ mata-an a sak'n na Nabi ] na di niyo pharatiyaya-a ka dadn a phakatondog rak'n a Nabi.

Iriyan yan na ithondog yanon a [ sakn so Kadnan yo ] na di niyo pharatiyaya-a ka so Kadnan tano na di tano khaylay odi tano mamatay.

Go mataan a skaniyan a Dajjal na sabala e Mata, na so Kadnan tano a knaba Sabala e Mata,"I say: p'd inin sa mga Dalil a so Allah na ad'n a Mata niyan, pitharo o Nabi"saw"[ so kadnan tano na knaba sabala e Mata ]"  


Brief History

Marogong Global Incorporated (MGI) is a global community organization that based in Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, composed of young OFWs from Philippine which most of them came from Lanao Provinces, honorary members came from different communities in the Philippines,

The Organization was first conceptualized on May 08, 2011 during the first gathering of the group at Reem Rivera Beach Resort; it was attended by 70 persons most of them are from the Municipality of Marogong, Binidayan, Tubaran, Marawi, and some our Christians brothers who always with the group since it was created.

The aim of the group is unity, solidarity, and camaraderie to promote peace, harmony, brotherhood, and social interactions among members to other group of the same objectives, social livelihood, sports, education and community services.

Although the group was not properly organized at the beginning, it social function has been observed when they sponsored many occasions and parties, such as Weddings, Birthdays, Kandori, Mountain Climbing, Kandowali, Umra Hajj, Beach gathering and lot more, these events mentioned unites the group more stronger and close to each other. The group became one of the most prominent community groups in Jeddah when they participated in basketball tournament at WPBL, their team named Awnak-Marogong by Seradj B. Abdulhammid and Ja-Alhaq Umpa Cali from the good name of the municipality approved by majority of Marogongians and they consulted Datu Acmad “ONTAY” Abdulmadid.

Awnak-Marogong Basketball team won as Champion in the 15 conference of WPBL, which made the group stronger and they celebrated their victory at Maracena Beach Resort Hotel, attended by 150 persons that was the first assembly meeting of Marogongians and that occasioned made them bonded, close to each other but still no leader identified until they agreed to participated in the 6th conference of FILSAMA Basketball League (FBL). During the game of Marogong Basketball team in FBL, the group surprisingly let the announcer declared Datu Acmad “ONTAY” Abdulmadid as acting chairman of the group by a unanimous decisions and no objection from the group.

As a result of their determination in sport, Marogong Basketball team won as first runner up in FBL and made the team and group well-known to the Pilipino community in Jeddah, they were always invited in the social gathering from other organizations like Kalilangs, Inductions, Parties, Wedding ceremonies, Live band concert and Rinarinaos. One of the great achievements of the organization and their team was the first community basketball team invited in FIBA Charity Basketball Cup 2012, they represent Jeddah selected players and won as 2nd runner up against Riyadh Selection delegates both teams mostly former PBA, PBL, MBA players, hold in Al Nadah Stadium, Al khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on April 12, 2012 for the first charity Basketball Cup in the Kingdom, the profits proceeds to the victims of Bagyo Sendong at Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City.

The acting chairman decided to let the group formally organized, closed door meeting was conducted at the residence of manager Seradj B. Abdulhammid on April 17, 2012. First agenda of the meeting is to provide a suitable name of the Organization, first suggestion was MAROGONG INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, and some suggested MAROGONGIANS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION. Datu Seradj B. Abdulhammid said that since the words (International Association) was commonly used by majority of the community group in KSA, he suggested naming the group of similar meaning. MAROGONG GLOBAL INCORPORATED was approved name of the group and THUNDEROUS is a second name of the group which is English term of MAROGONG,

In April 27, 2012, the group celebrated their second victory at the same time grand assembly of the group at Maracena Beach Resort Hotel, attended by more than 250 persons, that was the first launching of the group’s name; certificates was distributed and awarded to the players and the group’s honorary members.

In May 14, 2012, the group continued their journey in the road of sport at WPBL with two team’s entries, Entry in open Rated division named (Thunderous Marogong team) garnered 3rd runner up. Entry In open non Rated A division named (Marogong Basketball team) the Champion in Strong A Division 2012. Marogong Basketball team was the first community basketball team officially confirmed by the LANAO LAKER’S and WPBL to represented "All Maranao star players" last Eid Al fitr exhibition game in 1st Lanao laker’s WPBL Inter Muslim regional Invitational tournament last August 18-19, 2012 hold at Ahmad Khaki Sport Complex Jeddah KSA and won as Champion, that events made the group more prominence in the Pilipino community, this time not only in Jeddah but entire Kingdom,  

Marogong Global Incorporated is proudly celebrating their team’s victories as Champion in FORM and ELOQUENT performance during the first Lanao Lakers Cultural Kalilang Competition last 19th of August 2012, and 2nd runner up during the Nunungan Kalilang Festival 2012. MGI Victory Celebration scheduled on 18 October 2012 at Maracena Beach Resort Hotel, Abhur Jeddah KSA. 

Note:  Achievement of the group is the beginning of our continued group victory and hoping for more blessing in the future. May Allah Guide our group all the times,  

Help us ALLAH!


Manga bangsami ko Ranao Ragat (Pata Pangampong a Ranao) ago so tundaya pagilidan (Coastal Arae of Lanao) ipangorao ami rukano a daorogun tano so mga bangsa tano sa Ranao a miapili ago miapud ko pagampaganay a kianggita-gita sa sa Basketball a iningaranan sa First ABS-CBN- TFC Kingdom CUP 2012, Paganay na si Ryan Aguam pud sa Jeddah FBA Vipers, na Ikadowa si Salah Macadatar a pud sa Jeddah FBA Friendster, sa siran a dowan na mipangandag tano ko lagid tano sa bansa ko kapasangiran e kambula sa basketball,  kapumbatayan tano siran sa ABS-CBN TFC  delayed broadcast sa Bro Channel, 

So Marogong Basketball team a thatandinganun a MAROGONG GLOBAL INCORPORATED (MGI) Thunderous in Jeddah na sabap sa kadakulan ko players sa giyanan a dowa team sa Jeddah na andang a tagapuda a Marogong Basketball team na madait ago taralbi a kimboyo-on ami rukano, ipangoraw ami rukano sa daorogun tano siran sa lalayon tano siran gi-imbantayan sa TFC, Sa Vipers Team na Paganay si MARK, ELAMPARO, RYAN AGUAM, KIM ALIH. Sa Friendster Team na paganay si JAY-AR NORBERTO PIEDRA, JAY C. LIAM, ALBERT CHRISTIAN GUIMPATAN, SALAH MACADATAR.

Giyanan a mianga aaloy ami a players na ipangoraw ami rukano a mbantayan tayu siran lalayon sa ABS-CBN TFC Kingdom Cup ka bolayoka tano siran sa manga pipiya siran e olaola ko datar tano sa bangsa,

Sanggibo Salamat Rukano Langon, Poon sa  Marogong Basketball team’s Management and this website, 


Clash of the Champions

(First Lanao Laker’s Inter Muslim Eid regional Game) CHAMPION

Kormat na bantobantog ko ompongan a MAROGONG GLOBAL INCORPORATED (MGI) sa kapagoolowaniron e Datu Acmad “ONTAY” Abdulmadid ago si Datu Seradj B. Abdulhamid, sa kiapakatabaniran ko kia phapakaradian sa Jeddah Saudi Arabia, a sponsored a Lanao Lakre’s International Association sa kapagoloaniron e Chairman Sammy Bongcarawan, sa minimbabid iran a Western Region Basketball League “WPBL” sa kapagoloaniron mambo e Commissioner Frank James Roxas, sa siran a dowa ompongan e miadun ko zaman  a iningaranan sa Clash of the Champions Eid Regional exhibition Basketball game, 1st lanao laker’s Inter Muslim regional basketball game, ago Regional Kalilang Cultural Competition, si-i mialimod so tao sa Ahmad Khaki Sport Complex Tahlia Street, Jeddah KSA, minipantag ko paganay ko Sawal 1433, Hedjra Calendar, 18-19, 2012 Gregorian Calendar, sa aya miabaloy a mga Guests na si , Consul General Uriel Norman Garibay Philippine Embassy, Engr Elias Moa, Al Aleem Alibasher Aguam,  Dr. Edris Tamano,  ago madakulpun a dasaya maaloy,

So Paganay a gawi-I na miparid so miapili a manga team, Paganay so 1) Maguindanao Selection (Maguindanaon all Star) 2) Ikadowa so Bumbaran team ( Makkah, Riyadh Selection all Star)  3) Ikatlo so Sibuconians team (Tausog and Maharlikans all Star) 4) Ikapat so Marogong Team Selection (Maranao all Star) na 5) Ikalima so Dammam-Riyadh all star Selection, 6) Ikanum so Carrier Juffali team  Jeddah Selection all star  kadakulanon na MBA, PBL ago PBA, varsity players,

Si-I ko Lanao Laker’s  Inter Muslim Regional Game na aya miakataban sa Champion so Marogong Team (Maranao all Star) sa aya iran minipagagaw so Bumbaran team (Makkah-Riyadh Selection) aya score na 66-60,  na aya miapili a Most Valuable Player ago best center na si Malik Ampuan Jersey Number 29, Best Forward si Allan Cotongan,  Best Guard si Ryan Aguam ko Team a Marogong, sii mambo ko Bumbaran Team na si Asnar Best Guard, Ago si Asnor Manabilang Best Forward, Na aya Best Coach si Mac Abbas poon sa Marogong team.

First Lanao Laker’s  Kalilang Competition “CHAMPION”

Sii mambo ko kia Kalilang na aya manga team a miamangpudun na, Pualas, Lumbatan, Baloi, Marogong, ago giya Shakba. daon pangpud a Nunungan ka siran na pud sa sponsored. Aya paganay Kolintang so Lumbatan, Ikadowa so Shakba, Ikatlo so Baloi, Ikapat so Marogong, na ikalima so Pualas, sa aya manga Hukom na so dowakatao Aleem ago si Engineer Elias Moa, na aya Chairman of the board si Dr. Edris Tamano,

Aya inikokomiranon na Tlo a Champions,  Marogong Team na Champion ko Langka ago Lalag (FORM and ELOQUENT performance) Pualas team na Champion ko sungkoan o Kolintang (excellent in Harmonious sounds) Shakba Team na Champion ko Kataid e Dintarun ( Elegance Appearance)  na so Lumbatan na first runner up, na so Baloi na second runner up,

Aya miangaling ko Marogong na si Datu Ontay na Agong kapananggisa ago si Datu Brix Datumulok na Agong kapamalus, aya mianintik na si Al Gafar Ameroden Sultan, aya dumibak si H. Ali Mangayao Digadong Madid, sa aya Mikolintang na si Bae Potre Saida Candia Casobidan, Team Manager si Datu Seradj Abdulhammid.


Kormat na Bantobantog ko Marogong basketball teams sa siranpun e Champion ko strong A division ko miakatlo olan a kia tournament a WPBL 16 Conference, siranpun e 3rd runner up ko rated division aya team iran sa rated na Thunderous Marogong. Na so team iran e champion ko strong A division aya minipagagaw iran sa champion na so Moulinex team.  Aya Best Forward ago MVP na si Alvin Alturas, Best Center na si Malik Ampuan, Best Guards na Millar Daham ago si Jay Liam, Best Forward si Jack Basillio, Best Coach Jamael Daud, langon poon sa Marogong Basketball team sabap sa dadun ato so Muolinex team ko third  championship game,

In behalf of this website, CONGRATULATION KO MAROGONG GLOBAL INC. MGI, AGO SO MGA TAGA PUDAIRAN SA KINITONGKOLUN KO PANDI “Grand slam Champions in the entire history in Jeddah in one event”  na aya mala na panalamat ko ompogan a Lanao Laker’s International Association ago so WPBL oda siran na ditano kamasaan a giyanan a zaman a kiang-gitagita sa basketball ago Kiakariala o manga bangsa tano “Mabuhay tayung Lahat”

Click for Videos ------>>>>>

Minipantag ko alongan a Jamaat ikasapolo ago dowa ko olanolan a Saaban 1433 hejra, July 6, 2012. Miakatawag rakun so manga tagapuda ami sa Thunderous Marogong a adunkon a kalilang o manga bangsa tano sa BALOI na isa kami a kiabantoan a pamangpud ko Kapukariala sa KAKOLINTANG,
Sakun mambo na sabap ko daorog ko bangsa na dakami taripunda na piakambabanog akun sa Onor sa kakolintang si Kaka Elly Garangan ago si Bashier Basco na Alhamdulillah miakatoon siran atag a Mayaman sa ingud a Marogong na batitikan e kakulintang.
Mialimod kami daan sa walay e Manager Seradj B. Abdulhamid nago kamibo taros sa Madina Palace a roo so kalilimod a “Kalilang Festival” in celebration of newly inducted officers of Baloi International Association, aya kadakulami na pitokami ka trak tlopolo kami ago tlo 33. So kiapasad o programa na tiawag so langona adun a timiyan ka ndodo sa ripa, Pagay a pukulintang na Lumbatan, Ikadawa so Marogong, Ikatlo so Shakba, Ikapat so Nunungan, so Diwan, Madalum, Tubaran ago Binidayan na dasiran taros. 
So Lumbatan na lomingan sa rumaruma ka initibabairan mamanai sa dintarun a kamanisan sabap sa siran e defending champion, so mambo so Shakba na lumingan siran sa manis na adunpun patataro iran sa lalag, sukami a Marogong Team na kiabagoan kami sa pakokolintang ka isako mona kami a mangalilang sa Nunungan na sokot bo a ragon na disqualified kami ka mamakon so pakokolintang ami, lomingan kami mambo sa paramanis ka miangolilat so Onor ami, so mambo so Nunungan na lomulungan sa arta ka adun a pasasagayaniran na mapiapun e paras so sosolot’niran a nditarun ka gadong kabinaningan,
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Marogong stole some of the thunder
Marogong stole some of the thunder when it dealt powerhouse Shadow Lounge a shock 96-87 defeat in Inter-Commercial Open Non-Rated A in the 1st Friendi Basketball Tournament presented by all new WPBL at the Ahmed Khaki Sports Complex (Orca) court here and Carrier Juffali (3-0) in Inter-Commercial Open Rated Division, Carrier the latest team to increasingly win adulation of basketball fans, duly completed a sweep of the first round eliminations by beating Thunderous Marogong 80-75 in the nightcap Thursday with big Elamparo named as Best Player of the game. Other than that nervy stretch Carrier was pretty much in control of the game as it consigned Marogong to its third straight defeat. The two other teams in the division, Nunungan Lakers and Shadow Lounge, are 2-1 and 1-2 respectively going into the last half of the double round eliminations. Sultanate Masiu improved to 2-1 in Non-Rated B by defeating Saudia Jet Aviation 78-70 in the fourth game Friday. Anwar emerged as the game’s Best Player. 

Philippine Dragon Boat to join Sarimanok Boat Race in Lake Lanao
Congratulations to the 1st ever SARIMANOK BOAT RACE and Clinic dubbed as ONE PADDLE FOR PEACE, ONE RACE FOR RANAO 17 of June 2012
This early morning, exciting, Helicopters are whizzing by signaling the presence of observers from the outside. Welcome to Lanao and congrats to the young host Ganassi Mayor RASHID Macapodi for the first ever DRAGON BOAT RACE in ARMM.
Fifteen members of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation arrived here in the province on Friday, June 15, for the holding of the “Sarimanok Boat Race” in Lake Lanao.
The Federation partnered with the municipal government of Ganassi for the conduct of a three-day seminar clinic and exhibition on dragon boat racing at the cove of the lake in Ganassi, disclosed municipal administrator Noroddin M. Maguindanao in a press conference held on Saturday at Brew berry Cafe in Cagayan de Oro City.
According to Maguindanao, the event is dubbed as “Sarimanok Boat Race” because participating boats will have the traditional ‘Sarimanok’ head instead of the dragon head and they will be decorated with ‘okir’ on the sides rather than dragon scales.
He said it is expensive to buy and transport the original dragon boat to Lanao, thus, Mayor Al Rashid Macapodi handpicked skilled boat makers to construct the boats and make the paddles that will be used for the event.
The seminar clinic and exhibition which is anchored on the theme, “One Paddle for Peace, One Race for Ranao,” aims to introduce and promote the sport among Ganassi constituents.
"Most importantly, we hope to deliver a message on the present situation of Lake Lanao, its importance to the Maranaos and the need to protect and preserve it," Maguindanao said.
He stressed that activities and events like the Sarimanok boat race is needed to support the battle cry of saving Lake Lanao.
Maguindanao disclosed that as of press time, 10 teams, excluding those coming from the Philippine Army and Philippine National Police, have already registered for the event. (APB-PIA 10)

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Ranoranon ko Iranon
Bnara bintadako ko Iranon pimanisan
ka mitharidadagako ko mawatana salinding
na dikobo khalipatan so Ranao piphandaraan
ka ronakoron pilombay na ronako pindariday

bapiya rawaako komiyakambalabala
na ayalalayon sa dar so Iranon pimanisan
na ayatatap sa pikir so Ranao piphandaraan
ka kiyalayamana dar apithagamana siri

Iranonay Ranonen na liwanag ka Iranon
abiyolawan ko sadar a inintan ko sa darm
ka aya rimbanga kalab ibakoron karibona
ka lalayon sa tarintang a tatap sa taginepn

Iranonay Ranonen na panganon ka Iranon
ka okalimo so simban na go bgay so kadnan
na pmbalinganakobo sa rombaaladan ka
ka skaybolawan sa dar aintan sa ginawako


BATCH 2011 - 2012


Tabiya ko rompongen ka izalao so bantog ka gomiyangkong so siray a tihaya makaombao a kabsaran o Ranao a omnang o phangampong ka ithadi so insana a isisigay a menang a Iranon pipharasan a Ranao piphandaraan, na salamaten a rinao ka amay ka di mainam na iphamagayawayao a karodan ko sebangan na prigayan so palao sa daa datem ko laod na kairatan so sogod na mapenggolaola den kapraraban o ig na salangkapen so tambo ka iplabas a orog so miyakambalabala na bebenara ko niyo sa omigadong sa ranao so di kanggiginawai na pethalotalo maog so randangan o rawaka, na o mada sa iranon so kaiisa o bansa a pimistar a adat a biyanay a igma a kimpas a taritib a panginam o bansa na so alongan plangkap a petimbawao ko palao na khada so rangka niyan.
From Bae Adel ko Ranao

Just recently, the Thunderous Marogong in Jeddah participated the competition in the traditional ensemble Kalilang festival in Jeddah 2012 in celebration of Nunungan International organization new elected officers of the year 2012, Hold at the Elite Alwaha Hotel here in Jeddah KSA, the guest during the event is no less than Consul General Uriel Norman R. Garibay of Philippine embassy.
 They showcased twenty minutes of performances in Kalilang, Brex Datumulok played Kolintang, Gafar Sultan played in Babuder, H Ali Madid for Dubakan and Allan Radiamoda and Datu Ontay played on gongs, Datu Ja-alhaq Umpa Cali and Junaid Macalangcom escort of kolingatng’s player, Hanif Abdulhamid played Sagayan during the performance, among the finalists from Lumbatan team (Champion in the event) Zakba team (1st Runner up) others participants are Binidayan team, Nunungan team, Baloi team, Malumbay and many more. This event had shown how unique Meranao tradition is and proud.
In behalf of Marogongians we would like to congrats Nunungan for hosting the event the new officers with the cooperation of Lanao lakers, we thanks also our friends and supporters for the great success of the team Marogong, to Manager Serajd B. Abdulhamid, Mac Abbas and Jamael Daud had a big contributions to the Thunderous Marogong team, Mr. and Mrs. Alibashier Manan, Abolhassan Alawia, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Madriaga, Akil Sani Guinar, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Garangan and many more to mentions

Click---->> WATCH VIDEOS

Jeddah Team (Marogong-Al Zugbi), Riyadh Team (Zahid Tractor), Khobar Team (FAEC), Dammam Team (Confederal-Pampanga)
(Filipino International Basketball Association)

By; Datu Ontay(MGO Acting Chairman) & Seradj Abdulhamid (Team Manager & MGO Vice Chairman)

the year of 2012 is the continuation of our journey in the road of sport particular in Basketball. the current event of WPBL, western province basketball league in Jeddah recently open for 16 conference open invitational tournament from May 04, 2012 until successful finish. Thunderous Marogong has two entry “two teams” Rated division and Strong division for inter commercial, we Marogongians in Jeddah would like to invite all of you to please support us in our journey,


Thanks a lot

P I K I R A N G  K A
By AKIE Band

Ipoon ko
kiapakang-ginawae ta
sukabo e sii sa pikir akun
sabap ko olaolangka a mapia
dikodun kalipatan
Di akun kagaga
Obaka rakun mada
Di akundun kaparo
Di akun Ska mailay
Ko gagawi-i dao-ndao
Ska e mapipikir
Dadun a lawanuka
Dadun a rimbangka
Na obangka kalipati
So kiapakang-garing ta
Di akundun kagaga
Obakongka ribona
Apia andaka mariribon
Pulolobaan akun ska
Apia andaka pagagao
Na magagao akoron
Repeat II & Chorus
Repeat Chorus

(The Mranao Version of Rhythm of then rain)

Inoko sa ranonun si bulawan
A data sa pikirian
Na badun rasay ingaring si bulawan
Ka dita lalayon sa darian

Ayangkaman pikira bulawan ko
Na kumbota makanggaring
Na daman a pililang ko a salakaw
a rowar sa ginawang ka

Ilaman bulawan ko pikirangka
Na sukabo e tatap sa pamikiran
A ratum o iman akun
Ko gagawii go n’daondao

Daman a oba aka bulawang ko
Sa ginmawa ko a rasay
Ka sukaman e komilas
Go mimbaroba
ko kiapasadan sa tig

na naino ka dirido ka bakaini salakaw
a pamolaan sa ratum
ka taduma a miapuromba
akun sa ginawang ka

Repeat Chorus

Ohh Ohh sukam e komilas
Bulawan Bulawan

Repeat coda 3x

Na taginupun e ONTAY a mimbinuntay si sirig ko dalinding o subangan na miparti so linang ko sarigid o phangampong na miamagayao-ayao nago marunding a kilat na boluntai mipugalud sa palao a paramata a bumbaran o alongan na daontawar ko laod ka si-ibo miaribon sa pakabantay a inged na inilabas a orog a boklod sa kalinan na miasayana so tao ka miagomarug so rido na di khalinding a tamok, na inirampana sa dar a ginawako diragun.
Na tiolongan sa sorat o manga bantog a tuan na inilai sa taaber o langon o paririmar na piagayonan niran a siikon ipagiza ko marata e kandatu a daniandun lindinga so p’phagingudanian
Na banda masayana a kairatan sa sogod a laboan sa iranun ka sabapan ki dibuton a panumbilao e dalao na oba sanai o tao e kagia ka marandang a kapuphagingudian ka amaibo ko matangkal ko linog nago masogat a barat a masiringan a gobat, ka andaon ari inged e katamanan sa ngaran odi masayana so datu-on di kapagingudan sa rinao.

By Acmad (Ontay) Macagaan ABdulmadid

Since I created this webpage I am interested to write article and feature the late Sultan of Guimba, Atty. Omar Dianalan for his participation in our community, and I accept hard for me to begin due to lacked of healthy sources about his life and public service, Alhamdulillah: Allan Usman Dianalan visited me in my house and we had a talks about his grandfather the Sultan of Guimba uncle of his father.
My reasoned of featuring our traditional leaders is to guides or inspires others, whereas a boss can have power and authority but still not actually be a leader. Some argue that leaders only take people where they are willing to go, but others believe they take them beyond, or that crowds create leaders. Some people want power and will do anything to get it; other people follow whoever has the power and authority. Leaders may offer a moral vision or lead by virtue of religious authority or office: some are born with a great life force and mission which others follow for better or worse.
Sultan Atty. Omar Dianalan was one of the most successful and powerful leaders of Mindanao who was responsible for its tremendous success and growth, despite having no grassroots connection or political base in the beginning, his Academic position became his effected resource in sustaining the spirit of his noble will to convince the legions of Iranaons/Mranaos. Controversies and allegations seemed to be a significant part of his political life when some said he was the authored of selling Lake Lanao to National Power Corporation (NPC) I’m pretty sure his not.
A passionate freedom fighter, a partisan socialist, Sultan by heart, social reformer, political leader and a competent lawyer; these are the terms that are often related to the name that is Sultan Atty. Omar Dianalan (Omera and Rudy's father) served well the people of all faiths and helped develop Marawi City as mayor for almost 20 years and assemblyman then congressman of Lanao del Sur and revered sultan of Guimba, until the last portion of his life is for the benefit of his people,
Money and politics go together like love and marriage, but rarely get divorced even when there is some cheating going on. Many great leaders are, or become, very wealthy, but Sultan Atty. Omar Dianalan died without much wealth as you observed to other politicians, He will be remembered as a dynamic, optimistic, visionary and friendly Sultan and executive who’s his door and heart were always open to his people, he deserved to be a good example to the young Iranaons/Mranao who wants to follow his foot steps

Legendary Iranaon’s Heroes
Fight to defend your homeland from conquistadors and your name remain as these Heroes
Datu Aber Mamudug Palawan: popularly known as Saber sa Radapan, In 1759 Datu Aber Palawan and his men attack the Spanish squadron in the northern part of the Mindanao, in Radapan, Lanao he was martyred and buried in Radapan (now Tarapan, Linamon, Lanao del norte)
Sultan Darimbang of Raya: in 1889 sultan of Raya grandson of Datu Aber Palawan (saber sa Radapan) he heard Weyler troop wants to proceed to Marawi, he formed his men and attack the Spanish troops in Kauswagan Lanao in defense Marawi and lake area, He was slain martyred, his men did not buried him in the battle field as his grandfather they bring back to Raya Watu,
Sultan Pandapatan of Bayang: in 1892 his 300 men were crushed with the Americans in a fierce, he perished but Captain Vicar also died. (The American camp in Upper Bayang was named after him --- Camp Vicar, Lanao).
Datu Saruang of Tugaya: 1893 and many others datus also died fighting against the American forces coming to their place. (Upload the picture of pershing and the NY Times clip, justice cayetano) During the Commonwealth regime,
Amai Manabilang of Marawi: challenged the authority of Justice Cayetano Arellano, of the Philippine Supreme Court, in enforcing the government laws to the Maranaos. He led a campaign that Mindanao should be separated from the Philippines. The policy of attraction of the Americans in Lanao under General Pershing offered empty promises to the Maranaos who felt that the government deprived them with the continued exercise of their traditional and cultural practices and interference to their religion, customs and traditions.
Datu a Kadir of Marawi: 1891 A fearless Maranao warriors, also popularly known as AMAI PAKPAK, born in Buadi sa Kayo, lived and died for the cause of his people freedom. He was famous for his heroic military exploits against the Spaniards, particularly in his defense of the legendary Kota Marahui (Marawi), the fortification made of earth and stone, which he had built. The Kota served as a bulwark against the Spanish invasions of 1891 and 1895.
The sultans are not only temporal but also spiritual leaders. They are the symbols not only of their communities but also considered vicegerent of Allah in this world. It was the responsibility of the sultans not only to defend their people and communities but also their religion Islam.
If they were not fighting to extend their sphere of influence over neighboring non-Muslim peoples, they were up in the arms against Spanish attempts to subjugate them. In time of relative peace with Spaniards, they pitted their energy against one another for the control of territory or for the right to levy tribute. But clearly, their main pre-occupation was resisting not only Spanish incursions into their territories but also attempts to wean away tribute-paying from them. In comparison with that of other group in the Philippines, their resistance was relatively successful. 





The Sultanates of the four confederation of Lanao was the identification of ancestral land area (Kawali) of each state (Pangampong). Such was identified by the Datu Pascan of Unayan grandson of Dimaampao, Datu Popawan of Bayabao grandson of Botuanun, Ami Ayonan Simban of Masiu grandson of Bataraan and Datu Dilion of Baloi grandson of Thopaan. A meeting among the named Datus was set at Sawer, Masiu, Lanao Del Sur, to discuss changes, establish territorial boundaries of their respective areas and to draft and amend the already existing Taritib/Igma of the Phangampongo Ranao. The meeting place was provided with four (4) pillars of stones, called “Debarosan”, for the four (4) Datus. The agreement known as “Kiatathamana-an” territorial boundaries of their respective areas such as; Dalama, located in the municipality of Molondo, the boundary between Bayabao and East Masiu; Sawer in Masiu municipality the boundary between East Masiu municipality and East Unayan; Madamba municipality, the boundary between West Unayan and West Masiu; and Bacayawan in Marantao municipality, the boundary between west Masiu and Bayabao. --->>> READ MORE


Dansalan Declaration Overviews

Datus of Lanao, with thirty Sultans signed a strongly worded letter, popularly known as "Dansalan Declaration" to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and the United States Congress asking them that the Filipinos should be granted independence and the Moro Province should also be given their own independence or better left under American rule until such time that they were prepared to grant their independence to be known as Bangsamoro. Signed on March 18, 1935 at Dayawan Torogan, Dansalan Marawi City

If we look at the history of the Bangsamoro people, there were many declarations and petitions by then Moro leaders to exclude themselves under the Unitary Philippine corrupted Republic example,
1)– June 9, 1921 - petition of the people of Sulu, they stated clearly: “ We are independent for 500 years. Even Spain failed to conquer us. If the United States quits the Philippines, and the Filipinos attempt to govern us. We will fight.”
2) - February 1, 1924 - Declaration of Rights and Purposes(Zamboanga declaration) forwarded to the US Congress, lead by Sultan Mangiging of Maguindanao, Hadji Panglima Nuno (Zamboanga), Datu Sacaluran (Zamboanga), Maharaja Habing (Zamboanga) , Abdulah Piang (Maguindanao) and Datu Benito of Lanao, a portion of declaration runs this; “In the event that the US grants independence to the Philippine Islands without provision for our retention under the American Flag, it is our firm intention and resolve to declare ourselves as independent Constitutional Sultanate to be known to the world as Moro Nation.”
3) - March 18, 1935 –Dansalan Declaration Lead by Hadji Abdulhamid Bongabong of Unayan and 189 Maranaos sent a letter of Appeal to the US Congress , the portion of appeal runs this: “ Should the American People grant Philippine independence, the Islands of Mindanao and Sulu should not be included in such independence. Our public land should not be given to other people other than the Moro Nat.

Kalbiha o Salsila ko (Qur-an)
Sura Al-Hujraat, aya # 13
Pitharo o ALLAH
Hay manga manosiya, mataan! a Skami na inadn Ami skano a phoon sa mama ago babay, go biyaloy Ami skano a mbarambarang a bangnsa, ago pithikaloksan, ka ang kano makakhikilalai. Mataan! a aya lbi a sslaan rkano sii ko Allah na so lbi a masanggila rkano. Mataan! a so Allah na Matao, a Kaip.
Family history or popularly known as genealogy continuously awaken the awareness of many people across the globe. Some enthusiasts consider genealogy as a hobby or pastime. But for other people, it is important in finding who they really are.
Generally, it is the focus of interests and some controversies. In fact, you can unravel different mysteries in connection with your origin. Old pictures, written documents, and other forms of materials provide significant information utilized to elucidate world and personal history.
One of the most common methods is asking the help of a professional genealogy researcher. But make sure that you choose the right person as well as other important factors associated with doing the research.
Ensure that the genealogy researcher has the ability to find your family member. Look for someone who will empathize with your reasons why you wanted to search for your mother, father, or siblings. All the information should be taken cared of by a privacy policy law.
Although the genealogy of Maranao is a study reserved for Maranao Maongangen (wised men and women) the average Maranao has to have inking of what is mean. Strikingly enough, Maranao genealogy is written. Maranao maonganen can easily trace the history of Mindanao, Ranao and Maranaos. The traditional way of tracing the genealogy of Ranao is reciting through the PATATARO SA LALAG and ONOR traditional singers, poetic joust wherein two or more Onor they recite verses of Ranao's genealogy, and the host or hostess of Ranao as a whole, it is also known as KAMBAYOKA, the time of Kambayoka is usually from sunset to sun rise, big amount of money are awarded to best Onor that could trace genealogy and the Taritib and Igma of Ranao,

By Acmad (Ontay) M. Abdulmadid

Long before the coming of foreign invaders of the Philippines, there was already a political government existed so called sultanate by the people who believed to be the Bangsamoro. The traditional government had its executive branch headed by the Sultans of the royal clan/family, they were identified as the “Paegawidan ko inged”, they also had legislative body they were the “Bebabaya ko Taritib” whom given the power to execute laws for a certain place. This political stability of the Bangsamoro had been customized and became so strong when the Arab missionaries arrived in the Philippine to introduce Islam where they made strong alliances of the natives and established the sultanate of Mindanao, Maguindanao, Sulu, and Ranao, which they believed they came from royal and noble Bangsa. 
Lanao “Ranao” is divided into four confederations (4 Phangampong) principalities,
·         Unayan
·         Masiu
·         Bayabao
·         Baloi
Every states or Pangampong is divided into Suku (District)
1. Unayan
2. Masiu
3. Bayabao
4. Baloi
·         Baloi Suku, lone District

BALINDONG BSAR SA MASIU married to Pindawadawaoray, begot
1.       Maruhom Dialaloden
2.       Maruhom Rahmatulla
3.       9 More
Maruhom Dialaloden a si Odang married to Kundaolan a watao Lokes a Datu sa Masiu, Begot
1.       Maruhom Sarip Aliola
2.       Maruhom Bae Anta
Maruhom Sarip Aliola married to Asya a watai Andi sa Malungun, begot
1.       Maruhom Bata
2.       Maruhom sa Tando
3.       Radiamuda sa Masiu
4.       Datu a Mala
Maruhom Bata married to Indowa a Bae a labi sa Masiu, begot
1.       Maruhom Sarip Omra
2.       Maruhom Sarip Dolkarnain
3.       Datu Naib
4.       Datu Alongan

Kandaonga (Iranaon’s courtship)
By Acmad (Ontay) M. Abdulmadid
Kandaonga (courtship) is undertaken through the matchmaker, often in verses exchanged continually until there is an assurance on both sides about the details of the marriage. It even continues until kalawi-an or rites of marriage, a ritual done when the bride visits the place of the groom for the first time. Matrimonial negotiations often take a long time because of these exchanges.
The kakewing (wedding proper) is preceded by the kambitiara, a public recital by the pananalsila of the lineages of both the bride’s and the groom’s families. One reason for the kambitiara is to make public the “noble” lineages of both families, and hence to affirm that both are of the same class. The kambitiara can also be recited to praise and extol both families.

After the kambitiara, the kakewing proper takes place. This is often dramatic because the groom has to overcome many obstacles before he is able to meet his bride and batal or tough her for the first time. The imam recites the wedding rite, and gives advice on the duties and responsibilities involved in married life. After this, the groom searches for his bride; but he cannot just enter the room where she is hidden until he satisfies their demands of the bridal entourage. Very often, the groom and the entourage have to haggle for whatever is demanded, the fulfillment of which allows his to enter the room. Another obstacle awaits him; he has to fulfill the rites of leka sa gibbon or opening the room. A fee has to be paid by the groom to open the door and dine with his bride.

The kalawian is the last obstacle that the groom must face. The ritual of bringing the bride to the groom’s place for the firs time entails a price, and this must be paid. Failure to do so can forfeit the wedding.
Before and after the wedding, we observed these following scenes
A.) Kapanganakan: so mangoda na igira adun a pukabayaanian a pangaromaanian a raga bago a tao na pusong ko walay o mbala a lokes o raga a pukabayaanian na ron pagiga odi na mababasaon alongan, amay ka maakas na katii so manga pasodan opama ka pangaromaanian so bae
  • kandaonga
  • Pananroon
  • Kasinorata (Love Letter)
  • Kapaniwaka
  • Kapangila-ilay
Kandaonga (courtship) is undertaken through the matchmaker, often in verses exchanged continually until there is an assurance on both sides about the details of the marriage. It even continues until kalawi-an or rites of marriage, a ritual done when the bride visits the place of the groom for the first time. Matrimonial negotiations often take a long time because of these exchanges.
B.) Kapanoksam(so mga lokes o mangoda na ipanoksam iyan so mangoda ko mbala a lokes o raga bago atao)
  • Kapanoka-tokao (panokatokao so manga lokes o mangoda pera I maputamok iyan sa phagayonan iran pera I watang a adat ago rampara a adapt sukatun, amay ka panguraon niran)
  • Kandiyalaga ( so dialaga na di buntal na dipuman kawa sa tig ka alaga bo ko bansa I kapukabanding iyan, so dialaga na kunaba pud ko watang a butang ka adat o bangsa o kababayaanian mangaroma)
  • Kapaniwaka (so kapaniwaka na kabugay sa regalo pamumugayan o kamamaan ko kababayaanian mimbalaiya, lagid o manga pangunungkun, Mamis, Mbamaan, ago itatanosan o babae)
  • Kapamaton sa Tamok ( Sukatun so adat o Kababayan, lagid o samaya, adat o putaro sa lalag, adat o pumbayok, adat o imam, adat o panalsila, adat o Sulotan ago Bai a Labi ko ingud, pud a adat
  • Kaidang: Sukatun o kamaman so idang ko babayan na pakabugay siran sa pamumugayan ko kamama-an amay ka miaka pamiwaka mambo so kamama-an, kapakay so margas, mamis, ayam, gamit sa walay
C.) Kambityara:So m’bala a pumbalaiya na pagayonan niran so gawii a kapukawing, Oras ago darpa a kalimodan kiran, na-aya katalingomaan naso babayan na aya pakatalingoma na so kamama-an
  • Lantong: siiko dapun kapaka bolos o kamama-an na sukatun kiran so Langtong a adat o pataingud a kiatatamana-an o pangampong a Ranao,
  • Luka sa Dulang; Sukatun ko kamama-an so Luka sa Dulang, adat o mikarni, mimamis, mianinindaan
  • Pagayanan: Sukatun ko kamama-an so pagayanan, adat o lumimba ko kalilimod, miananagzaan
  • Katharo sa Lalag: Kawa sa Tig, Putharoan sa Lalag ago isalsila so mbala a pumbalaiya ko kiapakatompok o bangsa iran, na kabugan sa adat so punalsila
  • Kakhawing: Pagaloin so tamok a piagayonan na itoro so pat a saksi o mbala, na itoro so Alim, Olama odi na Ustadj a paka-kawingun ko mama na mbatiyaan sa kotba,
  • Kaidin: sa aya pakaidin na so ama o Bae a pangaromaan, odi na bapaiyan, odi na lakinian, odi na pakiwataanian, odi na amaiyan a datu, odi na amaiyan a datu sa pagari, amay ka daa makadadarpa na kapakhay so tantonian a madasug, sa ipaginiyanon so moriataoniyan ko datu a pangaromaon
  • Leka sa Gibon: amay ka m’batal so mama ka solud ko phapasulutan o bae na sukatun o manga raga a papasulut sa gibon so adatiran a luka sa gibon
  •  Leta Igaan: Sukatun o bae a miapangaroma so adat sa luta a igaan, pamumugayan o datu ko minindarodopaian amay ka puroradunian sa igaan (this is unconditional depend on the kind of girls)
  •  Kapogad: amay ka makapiradun gawi-i a piakatapi-iran na na pogadun siran o mga lokusiran, pukandori siran sa bantoan so manga tuan ago manga alim sa pamangnisiran ko Allah sa kapipia ginawa sa moritao siran sa mga Muslim a Bae ago Muslim a Datu,
  • Kaplawi: Amay ko minibologdun a kapaka thatapi-iran na pakalawiin o kamamaan so darodopaiyan a bae sii ko ingudian, na ka alao-wiran a manga mamis, margas, pagigimo sa walay,
  • Sayat: amay ka so bae na pasionot ko mama sa sii sirian pagingud ko ingud o mama ka ron siran m’baling paningkawiyagun na kibugay o mama ko bae so adat a Sayat, tundan o bae ko kapasinotiyan ko darodopaiyan a mama  

NOTE: Giya mianga a-aloy a pimbaranga adat na igira miagayon so dowa p’mbalaiya na langodun puparasun a pirak sa katimbula sa adat maana a langon ipagoman ko watang a butang na ayadun a matao mamaka adat so lokus o bae a maphangaroma

We would like to acknowledge Prof. Zainab Cabugatan of Bubunga Marantao National High School for her blog and we edited in our Webpage

Pagayawan Arobero 1st married to Andingoray, wata o Amana a wata o Sayawa sa Binidayan ko Adampok Bae sa Buntong , begot
1.       Maruhom Datumaas
2.       No More
Pagayawan Arobero 2nd married to Mamolawan watao Palawan Barasi sa tubok, tingud siran minsa a Mithapi ka laki o Nayo a ina o Pagayawan, begot
1.       Maruhom Adel
2.       Maruhom Sharif
3.       Bea sa Madang Bae a labi sa Pagayawan
Pagayawan Arobero 3rd married to Bae Olan sa Watu wata o Maruhom Kahar sa Raya, begot
1.       Maruhom Olama
2.       Bae Bansao Bae a labi sa Unayan
3.       Bae Bondayo Bae sa Pagayawan
Pagayawan Arobero 4th married to Rambayamayag watao Sulotan sa Pantaon, begot
1.       Bae sa Pantaon
2.       No more

Sarip Angkaya sa Masiu
Sarip Manuzang sa Molondo
Daisalong sa Binidayan Ago Pualas
Ambobae sa Lumba a Bayabao
Sarip Angakaya married to Ampayong sa Lombayanague, begot
1.    Maupaat Barao sa Tamparan
Sarip Angkaya married Maririnag a babae o Ambolotho sa Lumbatan, begot
2.    Maupaat Amizing sa Tamparan & Masiu
Sarip Angkaya married Ayowa a Babae o Abagat sa Taraka watao Domocao, begot
3.    Onggor
4.    Kayowa
5.    Bayora

The first Filipino-Muslim Military General of AFP
Since I was a child I always heard of his Name “General Mamarinta Lao” being so braved, hospitable and humble Military,
First honor in his Elementary grades, Valedictorian in High School and honor student in College degree, he was the first Filipino Muslim became a general in the Philippine Armed forces, Lao served as military governor of the province Lanao in 1975, three years after martial law was declared by late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.
General Mamarinta B. Lao was born on February 29, 1916 at Macadar, Lumbatan Lanao Del Sur; both his parents belong to the royal family of Ranao particular on the “Pat ka Lokes sa Macadar”. From the line of Akonga who was married to Paramata Andong one of the nine royal princess of Unayan.
Salsila narrated that Kalangit was married to Bae sa Kalawaan, begot the “4 PAT KA APO SA MACADAR” Namely; Akong, Kait, Daet, and Kaboa. Akong married to Paramata Andong one of the nine royal princess of Unayan, begot Sultan Mardan, Pirako and Mangantong. Sultan Mardan is the first Sultan of Macadar begot 5 children one of them was Datu Kalipa begot Omera, begot Tomindug, begot Apha begot Abdullah begot Datu Mamarinta B. Lao the first Filipino-Muslim General of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
The General had life first at Macadar where he study for primary grades and Managan for his elementary grades as honor student, he continue his High School at Lumbatan Agricultural High School (LAHS) as Valedictorian. Two-year college equivalent course at Lanao Provincial Normal School with honor,  Click--->>READ MORE


By Acmad (Ontay) M. Abdulmadid)
In the late 15 century, the Undivided Lanao has an existing form of government, built by our forefathers and called “Igma go taritib” that bind the Maranaos-Iranaons of central Mindanao and main reason why Maranao-Iranaons never been conquered, subdued and undefeated by conquistador Spaniards and others colonizers
According to the taritib, Ranao was divided into four genealogical principalities, MASIU, UNAYAN, BAYABAO, BALOI, every principality furthered divided to districts with a royal Sultans and Baes, composed of 16 Panoroganans and 28 Mbabaya ko Takdir legislative councils,   
Dimaampao Kalinan is the ancestor “pegapoon” in entire Unayan Phangampong, he is the 4th son of Pazandalan a Morog in the empire of malindai a Bumbaran, married to Anak Mira of Butig and established Madalundug Marogong as his owned kingdom.
Local historian narrated that Unayan phangampong was formerly called Marogong, the word Marogong derived from the root word “Rogong” which means sound of thunder, Marogong is a plural of rogong, given by Dimaampao kalinan the founding ancestor of Marogong principality, renamed Unayan by Datu Pascan grandson of Dimaampao. The word Unayan is an Iranaon term of FOUNDATION refers to the first place landed by the Sharif who brought Islam in mainland Mindanao,
Somewhere in the year 1604, Datu Borowa of western Unayan, grandson of Datu Pascan and great grandson of Sharif Ali Kabunsuan, Datu Dianaton Naim of Butig, Datu Sarikran Balindong Bzar of Masiu, Datu Akari of Ramain, Datu Embaor of Bansayan, Datu Uttowa of Bayabao and Datu Alanak of Baloi agreed in principles to create and updates the existing Pata Phangampongo Ranao. During that meeting the Unayan region “Phangampong” was divided into two (2), the Western Unayan based in Tatariken was ruled by Datu Borowa and the Eastern Unayan based in Butig is ruled by Datu Alauden Dianaton Naim Click-->READ MORE

By Acmad (Onaty) M. Abdulmadid 

THE TITLE SULTAN IS FOR MUSLIM ONLY; He was the head of the state and head of the government, and his words were the Law. He was the political, military, judicial, social, and religious leader. He was responsible only to Allah and God's Law, known as the Seriat (Sharia). Presumed to be the religious head of the community, and descended from the Prophet Muhammad
Sultan is a title with several historical meanings. Originally, it was an Arabic language it is abstract noun meaning "strength", "authority", "rulership", and "dictatorship", derived from the “masdar” meaning "authority" or "power". Sultan, which originally meant 'power' or 'authority', evolved by the tenth century to its present meaning of the holder of that authority, such as a ruler, lord, or monarch. The most spectacular sultans of history were those of the Ottoman dynasty, who ruled most of the territory of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as large parts of Eastern Europe, from 1300 to 1923.
Later, it came to be used as the title of certain rulers who claimed descent of Fatima Zahra the daughter of Prophet, full sovereignty in practical terms (i.e. the lack of dependence on any higher ruler), without claiming the overall caliphate, or it was used to refer to a powerful governor of a province within the caliphate.
The title of sultan came to prominence around 1000 C.E., after the political position of the caliphate (office of the leader of Islam) had eroded around the time of the establishment of the Seljuk sultanate. Turko - Iranian dynasts used the title as an equivalent of the Eurasian steppe title khan. Later, it was used generally in Islamic lands by many states large and small. In some cases, for example, in Persia (now Iran), from 1500 on, the term was further devalued to denote a governor, not even a petty ruler. 
Who were the datus of Mindanao? The term datu is a general term which means and connotes traditional leadership. It is inherited. Royal titles such as sultan (sulutan in other version), rajah, emperor, king, and other titles which connote royalty are termed and called datu. Royal titles are peculiar. States and nations vary on the royal title being used or adopted.
In Mindanao (Ranao Ragat or Pagilidan) (Buayan-Maguindanao) and (Sulo); sultan is usually used to identified the leader. Traditionally, datu has multifunctions and authority. The datu is an executive, legislator, and judicial. He is also the commander- in-chief of the armed forces of his state. The datus in Mindanao claim their royal descendancy from Shariff Core of Descent Line. Authorities in salsila mentioned that datus a traditional leader officially started from Raja Indarapatra while Sultan a royal title officially started the 7 Ashraf who come from Arabia,
During the traditional observance of leadership, datu may be expressed in term of Sultan, Emperor, Rajah, King and Prince. Its usage varies on the different states and nations. In Mindanao, during the ancient or prehistoric period, the term rajah has been used to refer a leader until the arrival of Ashraf. The term Sultan or Surutan has been used after the arrival of Shariff Kabunsuan. Accordingly; Sultan Kudarat was the first leader who used the title Sultan Ketchil and Datu is his hereditary title.
Datu is a traditional royal title in South East Asia during free Islamic period, they said it is a prince. Datu a male noble rank is given to a native of a place, the Ruler, Chieftain, and the heir of a royal Sultan, Bae or Chieftain. In a Modern time Datu is given address to a learned man “Maungangun” full of knowledge, and wise man from a royal line, heir of Sultan or Bae a Labi recognized in the place where he come from.
Non Muslim can’t be a Sultan but can be a Datu, please don’t encourage non Muslim for this title for us to follow the Sharia Law.

1.) So num (6) ka lokus a mga Laki o Aminsalam:
       1. Angayen 2. Sandor 3. Aragon 4. Atongao 5. Adomping 6. Insaguir
2.) So Pito (7) a Maruhom a Moriatao o Aminsalam:( Pukha idalan ko Sultan sa Balo Pangampong)
      1. Maruhom Kaharol Alam 2. Maruhom Antang 3. Maruhom Rajah Daromoyod
      4. Maruhom Hamza 5. Maruhom Maputi a Datu 6. Maruhom Sharief 7. Maruhom Datu a Wata
3.) So Pat (4) a Ingud a Mbabaya ko Taritib sa Dalma Balo-i:
       1. Lumbak 2. Bazagad 3. Matampay 4. Kabasagan
4.) So Dowa (2) a Lokes a Phagama-an Phagina-an o Taritib sa Dalum A Balo-i:
       1. Momungan 2. Punud (Pantar)


SANDOR SA BALOI piangaroma niyan so KAYOWA a babae o Onggor sa Masiu na mimbawata siran na
1.       DATUMAAS
2.       SAMAR
3.       ALNAO
4.       TARA
5.       BAE SA BALOI
DATUMAAS piangaroma niyan so DANGGI a watao AKARI ko AGAY sa Dutsaan, mimbawata siran na
2.       MAULANA
4.       DIPATUAN
MAULANA piangaroma niyan so Gaongki a wata o Sakayo sa Marawi, mimbawata Siran na
1.       Alangadi a Paganay a Sulutan sa Marawi
2.       Bae sa Bacolod karoma o Datu Sa Kalodan sa bayang
3.       More

Maguindanao and Iranun-M’ranao
are one Bangsa
Maguindanao and Iranun-Maranao are one Bangsa, belong to same family tree lineage. Kabungsuwan arrived in Malabang area with many followers some of them are Samals, they arrived and disembarked with part of his people at T'bok Now Malabang. Later on, some of his people went on eastward to Parang and Bungabung, others again went still further, to the lower Pulangi Rio Grandi, where they built the town of Cotabato. Malabang that time was mostly dominated by Iranuns, Iranaon is the right term for Iranun, the word Iranun came from the word “I-ranaon”. This means that the Iranuns came from a ranao or lake; Butig and Malabang are the capitals of Iranun-Iranaon nation of Mindanao.
 According to Majul, there might have been a Muslim community there already as two Arab missionaries preceded Kabungsuwan. Kabungsuwan married into Iranaon-Iranun royalty and later he married into Taga Ilud, Maguindanaon royalty, too. He married also princess Tomanina, Tonina in short name bore three daughters where the “tao sa Raya” and the Buayaan royalty came from, the Iranaon-M’ranao Royalty precisely from the four datus of Ranao and Sharif Alawi and Kabungsuwan’s descendants. Click--->>READ MORE

By Acmad (Ontay) M. Abdulmadid
A fearless Military born in Uyaan Madamba, live and until his last breath is for the cause of his constituents, This where he grown up in a humble way and ordinary life and grew as potential leader and military.  Speak the name “Major Umpa”  the Military, Sultan, Politician, first educated, professional, mentor, the social reformer, the great teacher, and the inspiring model for young Meranaos.  His life brought inspiration, symbol of genuine leadership, courage and hope to many people in the provinces of Lanao.
He is scion of Ranao, from the Ampaso Clan of Binidayan, and Uyaan. Noron Clan (sister of Diwan and Pagayawan) who was married to Garang son of Balindong of Pikong got Ameril of Tabaran his succession right in the Sultanate of Tabaran. Ansabo Clan of Sapad one of the Panorogan children of Pipis a datu and Montiya, his succession right in the sultanate of Sapad. Mainad sa Uyaan wife of Ampaso of Binidayan, his successonal right in the sultanates of Uyaan and Binidayan. Payongan sa Pikong (daughter of Nago one of the 5 Noni) and wife of Maruhom sa Sapad, his successional right in the sultanate of Pikong. Pagayawan begot Datumaas who was married to Bae sa Koba begot Bae a Labi sa Madamba and married to Sultan sa Kablangan begot Arido, Arido married to Soyaw bore Batotop his great grandparent and successional right in the Sultanates of Pagayawan, Madamba and Kablangan,  lot of royal connections to mentions. Click---> READ MORE


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Sharif Maupaat na sapolo ago dowa a kia babadanun a mia bembar sa Ranao... siran so; Descendants of Sultan Enterino Amerol Umra sa Maguindanao 1. Bae Darodo 2. Bae Alongan 3. Sawalo sa Wato 4. Dangao 5. Bae Kolambo 6. PITORNA BAE Bea Pitorna 7. Bae Komara 8. Bae a Lapat 9. Bae Mizawad 10. Datu Elian 11. Sultan Kawasa Anuwaroden 12. Sultan Sahriyal Benito

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The oration was finished at hood, Friday, the 29th of Rabi-el-Akhir, in the year 1331 Hejira.

In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful. Allah is greatest. Allah is exalted. He is the Master of the World and the King of the Universe who rules with conquering power. Invisible to the eye. He is visible through His power and might. His is all the power and glory. His is all kindness and glory. He is the Almighty and the Ruler of All. He is everlasting and never dies.

There is no God but Him. Everything vanishes but the face of God. He is our Governor, and to Him all shall return. Before Him the learned men are humiliated; and the mighty humble them in His presence. All the prophets have spoken of His Lordship; and all the men of old have borne witness to His unity. All the men of learning have spoken of His eternal being.

The wise men are unable to give an adequate description of His attributes. All that is in the earth and the heavens acknowledge His worship, and praise Him day and night without ceasing. Allah is greatest. He is the Lord of Lords and the Liberator of the World. He inspired the Book and commands the clouds. He overcomes all difficulties. He is the Cause of all Causes. He opens all doors and answers all who call Him. The Lord has said, "Call Me, and I shall answer you. All who despise my worship shall enter hell." Allah is almighty.

All the heavens praise Him, The sandy deserts, the shades and all darkness, on the right and on the left, praise Him morning and night. There is nothing that does not sing His praises; but you can not understand their praises. Oh, how kind and forgiving He is! Allah is almighty. All the angels praise Him. The heavens, the earth, the mountains and hills, and all the birds praise Him. Praise and glory is to Thee, Lord. Thou art the Lord of Indescribable Might and Honor. Peace be to the Muslim missionaries in our land, and praise to God, the Lord of the Universe



The royal sultan and all leading datus possessed salsila which were jealously guarded and formerly protected from prying eyes. Sometime for a reason to be explained later, they were even with held from persons claiming relationship to the royal family. Such royal salsila are distinguishable from other relatives’ salsila where descent is traced to a prominent Muslim who is claimed to have been one of the first to introduce Islam to the area. Such a Salsila confers prestige on its owners, a situation however, not entirely devoid of possible political implications.

Royal salsila, to which this discussion is confined, usually have at least tow things in common, the first is a genealogical account where sometime the sultans who reigned are specified as such. Second is as assertion that the descent is from Prophet Muhammad SAW through a Sharif who had come to the Philippine and established a dynasty. Some salsila go further than these: they established relationship between local dynasty and the great empires which had earlier flourished in Brunei, Malaysia and other parts,

Ontay – is the childhood name of the website author, short of Mamaontay, mispronounced and corrupt form of MAMARONTAY the Mranao term for SLASHER, his parents named him Mamaontay, ancestor in Watu and the name of the famous lawyer in Marantao, Atty Mamao.

Marogong – is the ancient name of Unayan Pangampong, one of the 4 four based lake emirates sultanates of Ranao. Pat a Phangampong ko Ranao. It is believed that all Maranao/Iranun are connected in Marogong which is Unayan in the present where the Sharif's first landed .

Marogong municipality is named by optimistic and dedicated leader Sultan Abdulmadid P. Maruhom, to let Marogong exist and not to forget by the next generation. Marogong is the home town of the author, he is the grandson of Sultan Abdulmadid first sultan of Marogong and late Panondiongan sa Binidayan, graduated Mayor of Marogong, Tubaran and Binidayan.

__________________________ ONTAY & MAROGONG.NET has the potential to earn $132,950 USD in advertisement revenue per year. If the site was up for sale, it would be worth approximately

  Dayamon sa Iranon a Romaruk a Tantaon a Dariday sa Bayabao a Lombay sa Dumagandar

madait na pangoyat na pangandag a kapupamamakinuga tano ko manga rinarinaoniyan na aya mala na so manga darangunian a kapagondoga manga oragis, kapuminoyod sa damoao ago kambatogun ipangoraw akun rukano a babae akun aya sa ilaya niyo sa Youtube so manga idaidaiyan sa basa darangen,


Our purpose of doing this task is to strengthening the bangsa moro nation. To fulfill our forefather dreams of having a meaningful bangsa moro identity in our mother land, to make our fellow Muslim understand the importance of having solidarity and closeness among us, to avoid discrimination and minimize feudal clan among us, so that we are nation with a purpose

Manga bangsa mi ko pat a adel a gaus ko Ranao, ago sa pragatan a tunday a pagilidan. Aya kiataonga mi sa darpa aya na ogop ago panagontaman sa kapakamoayan o andang a di kanggiginawai o manga lokes tano, na obaon misabap a mapakarayag iyan so miakalogao a di kanggiginawai, na mapakarani nian so miakawatan a katotonganaya,

Aya kiapamagosaya mi saya ko manga gogodan na ipagogop ko thatanggisa sa kakunala nian ko madaseg iyan a miapakawatan o politika, na aya mala na makaogop sa kapakaito o rido ko orian o katokawi ko kaiisa isa o manga apoapoan tano na mikasoy so munang a inagao o manga sarowang a tao,

Giyangkai a kapamagosaya saya ko kaiisa isa o bangsa na aya hadap saya na ipagogop ko kakunala sa so manga muslim sa Pilimpinas na isa a paka poonian, banian magakot so kaiisa isa o bangsa sa kipamayandegen ko kabnar o bangsa tano, na aya mala na mapamola rektano so babaya tano ko ped tano, ka pitharo o Nabi Mohammad S.A.W. a diden maka paratiyaya so pithanggisa rekano taman sa dinian ikababaya ko pagarinian so lagid o ipukababaya iyan sa ginawa nian.

PATOT A KAMBANTAI SAYA isaini a pamagogopaan o manga datu tanu sa Marawi sa ditanto kitabolog o manga simukut sa City a Marawi

This website is owned by Datu Ontay M. Abdulmadid and his home town Marogong Lanao del sur, and dedicated to all people of Unayan, and it is now consider as Iranaon (Mranao) royal website, most articles made in this website is originally from the research and ideas of our webmasters, Saad, Alex and Datu Ontay, some articles are submitted to us by a friends. We never copied other website articles without asking permission to the site owner, and we stated the source of our articles for the legitimacy of our articles.

All materials contained in this website are the subject of copyright. Many items and articles are in use under license, therefore, on no account may copies be made of text, photographs, Graphics, or any other materials, without the express written consent of the site owner,

If you wish to copy any items from this site, please be kind enough to e-mail the site owner at the address given above. Please also note that by entering any further pages of this site, you are undertaking to abide by these conditions.Thank you for your co-operation and consideration.





The Sarimanok is a legendary bird of the Maranao people who originate from Mindanao, a major island in the Philippines. It comes from the words "sari" and "manok." "Sari" means cloth or garment, which is generally of assorted colors.  Maṇk is a Philippine word for chicken.

It is the legendary bird that has become a ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art. It is depicted as a fowl with colorful wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is profusely decorated with scroll, leaf, and spiral motifs. It is said to be a symbol of good fortune

The Sarimanok is derived from a totem bird of the Maranao people, called Itotoro. According to the Maranao people, the Itotoro is a medium to the spirit world via its unseen twin spirit bird called Inikadowa.

The Sarimanok is also believed to have originated from an Islamic legend. According to the legend, Muhammad found a rooster in the first of the seven heavens. The bird was so large its crest touched the second heaven. Its crow roused every living creature except man. Judgement day would come once this celestial rooster ceased to crow

A Maranao legend also says of a Sultan's daughter being swept by a colorful rooster that became a handsome young man and they were never seen ever again. The Sultan then created replicas of the bird to remember his daughter by




Madait a kapumbantoe tano ko manga ONOR sa Ranao na ipangorao ami rukano si Potre Monalindao a bangsatano sa Ranao kaisa sukaniyan a mitiardi na mimbilingatao ko kapusumpada ko dadabitan o Iranaon na mananagontaman ko gii kisariat'n ko dikakulas o paparangayan o Mranao (We recommend Potre Monalindao for any traditional occasions in Ranao and for royal gathering)   

_______________________ Photobucket


Iranaon’s Pride

Iranaons/Maranao are well-known for the aspects of Culture and arts, they gained more prominence in the field of martial arts when the MSU Karate Club successfully garnered three gold Medals and one silver in the 1994 first Philippine National Games – the first time Iranaon/Maranao gained these elusive awards in sports, and up to the present time the club still gaining good records.

In the name of Sport and Martial Arts, Iranaons/Maranao exceed on it and became more and more prominences when the young prince of Marawi in the good name of Datu Revie Saber Sani (son of Sultan Duma S. Sani and grandson of late Mamitua Saber, Radiamuda sa Marawi) won Champion in the international karate competitions like the 2003 8th karate games of the Adriatic in Italy, 2003 8th Czech open karate championship in Czech Republic, 2005 Asian Karate championship in Hong-Kong, China and the 23rd South East Asian Games (SEAGAMES). Datu Revie S. Sani is the first Iranaon/Maranao became member of Republic of the Philippine Team (RP-TEAM) for International Competition in the field of Karatedo, and present President of FIMAA Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The Iranaons/Maranao. would someday proven champion in the prestigious of the Olympics as my father’s longstanding dream, Datu Revie said in his Interview.


Pamakot Ka Sa Masa Emanto

A Song of a Moro Artist

The King of Moro Song Datu Komeni Bansuan lunched his new album with the new song “Pamakot Ka”. It could really encourage and inspire each individual who would listen and internalize its deep meaning. Some of its line go this way “ My friend, pamakot ka, know yourself. Pamakot ka while you are young. Know what is happening in this world and think of what you can do. Pamakot ka while still you are healthy and strong. Face your future, don't ever think you cannot make for God has given you all. Isn’t he right in saying this so?

At this point of time, in this era of globalization wherein we can’t describe the kind of life we have. Life expansion decreases due to many illnesses and diseases. It becomes unpredictable when we can’t do anything but to face life as it is. Competitiveness among nations, tribes and even religion brings deep impact to our lives. Thousand of people lost their lives because of such conflict. Survival for poverty really a prime problem of human being. Million of people died because of have nothing to eat.

Now, is Komeni right of giving us a signal to move ahead and to strive hard inorder to survive from this vulnerable world? This is not advertising Komeni but it somehow gives us the lesson to be vigilant of our life.

Connect this message to our own distinctions and undertakings as individuals. As teachers for example, pamakotinka, value your responsibility of molding and teaching the young generation because perhaps time maybe too late for you to do it and you might regret after all. Do this while you are still in the position, while you are strong and while you have all the opportunities of doing it all.

The last line of Komeni’s song says “ Now is the time to reflect on. Ponder on and move fast”. This is just a mere song of an ordinary moro artist but let us not forget great move and action start from an ordinary and simple plan.



Just recently, the global sultanates summit was successfully done. Alhamdulillah, we thanks Allah for the success of the event, everything went smoothly with global summit in Mindanao on 10th and 11th December, 2010, HRH princess Aizian Utto Camsa said in Facebook.

The said summit was attended by the prominent royal Sultans and royal families around the globe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and other well-known countries. The theme of the summit “THE CULTURAL PARACTICES EMBODIED IN THE UNIVERSAL DECLAIRATION OF HUMAN RIGHT, TREATIES AND CONVIENTION”

The convener of the that summit was the royal sultanate of Raja Buayaan Darussalam and the united sultanates of Baguinged Tawlan Darussalam, the event was hold in royal palace hotel in General Santos city, Philippine


In the name of ARTS and LITERATURE, Meranaos exceed on these. They have the Bayok and Darangen that until now are never been break their record in the entire country. The beautiful dances like Singkil, Fan Dance and Kapamalong malong are still have big contribution in Philippine culture. Every single matter of Meranao’s life has its meaning and properly guided with Taritib and Igma.

Putri Erlynda is a symbol of undying Mranao songs, she poses and Talented in traditional folk song, support her and the other Mranao Talents

........WEEKLY SONG LYRICS........


By AKIE Band
Ipoon ko
kiapakang-ginawae ta
sukabo e sii sa pikir akun
sabap ko olaolangka a mapia
dikodun kalipatan
Di akun kagaga
Obaka rakun mada
Di akundun kaparo
Di akun Ska mailay
Ko gagawi-i dao-ndao
Ska e mapipikir
Dadun a lawanuka
Dadun a rimbangka
Na obangka kalipati
So kiapakang-garing ta
Di akundun kagaga
Obakongka ribona
Apia andaka mariribon
Pulolobaan akun ska
Apia andaka pagagao
Na magagao akoron
Repeat II & Chorus
Repeat Chorus


bY: maDSki


Miaroro miaroro
So lo’ sa manga mata ko
Sa kalipudus kalipudus
A rata a ginawako


Mipirogo mipirogo
So puso akun sabap ruka
Sa ladang ko riniwada
Ko ranon ago so gagao


What can I do what can I do
My life is nothing without you
Forgive me darling if I’m wrong
Come back it’s me where you belong

My love my love
Ranon angka
Sa ladang ko m’balingan ka
Lalayon ka sa dar akun
Ikararanon ko suka


What can I do what can I do
Sa ginawako o maribon ka
Sabarang ka o ribat ako
Mbalingan ka rakun
o garing akun


Ikararanon ko suka
Ikararanon ko suka

Nasasabik By Fred Panopio
Translated to Maranao
By Datu Ontay

(By unknown band)

Kataya so Tutholan
Ki masolampay a busao
Lomalangkap sa Ranao
Kala iyan e kakan
Maka pito makakan
Ko mababasa alongan
Aya kakana iyan
Mala ko palang-gada
Aya inoma iyan
Maito ko baldi
Madalum e kasawao
Pito ka porgada

Salakao ron aya
Minisolda akun
Tharoon ta e babunar
Mialunganian so kadato
Sulotan di kapuno
Kabugatan dasukan
Datu a lomanggowap
Sangcopan sa kathaka

Salakaoron aya
Dipuman kaolitan
Badun papagutiya
Pukun o pukunian

Reapat II & III

RaNoN AgO sO GaGao
By variety Band

Piygayonan ta
sa badun ribona
So dita kang-ginawai
Ka dabo a lalao
A di kang-gaing
ka sa dar akun

Oh…. Lilang ko
Sayana a marugun
Masakit sa ginawa
Kapukha piker akun
So ranon
Go so gagaw’ng ka rakun
Lalayondun sa piker
Go sa ginawa
Na inao lilang
Na babo kikasoy
So kiyang-garing ta

Pukha taduman ko
So manga gawii
So gawii a kasosonor
Sa imanto aya
Romunda di torogun
Na mindag di roparopun
Sabap ruka

Reapeat II 3x

TiGkA ObA DuDol
By Maher

Adun a katawang ko
A kalalagan a wata
A kilala niyan a babay
Aya niyambo thotol
A ranon gagaw niyanon
Pakisisipatiyan a thito
Niyan a ipapatay

Ipulalong iyangkon
Ramig iyan mipamono
Tomokon oba matay
Odi siran makatharosa
Inao wata kulay
Tigo manga lokes iyan
Malongka pakalanata
Ka dapun a sokatanuka

Miyondog so katawangko
Tiyomaniyan a milalong
Gagawii ndaondaw
Na mbaram-barang a sowanian
Aya miakambono
so mbala a lokes iyan
katamba amairan
so tig akun a kasowa

Gowiranon dolonun
ko wata iran a mama
na miapangaroma niyan
ipapatay niyan a raga
Miyababaya siran
Ka miyaka sigorado
Salodo ako ruka
Grabi ka a mama
Miyaka sorga ka
Ka pakatataya angka

Kay maka pito Olan
Miyada so kapag enjoy
Minisambi na ilat-ilat
O manga panoganganiyan
Anta mambo e mabaya
Sa mama tarabosaw
Daa miyasowa iyan
Na dipun matao zozokat
Somasayan sa matao
Si toropa a boklo
Na ramig mimbabawata
Na dadun makasowa zozokat
oWoOoOoOoOh !!!

Giyanan e marugun
Ko tao a mala e lalag
Tigiyan oba dodol
So mabibitin ko koda
So kapangaroma aki
Na kunaba kazandagan
K’naba anan khakan
Masmo kawn na awaingka
OwOoOoOoOoh !!!


MaLa E MaTa

Tonia problema?
Inoka ini pukharaangiti
Dingka di pamikira
E baka di sundit
Imanto a miadata

Bangka dun di khatadumi
So kiabogawangka rakun
Sii dun pun sa danga
O mga ginawaingka
A manga ala e mata
Manga ala e mata

If you only knew
Pukataduman ko
So kiya bulag angka rakun
Pira ka olan ini tigur akun
Kalipatan ko bo so ngaran ka
Bangkadun kiatadumi roo
Sa children’s park sa iligan
Dikadi magpa’cute ko
Pukabayaan ka a mala e mata
Mala pun e tiyan

Dingka dun di pamikira
E Bangka kikasoy
So manga gawii manga oras
A pud akongka
P’ki oman ka badun
Sakit ka sa ulo
Balingkadun ki pagidaan ka
A mala e mata, a mala e mata

Katawan ka a pakatatayaan ako
E love akun imanto
Di ako niyan puzasanbiin
Apya pun sidun si Khomeini
Repeat II
NeYhoOoOoOo wOoOo wOoOoH

Dikadun di sundit ka dingka bo
Kikasoy so miyanga una gawii
Diba pitharo akun ruka
Pakatatayaan ako e love akun imanto
P’wes balingkadun ka metext
Na n’dodo roo sa crossing
Dikadun punggoraok ka naba ako guwapo
Lagid e Piolo, pihing akung ulo
NeYhOooOoOo wOoOoo woOOoh

Repeat chorus 2x

Mori a Kapranon
Meranao Translation by Sen. Domocao Alonto

Rambayong modas ako, Ko inged a pilombayan
A bemberano alongan a montiya migagadong
Ko karodano sebangan a indawag ko a sanang
A saliyo a darakn a ginawa ko a rasay
Ka ompen olbi sa ropa sa antawa a daradat
Na taman ko kakawasa natarima ka kakasi
indawag a katrang a pagalad o marandang
igira sa temoan a lekepan so mawaraw
na miyada so balamban a kabutowan sa
Klong na mars-res malanat malngga masopiit
na tanandn paninindg ko ingd a pilombayan
Ka so irigi sa bansa na turoga ipanganganting
a daa ikaugyan ayakakelabakn
Na anday kabinentay o pamorawag ko langit
Apgangano liwanag a kaug o maliboteng
O bapno damargn o karanti o alongan a kariga o darako
na pasionotnka a karagiraynian
Ka anian mipmanis a diinian kaganao
Ko senang a pembokakas a maika kabengkasan
A kalibotung o kobor matawantawan roo
so miyaling ding sa baya
Dingkadn pelingiya e kiyarandanganian
O wana kanegka a sengkoa pekabanding
Na giyoto so pangni a ipamangni o tao
Sa kapakasorga aka na oponay so mera
Ko linsa o kobor akn daa rowar ko salam
Na paki aminkaon so sii ko koba ko na
Misangi ko otanon a obarobara lombay
Napakisamberen ka ko sagado napas
Ka obarakn bayogn ko sold o kobor akn
A mapagadimat akn amay ko kalipatan
So tampat o kobor akn ka apay so linsa miyan
Na miyada sa ginawa napakinaksenekandado
Ko taribasok anon makaselano
So ombiyo tolan akn a sabap a iramiram
A pamomolan a tumbak a dadna oba akn
A kipi ko rinibon ka sii ko langit
ka a raks o palaonka goso balintad
ka a dii kazolay
An o sindaw go so lalis na miyakazanaoray
So ombi o tolan akn
Pilimpinas daabay a inged a pakarimbar
A simoketa ladan ko na pamamakineganka
So mori sa pagirowin ka sii ko tangan ka na
Rokaknon ganati so langowa garingka
Mbalinga ko inged a daon so karingasa go so
Kaoripn kandatadataron so tao
Ka dapamarintaon a rowar ko dikasangkay
Na modas ako rekano ka so kalab na kadka.
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